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My experience at Sac City College so far has been great. I like how the teachers really care about their students and want to see their students succeed. But on the other hand the financial aid office and financial aid lab workers are very rude and they can improve on their attitude towards students.
Sacramento City College, is a wonderful opportunity for me. I was able to go back to school from a 3 year break with little to no problems. The counselors helped me pick the best schedule for me to work around work and my family as well as made sure I was approved for any programs that will help with my tuition cost. This school gave me a better overall feeling of I can do this from the time I sat down in my first major class. The teachers are so nice and informative.
Good school overall. Good location. Great facilities and professors. Parking could be better. Difficult to find a parking spot in the morning.
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Sacramento City College is a nice campus! Professors care about your education and the knowledge you take away from the class. The library is open to whoever wants to study and there are a lot of extracurricular activities to get into such as tutoring, sports, food distribution, etc. The student store provides almost all the books and supplies needed for your classes. Overall this college is a great place to pursue your education, whether you're just looking to get your associates degree or to transfer.
What I like about Sacramento City College is that the campus isn't too big so it's easy to find your classes and find yourself around the school. The staff is very friendly and the campus is very diverse. It's a pretty chill campus and there's a lot of groups to join. Going to Sacramento City College makes it enjoyable to go to school as well as wanting to further your career because they actually care.
I am currently a student enrolled at Sacramento City College, I am a student athlete that came to Sacramento with The high hopes and aspirations to become a California Community College State Champion in Wrestling. Sacramento City is well known for their athletic department but better yet known for their academic all-american athletes. Athletics is just touching the surface for Sacramento City College. The student life and Professors are one of a kind. The school puts off a very charismatic vibe that influences you to do well not only just in school but in your future career and or educational path.
Sacramento City College is a commuter's heaven! The only thing I wish they had was a bit more student parking without having to either walk through the entire campus to get to a back corner building or having to park at the public park across the street with minimal lighting. Academics is well from what I've seen, athletics are well, professors are kind and willing to assist their students whenever possible (they just have to ask). All-in-all, decent campus.
I started college recently, so i am not very knowledgeable on it. But, so far the experience is no more different than high school, except there are less classes in a day. Overall, the class's difficulty depends on the instructor. If you take a class with a bad instructor it recflects in how much effort you must put in the class and your final grade.
I enjoy Sacramento college because it has the feel of a larger university but the professors are very intimate and right knit still.
The people at this community college are truly genuine and friendly. I have had people from ARC, CRC, or Folsom tell me that they were surprised to see the people of SCC acting so friendly and helpful because the people at their schools just stick to their own thing. I'm grateful to have started school at this community college. The professors are great, it's a beautiful campus that looks like a relaxing park, there's plenty of resources for anyone's needs, and more. I've felt so much love at this school and I know my peers have as well. I have no bad things to say about this school.
My experience with sacramento city college has been very positive and i have really enjoyed attending this college. The professors are very seasoned though so maybe some refreshing of the professors may benefit some of the classes. The campus itself is quite esthetically pleasing though with all the brick buildings and trees all over the campus.
I would like to see the cubs be more active and the community there more unified. Otherwise everything was fun and the classes they offer are eye opening, the professors are great!
I loved Sacramento City College’s English branch. The professors within the branch were all very kind and caring. Not only did they take extra time to really build relationships with their students, they also acted as motivators within the lives of the students. I remember being told multiple times that I could become everything I wanted to be (and more) as long as I put my heart into my studies. The atmosphere was a really great vibe and actually made me enjoy coming to school everyday. The only thing I would change is the math department. They seem to be lacking versatile professors; they are all sort of bland aside from a couple stand-out professors. Overall they have a really amazing student store, cafeteria, and library. There are numerous student recourse options throughout the school that will make your learning experience very enjoyable. I would highly recommend this community college.
I have only been in Sacramento City college for a year yet, i have found a few resources on campus that were able to help me become more success with my classes. i found the professor were great and willing to help students. there's a few places on campus i was able to get tutoring to help me during the finals. i do feel that the school could have more different food, not just the city cafe which is limited to pizza, burgers, sushi( which is pricey) salads, wraps and sandwiches are limited.
Sac city college is a great place to learn and meet new and interesting people of all ages and the only thing i would change about it is the wellness center open more and longer
Starting my first year at city, I've already made so many connections, from teachers to students. Not only are professors willing to help but happy to talk to you and laugh. In my view not only do I feel I can be academically accomplished but social as well. It means a lot when you can connect to a professor and talk about life experiences and advice. The campus is overall nice and cozy, not too big or small. The campus police are also nearby if you need them. Overall it's a good campus and one I enjoy for the short time I've been here.
Sacramento City College is an extremely accessible college with a diverse range of courses. The professors are great and invested in student success. They are willing to meet for extra hours with their students to ensure their success.
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I love SCC! I love how diverse the school is, along with how easy it is to get along with other students and faculty members! It isn't too hard to find many resources that help the students because the faculty members are always informing us about them.
Yes, I love it! Love the communities and learning experiences. Lots amazing professors that helps all the students to succeed in each course. So much atmospheres around this of my favorite communities.
economically-friendly educational choice.
great support, financial aid easy to obtain.

prepares you for the future.
good on-campus resources.
great location.
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