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I like Rutgers because of its diversity and large stature. It is wonderful in academics and each campus is a whole different feel.
Rutgers is a fine university, where you can meet a lot of people and have a bunch of new experiences. The in-state price isn’t too bad, but the buses are always packed.
It has a great campus, full of new places. The environment is so good. You feel like in another foreign country.
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Rutgers University has everything you want from a big school. There is never a dull moment if you put yourself out there. There is a program for every interest. The professors do not go out there way to help you though since it is such a big school. You need to go out your way to make yourself known and to stand out from the crowd. Overall the school is great even though it may take a while to not feel overwhelmed.
Rutgers University as a whole offers a myriad of opportunities. However, if you are not interested in a large school, do not go. Rutgers University loses half of its appeal if you have no one to do anything with.
I like Rutgers but the tuition cost is really high in my opinion for a state school. It should be more affordable.
Though it is a very large school, Rutgers gives a good opportunity for each student to grow within their respective fields. The faulty are knowledgeable and are always open to answers questions. Large facilities with hundreds of clubs that a student can partake in. The Rutgers pride is strong and a student can feel part of community.
Very professional atmosphere, staff is quick to help when called upon and professors will work to help you attain your education goals.
Great academics, great athletics, great opportunities. There are little things here and there but so far it’s been a fantastic experiences.
Honestly, from the first week at Rutgers, I fell in love. The campus is absolutely incredible. From Cook-Douglass to Busch, every place was such a great place to be. Going to a football game was an experience that I will never forget. The classes all are challenging and invite students to challenge their own ideals and grow as people.
Rutgers has the ability to feel like the 50,000 students it is and 50 students at the same time. There is never a dull moment and every day and experience you have is in your hands. The dining halls, residence halls, recreational facilities, etc. are all incredibly made for student use. Our football team may not be the best, but there is never a lack of spirit anywhere on campus. The ability to live, eat, learn, and explore 5 subcampuses also provides different environments suited for every type of student.
Diversity and the inclusion of all is what is most well known in Rutgers. I also like that all of my high school friends also joined Rutgers so that we have a community in Rutgers
Great school with a very diverse student body. Some of the professors will go out of their way to make you understand a concept if you are having difficulty. The commute from campus to campus can be a headache because there are too many students and just not enough buses.
I liked Rutgers because there is a lot to involve yourself in and there is something different for everyone. Coming from a small school it was hard to adjust to a big school and get used to the buses but after a week or so it was like a second home.
I think the characteristic that most people will mention about Rutgers is its diversity. You can find all kinds of people from all around the world. The community takes a lot of pride in this and as students, we can learn a lot from this.
Easily the most diverse environment I've been in, and everyone was friendly. The professors genuinely care about your education. The dorm I was in had air conditioning, so I got off lucky. The food is better than I had expected; the menus change every once in a while and serve food that matches the theme (ex. "Poseidon Night" has a huge assortment of seafood). I will definitely be returning next year!
Rutgers University is a big school located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. With over 40,000 students, the diversity is like no other. The sports teams belong to the BIG 10 conference which is huge. The academics is great, the different campuses (College Ave, Busch, Cook & Douglas, and Livingston) all have their own special thing about them, you will never get bored on campus. The professors are great, full of knowledge and easy to understand. There are safety officers all over making sure everything is running smoothly and how it is supposed to be.
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The campuses are very large and there is a lot of diversity within the university. You’ll see and meet all types of people and have a great experience going here.
I love that Rutgers has such challenging classes. It makes you focus on your academics and take your education very seriously.
They charge too much for out of state students but other than that it’s a good school. The campus food is great and the people are friendly. The busses can over crowded sometimes and the rooms are too cold sometimes
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