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Sacramento City College is a good school to attend before going to CSU/UC. So much preparation through resources and opportunities!
Sacramento City College is a pretty great community college. The science department have amazing professors that teach the STEM subjects very clearly.
I work full time and Sacramento City College has classes to fit any schedule. The counselors are very knowledgeable and the quality of the education is superb.
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Whenever I need help, the staff is very kind and always ready to help. There have been some issues with people vandalizing the campus and even cars but the staff did a great job assisting the situation.
Sacramento City College is a fantastic junior college to say the least. Most of the teachers put time and effort into their students which makes education enjoyable. However, I’d like to see better prices on our books and I’d like for teachers to stop making students buy access codes to websites for homework. We’re a junior college we shouldn’t have to pay 100$ to do online homework that’s ridiculous.
So far so good, I was told that I would have a lot of tutoring and getting extra help since I have a learning disability. So far the professors have not really help me out my first semester. And the canvas is a little confusing as a new student. So far I’m during good but really want to do better and get the help I need. Im also a student athlete on top of that
Great Teachers and overall Experience! I feel very prepared to move on to Sacramento State with the help from Sacramento City.
I really like this college. The campus is really nice and kept up, even though some of the buildings are older. Most of the professors that I've had are really good and care about the students. Really close to my home, so that's an extra bonus.
So far my professors have been great, I did have a few that I didn't like because of the teaching styles and how unorganized one of them was but besides that the location is great, the campus is great and I do feel safe on campus.
I began at Sacramento City College while still in high school, and my professors and classmates were never weird about my younger age, even though I started when I was 14. The classes and professors were high quality, except for a few that were more on the average end, but I never had a "bad" professor. My time spent at Sacramento City College has been incredible so far.
I love the vibe of this campus since day one. I like how the way this campus is. It's well maintained and the staff are friendly. I grew and learned a lot from this school.
I Absolutely love Sacramento City College, everything about this school is just perfect, even though it isn’t a university or a big well known college I feel like Sacramento City College is just as amazing. This school has great professors, counselors, help with tutoring and many more!
The counselors here are beyond amazing, their main focus is to get you to transfer, graduate and/or get your AA. Especially if they know that you are work part or full time they just want to help. Sac City just announced first year free tuition for first time students. Also, the professors are amazing, most professors are also tutors in their perspective departments. Many are great at responding to emails on a timely manner. The only thing I don't like about Sac City is the food, not a lot of selection and the Cafe doesn't stay open past 5pm and I take night classes most of the time.
What I like about Sacramento City College are the professors and how helpful they are. Apart from the professors, the staff of the college are genuinely supportive administrators that don't mind helping the students.
Sacramento City College has a great location at its Davis Center. Having the University of California, Davis so close helps with motivation. There are many food locations, stores, and even gas stations, really everything you could need. The counselors at the main campus are some of the most helpful counselors I have encountered throughout my college career. The staff are very helpful, and are truly there to help you learn and succeed. Having late classes that until 8:00pm or 10:00pm, I feel comfortable walking to and from my car at the late hour. Overall, Sacramento City College has been a great college experience.
This is a junior college, so everyone is accepted. The cost can’t be beat. Much more affordable than State colleges or Universities. It’s an excellent option to complete your general education, get an Associates degree, or transfer. The campus itself is pretty nice as well. There is a small cafeteria and a JavaCity to get coffee. The student population is very diverse as well. Parking can be a challenge at times.
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The professors I have met have been for the most part understanding, ready to help and always open to teach other that have a true desire to learn. The academic system sets you up to be responsible for your education through programs as academic probation and EPOS. Both programs help students that may be failing not due to laziness but lack of understanding. The program of academic probation which I have been on and since been removed from has not just helped my grades improve but also has build my confidence in those that are there to help me excel to the next portion of my life as a Nurse. I rated the party scene on campus low because it's not a place to play but a place to learn and the staff does a good job of keeping students focused, which I do apperciate.
this school has a terrible appointment system. they're very strict on attendance as well so if you think you're going to get an A not showing for even 3 times a semester will lower your grade a whole test score. the education is nice though, gave me a university type of vibe.
It's like being at a park all day. It's got a great layout, but the student parking lot is at the very North side of the campus, so you need to add 15 to 20 minutes just to make it to class on time. Every single professor I ever had was fantastic. Loved it here. Great experience. Met great people too.
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