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I am grateful for my experience at Rutgers University - Newark. Attending a University such as Rutgers, allows for integration and participation on all campuses. However attending Rutgers University - Newark was like being a part of a tight knit family. The campus is progressive, inclusive and diverse. The housing options are plentiful and nice compared to other on campus housing. Every once in a while you meet a teacher that's rough around the edges, but overall the staff is friendly and helpful. If there was one thing I could change, I would gate or enclose somehow the campus. Many times outsiders were found among students on campus. But overall attending Rutgers University - Newark was a great experience and one that I would recommend to others.
Towards the latter part of my undergraduate years, I took online classes. The transition was seamless and one I wish I had done before. The classes were held on blackboard and include a forum for weekly discussions. We also participated in a group project, which allowed us to learn about our peers as well. Overall my online learning experience was great and allowed for more time at home.
Professors understand that it was harder to learn at home so they eased their coursework. Professors were always available via email as well.
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I like how diverse and small the campus is. Professors take the time to know you, there are more than enough student organizations for everyone. There is an amazing school and personal life balance. Students make friends with each other easily, and there is more than one Starbucks on campus!
Online classes can be challenging, but with the right professors that are ready to help you, it does make it easier and bearable. Most professors are reachable and will answer emails right away. Just make sure you keep a schedule and you are on top of your assignments!
Rutgers University-Newark has great diversity and professors who truly care about their students. This is an institution that are truly for the students. they offer many scholarships in order to support students and their pursuit in a brighter future. People here are helpful and are all working towards a goal.
As I finished my first year, I can say that rutgers is a very helpful and efficient school. Everything that I had questions on were answered very easily by the complying students and faculty there. I felt very comfortable within the environment.
The switchover was a little tough but after getting the hang of things, all courses were manageable. It only took a chance at improving time management to feel comfortable overall, which I’ve discovered I really enjoy. Although some students learn more efficiently with in person classes, I was able to retain information both remote and in person methods.
I didn't like online classes at all! Well, that's an overstatement since I did take one online class that I did enjoy; however, that was tailored to be an online class since the get-go. The classes I didn't enjoy were the ones that were made online because of the Virus. I feel that these classes translated poorly to a virtual classroom. Maybe it was because of the short time in which teachers had to reivest their class structure or that it just does not hold the same value as a face-to-face lecture.
I've been at Rutgers Universit-Newar for three years now and my experience there has been pretty okay. I love the diversity of the school and how we are in a city; however, parking is terrible! even if you have a permit you need to be their hours before your class to secure a parking spot in a parking garage/lot you paid for. Also, there are many professors seem uninterested in helping their students outside of class not to mention some of them assing an unnecessary amount of work! I will admit though that the students org do make up for a lot of the gaps within the academic system, they help you get in touch with peers that have already (or are) taking the course so they can guide you or help you when you're stuck. The student organization also help student enroll in developing programs as well as puting them in contact with recruited for internships and mentorships.
Although we all were swiftly hurled into 100% online schooling, the administration worked really well to train our professors to transition to online schooling. Some of my professors who are older in age or less technologically savvy, although a bit more challenged, were very understanding of our challenges and changes. The only challenge I had with the online experience is that my personal computer could not hold up to use all of the virtual platforms offered.
I love the name that it has made for itself and how, in my experience, it has lived up to that name. I had some challenges but my overall experience was a very good one. would certainly encourage others to go to this school. The resources that they have given us access to as students are tremendous. I am grateful for my advisor who's willingness to assist me in reaching my goals.
I faced financial issues at home, which made it difficult for me to participate in online courses. Fortunately, Rutgers assisted me and supplied the internet and a laptop to finish out the semester. The Professor undoubtedly helped a lot of students with our cases. They gave extensions and didn't rush us to finish working knowing our complications.
My experience at Rutgers has been amazing! I’m finished my first year, and I have barely any complaints. The school is very diverse, and it helped me create forever-lasting networks. I’m currently dorm, and there’s a lot of support from the students and staff. Even with the transition to remote classes, I was supported by Rutgers and the Professors with all the challenges I’ve faced.
The thing that I really like about Rutgers is how diverse it is. I come from Plainfield, NJ and had originally chosen to attend Montlair State. After 2 semesters at Montclair I could no longer stay. There was no diversity at Montclair which made me feel uncomfortable. Rutgers is the place to go. The professors are all nice and willing to help students. There are so many different resources for student needs.
The professors were all supportive but I feel registration could be smoother. The experience was average but the student life organizations are great.
My experience as a first year student was great for the most part. I formed so I was able to be more proactive when it came to on campus events. The many personalities that I lived with were the best. Everyone is friendly and they are willing to be a lending hand. The campus events during the day are a bit cheesy but they are fun. Most of the professors try not to make the class seem strict or boring and some even dismiss class if there's not much material to go over. Food around campus is never a big issue but the dining hall food isn't top tier so I wouldn't recommend eating at the main dining hall. Campus resources are also very accessible so there's never a big issue on availability. If you're a commuter, then Rutgers Newark is most definitely the school for you. If you prefer dorming on the other hand, explore new things that Rutgers Newark has to offer.
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Education and social life are good, but safety was horrible. Sometimes we get brown water from the sink. Kids smoke weed right outside the cafeteria. Police sirens ringing everyday and constant emails about crime gave me anxiety. It is very dangerous to walk back to dorm from the Business School at night. People were literally stabbed right outside and creepy beggars keep hanging around ATMs. The campus is almost completely empty on weekends.
I love the diversity in Rutgers Newark. I also love the kindness and welcoming that everyone in this college has.
Rutgers University - Newark is a very diverse campus that allows you numerous opportunities to feel involved on campus. As well provides numerous resources for your best success.
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