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5,054 reviews
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Fantastic college! I know that I can not possibly compare it to other colleges but I love Rutgers. The food, the students, and the environment are great. The resources they have to help you acquire your degree is unlimited. Grateful to be a Scarlet Knight!
I came here thinking i would hate it, and instead ended up falling in love. There is a place and group of people here for everyone, and the classes are challenging. The academic standards are high, especially for STEM majors. I also love how huge the campus is. With that however, comes the buses, which aren't always the most fun to ride. However, the system itself is easy to use, and navigating the different campuses quickly becomes doable for new students.
Rutgers provided many limitless resources and opportunities. I appreciate how there are learning centers available on each campus with tutoring available. The main thing which can be irritating is the size of the undergrad classes, but that is a given considering the size of the school. The school provides a range of clubs like intramurals or Greek Life. The dining halls and student centers provide various types of restaurants and food offering various food accommodations. The main factor which can make Rutgers a questionable option is the city of New Brunswick; though the campus is completely safe, one might feel at risk off-campus.
I really love Rutgers University. Being such a large school, it has so many opportunities whether it be job fairs, clubs, or organizations. Coming from a relatively small town, adjusting to Rutgers takes some time, but I love this place!
Rutgers is a great school academically. However it is unfortunate that is lacks a school spirit similar to big athletic program schools. I am sure, at a time Rutgers was good in Football, spirit was more present, but right now you will barely find people at the stadium cheering our team on. The people who work in the offices, in my experience, are a little too rude for my comfort also. Their SAS Core requirements are easy to complete as you can "double-dip." For example, I took a Public Speaking course than satisfied two requirements. I have had pretty great professors in the Political Science and Economic departments who, for the most part, effectively communicated with their students to the fullest potential. I would definitely recommend student coming here as this place has so much history and prestige. I would not come here if you want school pride when it comes to sports but there is a fun social scene here and plenty of activities that go on on a daily basis.
I like the atmosphere. The food is decent as well as the dorms. The buses are pretty nice, and apps tell you exactly when they'll come. They do get crowded at times. Most of the professors are pretty helpful, and the classes are, for the most part, very large. There are lots of things to do here, so it's kind of hard not to find a club or sport you're interested in. We are awful at sports though, if that's important to people.
Rutgers is a great place to go to college. It has a huge diverse population of students who are all working their way to "adulthood." It is kind of like a school that covers a city. It is huge. Always new places to explore.
I haven't been at this university long, but in the time that i have been here it is an amazing place to be. The professors are very helpful in anything you need.
Its a pretty popular and well re known school so thats always a plus. The new brunswick campus in particular is however a little harder than the other two I feel like. Also, this campus is huge and its not my style. You have to take the school bus to get everywhere which can get annoying.
Overall, Rutgers is an amazing school with myriad opportunities for study. As a music student, the program here at Mason Gross, while underfunded, is top-notch with great faculty and lots of playing opportunities. I also participate in an athletic club and a thriving Jewish community here. You can do anything at Rutgers from a sociology degree to biochemistry to horticultural therapy. There's something for everyone here!
I wish education in general was more diverse in teaching. Although I do like that you can find many different cultures at Rutgers, these cultures are still part of the minority here. I wish there was more courses available that would enable students to learn in a more hands on fashion.
Rutgers is a prestigious school that offers many opportunities to its students. My experience with Rutgers University has been phenomenal! The students here are very nice and helpful. The professors are well educated and know how to teach. Overall, I would recommend Rutgers University to any person who is interested in receiving a world-class education.
I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for college! I joined greek life and that introduced me to my closest friends. It made Rutgers go from feeling huge to a smaller knit community. Each campus is so different from one another which is great because there is so much to explore. Easton Avenue has great food places and fun bars. Overall Rutgers is well rounded in every area.
Rutgers is an all around great school. The possibilities are endless at Rutgers for whatever you want to do. Due to its great size, there is so much to do. All the people and atmosphere is wonderful. You just have to work for what you want.
I loved the diversity! There are students from all over. Also there are lots of activities and clubs you can join.
I chose Rutgers because it is an instate school and I wanted to keep costs down. It is fairly close to home, however, I chose to dorm my first year as a transfer student. I was drawn to Rutgers for many reasons, because it is the state college of NJ and recognized world wide. Rutgers was offered Ivy League status twice.

What I would like to see change is their customer service. As a transfer student, the transition phase was very difficult when contacting the school. It seemed everyone I spoke to either didn't have the answer to my question, or was in an bad mood. It was extremely discouraging.
My first semester at Rutgers University has been nothing short of incredible. I was quite intimidated to immerse myself in such a big school, but its large size has perhaps been the best part of my experience. With five unique campuses, I get the best of both worlds. I can take a stroll through the quiet and scenic Cook/Douglass Campus, or take a short bus ride and experience the exciting bustle of College Avenue, located right in the city of New Brunswick. Challenges and opportunities are abundant at this university, with hundreds of student-run organizations for every interest, and a wide range of courses to choose from. I meet someone new each and every day, and look forward to the lasting connections I will make before graduation day.
I am doing Masters in Chemical Engineering at Rutgers and would refer it to students looking for research experience in Pharmaceutical industries. Since New jersey is a hub for all these companies, Rutgers has an edge on it.All the pharmaceutical giants give research projects to Rutgers.
Rutgers is a very diverse university that offers variety of courses for students. It also has numerous amounts of clubs specific to all majors and interests. There's a lot to explore on campus including restaurants and nearby attractions. Rutgers will allow you to make a lot of connections with students from everywhere. However, the class sizes can get way of big and often can seem intimidating especially for freshmen. At times, it's also hard to connect with professors and ask them questions. Rutgers also offers free academic tutoring for cases as these.
i really enjoy being a rutgers student. diverse ethnicity and great academic plans. however, there are not a lot of activities that students can join and participate. i would like to see a lot of activities available for students.
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