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The people here are so friendly and nice! I had a million questions for them and was sure I annoyed them but they answered every question and helped me out. They were friendly, kind, and made sure I knew what to do and how to do it.
The professors let you explore outside the box. They will help you as long as you ask. The campus is small enough not to get lost but big enough to handle you scholastic needs.
Sacramento City College has provided me opportunities to grow as a leader. Ever since I was in elementary school I have been involved in leadership roles from being the K-Kids president to being the 10th grade representative for my high school. Sacramento City College has provided me ways to get involved on campus so I can make a difference, I was nominated and won an award for the Outstanding Woman's Award.
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I went here for my language requirement for high school and took ASL 1 and 2. It was a great learning environment, nice people, and wonderful professors. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
My experience at Sacramento City College was great. When I first started I didn't know anyone so I would just go to my class and go straight home. However, my 2 years here I have met some great people and have learned about some great resource that really help me with college. I really enjoy going to Sacramento City college that I plan on coming back in the fall to take some more classes. There really nothing I will change about this school the campus is very beautiful with great trees.
Love the fact . That I go to Sacramento City college. The teacher's are cool. And the be staffs. The student are smart. Thank you. Letting come to the school.
The counselors are very helpful and workers often go to high schools to help students sign up for SCC or any other college.
Great college to to go to if you have no idea what ypu are going to do. They have verities of classes and helpful information to get you on your feet. Make sure you take the right classes to get you in and out of college fast. Goodluck!
Like the city itself, SCC is very chill. On the main campus, it doesn't seem like there is a lot going on, but if you have enough passion for whatever it is you like to do and find the right people, you can find that there are actually a lot of things happening. And as far as I've been attending SCC, they've got some really dope professors.
At first going to school that is close to home was like trying to get a pig clean and in a dress before the county fair. And Keeping Him clean. But my first day wasn't that bad I had friends family to go with me so everyday got better. The teachers became like family they made it feel like they actually wanted me there and they were not just trying to get a check. The people that that go there were not that bad either. I mean not even one was nice but you always ran into that one nice person who just made your day better , weather it was smile or a wave or even a enjoy the rest of your day. So all that made going to college close to home not so terrible.
The campus life is really amazing and being close to the city is nothing you can ever imagined. the teachers are very nice but also disciplined to do there job and to help us achieve our goals in life
I had a great time there. People there are genuinely nice and very supportive. The best part about the school is the events. Fall semester is always the most festive.
I would suggest though that if you're looking to finish math, do not take it here. The math department is very poor, poor as in they're not very helpful and the staff there is not very friendly. This includes the dean's office for math, the lady there is usually not very nice and the atmosphere there is her negative. So that's a warning and heads up for future students. Avoid my mistake and take math at ARC. The sooner, the better.
The professors are very passionate about their work here. All of my professors have been very knowledgeable and helpful, and are willing to help students who put in the effort to complete assignments.
Sacramento City College is a decent school. In my experience as an engineering major, I believe that the professors in the engineering department could be doing a better job of teaching students.
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Sacramento City College has a comfortable atmosphere to it. The professors that I've had are helpful and caring.
I like that many of the professors actually care about student success and they are willing to help make sure you understand what is being taught. I also like that there are many activities on campus that you can get involved in.
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I like that SCC is a beautiful and welcoming campus to all students of every race, age and gender . As a first time college student I felt SCC is a very good community college to get familiar with taking college courses and also helping in getting you the resources or help you need to get into and stay in school .
I like that is so relaxing and clean. I enjoy the buildings and how the environment makes me feel when I'm at compus
My experience at Sac City College so far has been great. I like how the teachers really care about their students and want to see their students succeed. But on the other hand the financial aid office and financial aid lab workers are very rude and they can improve on their attitude towards students.
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