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This is a great school for the student looking to experience it all. The professors are helpful and knowledgeable and staff is warm and considerate. Some professors are bad with replying by emails or posting grades but office hours make up for it. There are many dining halls, libraries, and other university facilities which are great but they tend to close too early. Tuition costs for instate are more than manageable and they have a great payment plan for those who need it. Rutgers and New Brunswick police as well as campus safety patrol the streets regularly making even off campus students feel safe. On campus housing quality depends on luck really. Most dorms feel like prisons but the suites and apartments available to upperclassmen are nice. Greek life is prevalent though sometimes gets out of hand but the clubs and activities available are more than enough to satisfy even the most outgoing student.
I love the student life at Rutgers. There are lots of amenities for academics and fitness. I'm able to find free tutors and receive academic help easily. I like how big the school is because you meet so many new people. The classes are very nice and clean and generally the professors are helpful.
As a Muslim student I am extremely grateful for the different organizations like the Muslim Student Organization and CILRU, which have made my time at Rutgers one where I could practice my religion comfortably and grow as a student. Additionally I have been blessed to have some amazing professor who genuinely care about their students.
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Rutgers is overflowing with opportunities, if you can afford it. Rutgers, as a state school, caters to its in-state students with lower tuition along with room and board. But leaves the deficit to burden on the international and out of state students. Moving to New Jersey and becoming a resident won't help you either, dealing with financial aid is a nightmare. Otherwise this university has anything and everything you can imagine. The size can be intimidating but the community of Rutgers is bountiful with opportunity.
Rutgers is an amazing school. The diversity is fantastic here and the programs are extraordinary. They have many degree options so if you are unsure of what you want to major in, come to Rutgers and you will find what you are passionate about.
Rutgers is very diverse and welcoming. If any help is ever needed, upperclassmen always help out lowerclassmen with any tips or resources that may be needed. There are facebook groups to keep people connected and clubs for every single type of person so everyone can fit in.
Great opportunities but overall very overwhelming. Coming form a smaller college to a very big college was a culture shock. Commuting through buses is hard and constantly over crowded. Classrooms are old and guidance councelors are hard to speak to.
Rutgers is a great place to meet new people and get a quality education. I love my school, although the academics can be quite difficult.
I have learned a lot in this place and try to finish my master here because it is great for the diversity of experience and sharing of my classmates.
If I had to describe Rutgers with one word it would be diversity. There are people from everywhere who go to RU. In the New Brunswick campus, there's a variety of events, classes, and other aspects of the university that makes it a place for anybody and everybody. It's a state university yet feels like a private university as well. Overall, it has something for everyone and opportunities for everyone.
The bus system is very difficult but the academics are good overall and the people are very nice. Because it is such a big school, there are so many resources and opportunities available that would not be present at a smaller school. There are 7 gyms I believe and some libraries are open 24 hours.
I was nervous coming into my freshman year but Rutgers makes it easy to adjust to the new environment. The professors I have had so far have been excellent and made me interested in learning.
I love how diverse it is and how there is always something going on. Though it's considered a party school, there are a lot of clubs and activities for everyones interests whether its cultural, academic, sports related, etc.
The ODASIS program is a great opportunity for those students that want to study and earn money at the same time. The amount of opportunities the university has in store for its students is great.
I like the availability of various types of courses and different locations to choose to take them from.
It is a very large school who puts little thought into the students. Classes intentionally try tnot fail students out to make the school more competitive. There isn’t an ounce of care for the student from higher ups or management. The only reason it gets 3 starts is because it’s a reputable school that gets you a decent looking degree.
Rutgers is known for its diversity! I love being able to see the vibrant culture and varying faces everywhere I walk on campus. Many of the professors are excellent, and the community is like a safe haven!
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Rutgers has many opportunities, is a very diverse community and strong academics. However, i’ve had a terrible expirience thus far in the school of engineering . The big problem being my professors . Don’t get me wrong, all are intelligent people with great intentions. If you look at their research, the things they’ve done and are doing are incredible . But, most of the time, my teachers English is very poorly making it hard to learn in the classroom. I’m forced to learn and do everything through the textbook on my own almost every semester and it sucks when your paying so much money for tuition in hopes of being taught, rather than teaching yourself . There is tutoring available though, but still, sometimes, you don’t have enough time to get tutoring for multiple classes if you take a big course load.
In Fall 2017, I transferred in to Rutgers University in New Brunswick from a community college. By now, I feel like I am a part of a very diverse family already. From the students to the professors, every one I have met are very down to earth and helpful. The academics have taught me more than I could ever ask for and have broadened my horizons. The professors are extremely smart and very good at explaining the material. I live on campus and the dorms are very nice and the RAs and other representatives are very helpful. Moreover, Rutgers has kept me occupied by all the extra curricular opportunities that are available. I have had the chance to network with amazing companies and have applied for internships already. I absolutely love it here at Rutgers!
After a semester at Rutgers, I am happy to say that my college experience has been great. I had a relatively easy schedule with much free time. I spent most days working and studying, only to end the night hanging out with the kids I met living on my floor. It has been a lot of fun and being in-state, also very affordable. My professors have so far been very outgoing and reasonable. They make it easy to reach out to them, and make learning accessible to all types of students. Overall, the school is welcoming and exciting. I couldn't ask for too much more. On the other hand, functioning aspects of the school need work. The busing system has been a hassle, especially coming from a small town. The academic advisers aren't much help, and there is not much to offer in terms of dorm maintenance. I would love to see these small issues be improved upon!
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