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If you struggle in remedial math, The help is hard to find. Other subjects such as chem and calculus offer a large range of tutoring and tutoring options. There are tutoring centers on each of the five campuses at Rutgers. Socially it shouldn't be hard to make friends. There are over 60,000 undergrads at the school with over 1,000 clubs and organizations to choose from. However, the African american and latino/hispanic community are not as big as the other races. Considering that Rutgers is a PWI lack of diversity is inevitable. Since Rutgers is such a large school there is a bus system that takes students where they need to go. To all Freshman book your classes by campuses that are easy to get to in a prompt manner. Rush hour and traffic are no joke. All freshman are required to get a 210 meal plan. Use them up each semester.
I am a sophomore majoring in music education at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. What I love about Rutgers and specifically Mason Gross is that the music school is a small, tightly knit community within a large university. Mason Gross is small enough that the ratio of teacher to student is about 1 to 8. The quality of teaching is phenomenal as a majority of the teachers come from prestigious symphony orchestras and highly ranked colleges. I couldn't imagine myself at any other school. Something to improve with Rutgers and specifically Mason Gross would be the quality of the buildings and the amount of scholarships given out. The buildings need some tending to as there need to be some structural improvements and repairs. As far as scholarships go, there isn't enough money being awarded to students. Considering the cost of attending Rutgers, there needs to be more money awarded students at Mason Gross.
Sometimes wonder how Rutgers prioritizes its spending, as a design student I'm spending so much on each project. Teachers so far have been amazing. Diverse student body and you can get to know people of all different backgrounds. With a little effort, you can definitely find your place here. Food quality depends on the campus. Piscataway is safer, New Brunswick is sketchy. Freshman housing is less than great. Overall has been a good experience, I don't regret coming here.
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Rutgers is a great university for everyone. It is such a large campus allowing all students to find many opportunities.
Rutgers University-New Brunswick is my absolute dream school. The campus has 5 smaller campus all with different niches for everyone. Rutgers has a campus for everyone and I would highly reccomend it. The college, although large make you feel very at home with their friendly staff and there is absolutely a major and place for everyone!!
Great university, lots of opportunities and classes. You can take a class on practically anything, but have fun dealing with the offices here. All the office people here are cranky and rude most of the time and half of them don't even know what they are doing. You will have to fend for yourself and do things yourself if you want anything done in terms of dealing with offices. Also always get a written and signed form of whatever you're doing and if anyone tells you valuable information tell them to give it to you in writing and signed.
I absolutely love Rutgers. Although it is a large school, there is always something to get and get involved with. Academics are rigorous, but the professors are more than willing to help. Best decision I ever made.
After High school , Rutgers University will make me a completely new person from starting my first class to ending with the degree i strived for. It will teach me and also you how to live in the world as an independent person.
Rutgers is a great university. It has all the resources a college student could need. The thing about Rutgers is that it is such a large university that you need to do a lot of the hard work by yourself. Rutgers brings some of the top students from New Jersey who may have not worked too hard in high school.
Rutgers has a very clean, beautiful, historic campus. It is very large and spacious. Staff was very friendly. Very clean kept as well.
I did a college tour at Rutgers University, the administration was very informative and helpful with any questions I had. The students on campus were all very friendly as well they smiled and a few answered some questions about where certain buildings were located.
Rutgers changed my whole life for the better. Rutgers saved me from being trapped in my town. Rutgers saved me by giving precious people to be around who I love and love me for myself. Rutgers gave me so many opportunity and clubs to be apart of. I have learned so much in and out of the classroom that will carry me through the rest of my life. I experienced true passion in my studies for the first time in my entire life. I'm blessed for all the different kinds of people I get to learn and live among. I am thankful for this experience.
Rutgers aided me into becoming a more responsible, organized, and educated individual. It opened a lot of new doors and interests for me as well as provided me opportunities to get my foot in the door for when I graduate.
I enjoyed Rutgers because it was close to home. It allowed me the opportunity to gain an universal education, while developing career perspectives. Rutgers university has been home away from home, fostering my growth in the research field.
Great college experience, strong academics, strong social scene, great access to research opportunities and extracurricular clubs and organizations.
I went to Rutgers- New Brunswick for my Bachelors, and liked it so much I stayed for a Masters. The benefit of Rutgers being so large is that you can bounce between departments within the same school and have completely new experiences. I went to SEBS (back when it was still called Cook) for most of my undergraduate science courses and was on Bush for many of the graduate courses, both degrees in related fields.
The most memorable experience at Rutgers was definitely the study abroad program. The traveling the world and gaining a more worldly perspective through the people I met and the experiences I had allowed me to come back to such a diverse university with a more open mind and I now cannot look at Rutgers or the world differently.
One complaint I have about Rutgers is that the administration does not help students expedite their process towards graduation, in fact they make it relatively difficult to successfully take classes outside of their own offered curriculum. I know how difficult it can be given that I am a transfer student paying out-of-state tuition taking heavy course loads to ensure I don't have to pay for extra semesters beyond my senior year.
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Rutgers offers lots of programs for high school and college students to expand their knowledge. Rutgers is very diverse and has a really big campus. Transportation is very good.
If you are a commuter, get ready to spend a ton of money on a parking pass that technically only lets you park on one lot for the whole year.
Great Alumni Connections and a lot of on and off campus job opportunities. 20 libraries on campus and 2 are 24 hours.
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