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Rutgers University is a big school located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. With over 40,000 students, the diversity is like no other. The sports teams belong to the BIG 10 conference which is huge. The academics is great, the different campuses (College Ave, Busch, Cook & Douglas, and Livingston) all have their own special thing about them, you will never get bored on campus. The professors are great, full of knowledge and easy to understand. There are safety officers all over making sure everything is running smoothly and how it is supposed to be.
The campuses are very large and there is a lot of diversity within the university. You’ll see and meet all types of people and have a great experience going here.
I love that Rutgers has such challenging classes. It makes you focus on your academics and take your education very seriously.
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They charge too much for out of state students but other than that it’s a good school. The campus food is great and the people are friendly. The busses can over crowded sometimes and the rooms are too cold sometimes
This is my second time at Rutgers. I find the classess more fulfilling this time around. The teachers are enthusiatic. The advisors are very helpful.
THE GOOD: Professors are outstanding, professional and care about helping students succeed. Curriculum is rigurous and top-tier. On-campus services are abundant (at least one per campus) and professional. Number one university globally for information retrieval (by size and quality of library databases available). Many clubs and easy startups. Tons of buildings and offers a variety of different environments. Meal swipes offer unlimited eating. Lots of patriotism and pride for the school. Career and internship services are top-tier.

THE BAD: Dining options are abundant on campuses south of the Raritan, but good luck north of it. The transportation system is free (but necessary), but is in desperate need of improvement. Services are difficult to locate, very disorganized. Cops are a little overly-strict as far as parking. Classes are difficult to get. If you're not using meal swipes, most meal options are subpar.
I like the campus and food. I think the professors are not that caring though. They don't teach properly and expect you to learn on your own.
Rutgers has highly accredited professors, plentiful on-campus resources, and a great college town that is nearby major cities like NYC and PHL.
Very solid academically. The teachers generally care what they are teaching about. Party scene as a freshman boy is tough. Need to have connections to get into parties. A lot of pride in athletic programs despite poor performances. Overall, Rutgers is so far paving to be a good investment.
Well, I'm a freshman at the SAS at Rutgers New Brunswick. Teachers have been so helpful, maybe more helpful than teachers I've had in high school.
Some of the things I enjoy about Rutgers University is the atmosphere, not only within the campus but also the surrounding neighborhood and community. Living around the New Brunswick campus my whole life, I've experienced some of what Rutgers has to offer especially in my later years as some family members and friends have been accepted and attended Rutgers University.
I'm currently a freshman at Rutgers and so far it's been good. advice for incoming freshmen and transfers it to explore the campuses before you actually start classes or show go super early to get a feel for where everything is. Another thing is that this place is pretty interesting, there is a lot to do and there will always be new people around you.
I love the campus, how you see a little bit of everything on each one. You can get the suburban look at Livingston, rural at Cook/Douglass and also get to see the city at College Ave. Anything you want to do you can find somewhere at Rutgers. Even gazing at the stars at Busch. I love it here because you can make a big school feel so small.
I'm just a freshman, but I enjoy the plethora of opportunities that the university provides. I also like the diversity which makes the university more inclusive and welcoming.
I loved the campus clubs. I love the stores around the campus. The dorms aren't so bad. I love the females' dorm.
Rutgers University is a great school for students academically and socially. Although the football team isn't the best, Rutgers is a Big 10 school which means games are very fun. Academically, Rutgers is known to be a great business school and there are also a lot of other great programs such as the HR program. Most professors are great and teach you not only school material, but life material. The only thing I would change is the parking situation for commuters. We pay a lot of money for parking passes and you have to pay for each campus. Also, parking is extremely far from classes on most campuses.
Rutgers is such a diverse community of people. I never thought I could feel at home in such a enormous campus, but Rutgers has a great way of helping you find your niche. They are constantly growing, building, and making every campus more aesthetically pleasing, functional, technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, etc. As a state college there isn't much you can complain about this place. Although coming from a middle class family I found myself having to take out a great amount of loans which was the only thing I could complain about. If you work hard here, it will pay dividends.
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Rutgers is a pretty well known state university throughout the U.S. It has great diversity and a good academic staff. All the teachers here are good at what they do and they do an excellent job transitioning from high school to the college life.
I've made plenty of friend's my first day and so far my freshman year has been going great. Everyone is friendly and all of my professors as well.
It was an absolutely fabulous experience the area and all of the staff are helpful you feel like one of them. I went with my friend and I enjoy the movement that they gave to me. I will be happy to pursuit my career in the Rutger University.
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