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rutgers is a well known university in my community but just academic wise. a lot of drugs are used there and tons pf parties are thrown there
Definitely a wide range of students, however, for minorities, it is very cliquey and difficult to secure a group of friends if one transfers in.

The university officials definitely don't try to comment on current issues and it's very aggravating, insinuating that they're aligning with righ-wingers
Its extremely diverse and filled with opportunities, its a beautiful campus that's full of fun. Great Food, Great Classes, Great professors.
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I love the atmosphere that is provided at Rutgers. All the students there are there to learn an excited about their futures. There are so many kinds of people there that it is hard not the find friends that share your interests.
I like the different causes, opportunities and classes. There a lot of resources for every field of study.
Known as a Ivy league school to the west. It has many majors and clubs to offer. You just have to see where you fit in and if it is right for you. It has a huge incoming class everywhere. It is the largest school in state. It is a very diverse school.
I've only been here for less than a year, and Rutgers University seems to be a place where I can call home. The professors I have had are hardworking and willing to communicate with students, reaching out for help whenever they can. My only complaint is that I wish there would be more places to eat around Cook/ Douglass campus, and a convenience store would be nice!
Overall great school although certain things are lacking. The dorms and on campus housing is in need of an upgrade in general. The classes are at times really hard or really easy, professors easy to reach. Research opportunities are mostly easy to find if you have a professor that needs help, do it, it helps with experiential learning. If you are anyone but a liberal, be prepared to be destroyed unless you find the right people to talk politics with. The place is diverse in ethnic backgrounds but not in political views. If you plan to come here, try to Ap out or take at Community college for chem and maybe Bio. Chem here sucks as ecveryone finds out so might as well get a better experience.
Rutgers is a pretty well known school with an overall good reputation. Personally it has been very hit-or-miss. Some of the teachers I've had here are really great. They really get you interested in the material and teach it well. However, I've also had professors who seem like they don't even want to be in the classroom. This is rather annoying considering this has occurred in classes for my major. A lot of the material I end up having to teach myself online because of some teachers reading straight out of the textbook.
Rutgers University has a very diverse community. This allows all students to feel at home by giving everyone the opportunity to find someone they have a common interest with. As a first college generation Hispanic women, I believe Rutgers could have more Hispanic clubs to encourage minorities group to come together as well as, to get others to get culturally diverse.
RU is very large university and it is easy to feel lost in the crowd, however the the reputation the school offers is nation renowned. Some of the science department professors are not the easiest to understand, but it is really dependent on your learning style.
I am currently attending Rutgers as a freshman and the college experience is amazing. There are multiple campuses so you get a different experience at each. I would like to see more classes open up for first and second year students. I would also like to see the housing situation improve.
I loved the openness of the campus and how helpful and enthusiastic every student helper was when I attended the Open House. I could imagine myself engaging in multiple student activities and really finding a second home at Rutgers University.
Rutgers offers the ultimate bang for your buck. The honors college in particular offers a large number of oppurtunities and a quality education at less than one tenth of what an Ivy League would cost (when average scholarships are factored in). In general, though, Rutgers' size means that it is able to offer a lot of resources and oppurtunities. Anyone with the drive to pursue oppurtunities like research, internships, tutoring, or student clubs and activities , will find no shortage.
Rutgers University- New Brunswick is a very enjoyable place granted that you're willing to put yourself out there. This campus only gives back what you put in, so if you don't get involved or speak up in class you could easily find yourself lost among the thousands of students here. That being said, there's a new opportunity to get involved here available every minute of every day, so it's nearly impossible to not find something that would be the perfect fit for you.
I love Rutgers. It offers a huge class selection, outstanding number of clubs and activities, and amazing professors.
When spending time on Rutgers University's campus I experienced what it felt like to visit a real college campus. I was surrounded by multiple sorority and fraternity houses, a football field, movie theaters and much more. I also experienced the wide variety of food offered at the dining hall on campus, I felt like I had too many options to chose from and did not know what to pick which was great. The academics at Rutgers are great and Rutgers gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety majors to chose from. I believe Rutgers University is a good campus and has a lot of good opportunities.
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Rutgers is a great university to go to! You will receive a high level of education as Rutgers hires professionals in the top of their field as professors. At Rutgers there is truly something for everyone and it won't be hard to find somewhere for you to fit in or feel at home. The diversity at the school will keep you learning inside and outside the classroom. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations including Greek life, athletics (of all levels), charity clubs, or probably any type of organization you can think of. If there is a club you would like that doesn't exist get some friends and create it! New Brunswick itself has a lot to offer for the community whether it be great food or entertainment. The only issue I have with Rutgers is its immense size. Having to ride buses around to and from class or events can get very annoying at times, but it is very doable and you will get used to it quickly.
Rutgers is a great university. Because of its size, it focuses a lot on independence. However, sometimes that means it is harder to get help. Help is available still, so make sure to go out and get it!
Really awesome school so far. Good academic programs and cool professors, but I wish they gave out more aid and scholarships to students. Its not the cheapest school, and for some it is a lot.
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