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I Iove their diverisity . They have events on campus which is very interactive and pushes us out of our comfort zone in order to make new friends .
I went to Rutgers university/PALS Program to learn English and the Experience was just wonderful. Most of my Professors were Great and I have learnt a lot from them. I also met a lot of people coming from all over the world and the year I spent with them was one of the best years of my life.
I have enjoyed my past three years at Rutgers Business School, Newark. I enjoy the fact that it is a smaller school than the main campus, Rutgers Brunswick, which gives me a chance to form relationships with my teachers, especially teachers in major classes. Although a minuscule part of ones day, it saves me a lot of travel time that students at Brunswick have to put in to travel around campus. The campus size gives me the flexibility to be anywhere within a span of 10-15 minutes. It is also an incredibly diverse school with a very diverse student body, which is important to me as a person of the south Asian community.
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I really like attending Rutgers University. All the students, professors and other professionals I have met at the university have always been so helpful with everything, and I just really enjoy going to school here.
I really enjoy attending this university it is so rich and diverse in culture, not only that but the people and professors are great. As the first person in my family to go to college Rutgers have really helped me adjust.
I liked the diversity that was around. It was actually one of the most diverse schools I've attended in a while. The campus is not too large so you can easily find your way around. The gym or the golden dome is very amazing, most professors are really nice and actually care about you. Lastly there is almost always something new happening on campus, different activities highlighting many cultures, just a good college to choose overall.
Rutgers University is a very great school. The teachers are excellent and are determined to help their students learn the materials that they are trying to teach. There are also many fun events on campus for students to participate in.
It is a very welcoming school for those who are not sure where to go to in their college journey. Aside from it being very homey, it is also well established in terms of academics.
I love the diversity at Rutgers as well as the professors. It is fun to learn here and it is accessible to me since I commute every day.
The diversity at Rutgers-Newark is one of the reasons why I chose to attend school here. The campus atmosphere is something that all students dream of having and I have been lucky enough to get accepted here. The school's curriculum is, in my opinion, is one of the best in terms of how it connects with students. When I graduate, I can honestly say I will have gotten enough knowledge about the professional world in order to further excel in the field of journalism.
Best choice I ever made was to transfer to this university. I love everything about it, from the academics to student life to local area and public safety. I love the size of the campus. This was most important to me. My first school was a medium-large university which was wide and had a lot of walking.
There is a lot of diversity. There are a lot of clubs and organizations for students to be a part of. It fosters a safe environment for students.
My experience af Rutgers Newark has been a quiet one. I am a commuter so there is little time to socialize with people. But the time I do have, I have made some great friends. Because the school is so small, it provides a great environment to meet new people and experience life. The school is in the center of many famous places in Newark which makes it a good walking distance. It feels homey and safe because of the friendliness and awareness of the people here.
Rutgers Newark is the most diverse campus in the nation, and it has been for many years in a row. I dorm on campus and can definitely say it is very diverse. The student population as well as the staff population is very diverse in race, religion, ethnic background, etc. The professors make themselves available and are very open to giving help. The oncampus tutoring is very helpful as well as the on campus counseling and health center. The only thing that would make this school even better would be having more student organizations and clubs. It has a very limited variety or clubs and organizations even for a small campus.
I like Rutgers- Newark's Diversity, because I love how diverse it is. So it enables us as students to learn about multiple cultures, and Rutgers-Newark encourages us as students to learn about the different cultures through the organizations.When it comes to student life I love it because it is a small enough school that you will know most of you peers, and everyone is friendly. Overall, the professors are good they help you as much as they can but you as a student have to pout in the work to achieve your goals in life.
Rutgers Newark is very inclusive . The diversity is second to none and I love how they ensure all identities are represented
Professors are amazing. They will help students with whatever they need. They have a lot of clubs and student organizations for students to join.
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Small classes but still challenging. It’s the most diverse campus in the nation and the the professors are invested in education.
This school has a friendly student body and engaging environment. The team-oriented class setups and projects mirror workplace scenarios, which impresses recruiters and would make any Rutgers Student or alumni's career path easier to complete. The school could have some more clubs, though, and more funding ,not just for the Business school. Some of the staff could be a little more tolerant of people asking questions. What may be common knowledge to them may not be so to a new student. Some of the staff are nice though.
The campus is smaller than usual campus'. Due to this, you do not have to rush around to any classes, also the students seem to be closer than most colleges because of how small the campus is. Everyone is connected to everyone in some way. Also, any professor that I have had has been amazing, they are all very helpful and they are excellent at teaching their topics.
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