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It is a really cool place to hangout and learn. It is a different experience and helps a lot. Working with other people and having that experience is very fun. You will see things you have never seen before. Rutgers is very engaging and helps with many different things. The programs offered and the things you can do are important, and very engaging.
I love the diversity, how local the campuses is that it only takes 5 minutes to get to each class. An amazing school!
I consider the three years I spent studying at Rutgers University-Newark some of the best years of my life. During my time, I had met some of the most impressionable and kindest professors and humans I have ever encountered! Great university!
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Rutgers University has been an enjoyable experience so far. The university itself is very dedicated in helping the students achieve their goals. The professors are very helpful and make sure that their students are learning things that they can actually use in the long run. The campus is very diverse and it has many events and clubs to join.
Honestly, the school does not function very efficiently. The business school is great, yet the faculty that runs the university does an extremely poor job. The school is nice and so are most of the professors, yet the executive committee running the school is horrendous because of how poorly they work. Their entire system and though processes for their offices are super bad. They don't know how to be organized and on top of that, the people are rude and can care less about you. There are only a handful of people I have personally seen that truly care. The rest just get by the day and "do their jobs." The people suck, school is nice. They need a new management change asap.
Very happy so far, but only in first semester. Very well organized. Everyone seems to care about the students here.
Rutgers Newark is a very diverse university. The environment is safe and I enjoy coming to class. The professors are well qualified.
Rutger University- Newark is what you make of it for the most part. If you are looking for resources and opportunities, you can definitely find that (you may run into some very unfriendly staff along the way, however the professors are generally caring and super knowledgeable). If you are looking for long term friends (the campus is diverse) or just the party scene, you will find it. However, what you will not find is school spirit or a definite scene of safety (which is one of the biggest take aways, many dormers opt to go home on weekends). But it is what you make it, you can have fun, learn, and experience here if you want it.
I like how small it is and enormous the diversity. This is my second year and I'm looking forward to OAS and the other programs
I wanted to have a new experience when it came to college. I went to school where I was the minority. When I got to Rutgers-Newark, I felt that I was part of a new family. I never regretted the decision I made to attend this urban yet fun university!
I am not a fan of commuting but there is no way I would live on campus. Newark is the below average school, I am really focusing on going to New Brunswick next semester. The proximity of the buildings is really the only positive.
I am an incoming freshman who visits Rutgers almost every day. The faculty is fantastic. If I had a question about something, I would not hesitate to ask. The staff gets things done. But, sometimes I have called and left messages and no one had gotten back to me. In order to get a problem resolved is to go in person. The school facility is safe and clean. I have no problem being there alone at night police officers are always on surveillance.
The campus is extremely diverse! Great crowd and great education system. The professors are easy to work with as they are extremely helpful. There are a lot of courses in the school system; although, the main ones that are important usually get full easily. However, the school is amazing. Although the neighborhood isn't too great, the campus seems to keep their students safe as possible with security.
I enjoy being close to my family and I feel that Rutgers Newark has more to offer for me. I have been accepted into the Nursing Program and I feel that it is a great honor to be able to study on the campus. Rutgers Newark is the most diverse campus so I get to meet people from all different kinds of races, ethnicities, and religions. I met my best friend at the Rutgers Newark campus. He is an international student and everyday I learn something new from him. I have a feeling that if I attended the other campuses I would not have been able to meet him. The classes given on the campus are excellent. But the key factor to being able to learn so much is because of my professors. Since I am an incoming sophomore at Rutgers Newark I had to make that transition into college last year and my English Composition 101 professor that helped me to relax.
The education at the school is excellent. Not a good school if you are trying to experience a college life. Better school for adults and commuters. Not in the most nicest neighborhood but campus is diverse.
Great school and a very diverse environment. People are friendly, and professors are great. Surroundings aren't the most pleasant but are improving as there is a brand new building on Halsey Street that is amazing.
My experience at Rutgers Newark wasn't delightful. I went there to study pre med and while they do offer the courses there, the material isnt taught correctly, as some methods of some professors of teaching are horrendous. Also the area in which the campus is situated is quite dangerous, and I don't deem it as a safe environment for a learning establishment.The food isn't that good, there may be times where you may find yourself have food poisoning so be careful.
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This is my second semester at Rutgers Business School in Newark. So far, I can tell it is the best decision I've ever made. The education level is advanced, and because of that, I feel like I am learning a lot and on the right path of having a successful career in the future.
Academics here are great as long as you apply yourself and seek out help and resources. Party scene depends on who you know and besides Thursdays and Fridays it's pretty dead. Because its a small campus, if you dorm, the social atmosphere is comparable to high school.
The frequent crime alerts can be very jarring. Also It can be difficult to get involved as many of the clubs and organizations don't meet often or are somewhat disorganized. On the other hand, there are a handful of clubs that are very demanding and require a lot of participation.
I enjoy the different programs they have and the dedication the staff has for their students. Also, there are a lot of activities on campus to help us relax before our exams.
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