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Rutgers University, Newark is a diverse campus and overall professors care about their students. The only challenge in this area is logistics and parking. The curriculum was competitive and there is support form faculty to ensure your success. Student life is great.
I started out going to college at University of Medicine and Dentistry located in Stratford, NJ. I received a joint Associates Degree from there and Burlington County College. I continued on after this to obtain my Bachelors degree and it started out as University of Medicine and Dentistry then merged with Rutgers. I personally loved attending University if Medicine and Dentistry because it was organized and I learned so much throughout my education. However, when the school merged and became Rutgers there was a lack of organization and receiving information or responses was almost impossible. It was a difficult process to navigate as a student.
Commuting to Rutgers Newark is very difficult. Driving around the Newark area is strenuous because of the congestion and construction work. Furthermore, finding parking is a nightmare, despite paying copious amounts of money for a pass. Although, Newark is one of the cities with the highest crime rate, campus security is very involved and is constantly at work to help better the environment. Other than the typical complaints about college, the environment is great and people are very friendly.
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My Rutgers experience so far has been a roller coaster on m behalf due to many complications from financial aid. On the other hand, that is the perks of being a college student, there is always something holding you back from getting your degree. Rutger's is a place where you have people on your side fighting with you to achieve that degree and overcoming the obstacles on the way.
I like that it’s some what a small campus so everyone knows everyone. What I don’t like is the safety. It’s right on the street so often times as students we have to deal with people who are homeless and abuse drugs on the street walking on campus. And staying there which isn’t very comforting to me
I recently started the MSW program in January at Rutgers University. They have 4 different programs for individuals interested in obtaining a MSW. I chose to do the online program for my first two semester which is great for people who don't have the time to physically be inside a classroom. If you are good at teaching yourself and managing your time, that would be a great program for you ! I will be taking classes on campus now so that I can interact with the professors and students more. And hopefully graduate earlier than I originally planned ! This is a great MSW program. They make sure they give you enough experience so that you are ready for the real world.
A great campus that offers great resources. This campus offers students the ability to connect with others of various backgrounds. It is diverse enough so that everyone can find a home away from home. Professors know you by name instead of a number.
It is a great University with excellent teacher and resources. The student formation is remarkable and its location is very accessible.
I will be starting graduate school at Rutgers University this Fall and I am incredibly excited. Rutgers University offers a top-notch education and produces well-rounded students who not are academically strong but also have experience in community service and research. I am confident that after finishing my graduate studies at Rutgers University, I will be ready to conquer any field I pursue next.
All of the professors that helped me earn my Bachelor's degree at Rutgers were truly wonderful and caring. They were some of the best teachers I've ever had, and I am grateful for the experiences and the knowledge they provided me with. I was an off-campus student, so I didn't have much involvement with the Newark campus, but I know that this is a school that I was proud to attend.
Although the campus is only 15 minutes from my house, it is a commuter school which means with traffic it will take you double or triple the time to get to school. The business school is particularly nice and renovated. The only downside is you can never find parking in the business school lots. Parking will always be a hassle.
I love the environment at Rutgers! It makes me feel at home. The Dana Library is the best place to study and get work done. I can never get my homework done at home, so I spend my whole day on campus. I appreciate the professors there as well. They're eager to teach us and help anyone who needs it. Their office hours are flexible and open to students who need help. Professors at Rutgers look like they enjoy their job, making it a pleasant experience for all of us. Who wouldn't like to be at a school where we are taught well? I've heard we have the best professors in the state and I believe that's true. As an upcoming Sophomore, I can say I enjoyed my Freshman year and I know anyone who goes to Rutgers will too. You will meet unforgettable people and make unforgettable memories. We are a very diverse community, making you get a glimpse of people from all over the world at Rutgers.
The faculty at Rutgers Newark is amazing. Any class that I would take, I would inevitably have a caring and intelligent professor.
The body of students is extremely diverse, so I have a chance to explore and get to know people from various backgrounds.
Although everyone has stereotypes of Newark not being the safest place, I feel safe on campus. The police department is right around the corner, and the policemen go around campus on daily.
The Student Life is full of events. There is always something going on every day like a Fest, exhibition, talk or an event.
I'm a commuter, so despite not having enough time to participate in wide variety of events on campus, there is always something for me that fits into my busy schedule, so I also feel involved in campus life.
The school is extremely diversed, and it offers tremendous help. The school can literally help you out with anything i need. They try their best to make up feel like one big family and bring ya together. Great school.
Rutgers Newark is an amazing school. The school is extremely diverse and has activities for everyone on campus. The professors in my major, environmental science, are extremely knowledgeable and it's an honor to be taught by them. As a commuter, my only real issue is that there is never enough parking for the students. We always seem to be hit with tickets for the time passing on the meter, or the lots being full and just having nowhere to park. I also feel as if being a commuter makes it just a little harder for you to socialize while in school. There are not enough commuter related activities provided for us and sometimes that takes away from our college experience. Aside from being a commuter and having those few issues, Rutgers Newark is my school of choice and I am glad I transfered over from my pervious school in order to have the pleasure of attending Rutgers.
I Iove their diverisity . They have events on campus which is very interactive and pushes us out of our comfort zone in order to make new friends .
I went to Rutgers university/PALS Program to learn English and the Experience was just wonderful. Most of my Professors were Great and I have learnt a lot from them. I also met a lot of people coming from all over the world and the year I spent with them was one of the best years of my life.
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I have enjoyed my past three years at Rutgers Business School, Newark. I enjoy the fact that it is a smaller school than the main campus, Rutgers Brunswick, which gives me a chance to form relationships with my teachers, especially teachers in major classes. Although a minuscule part of ones day, it saves me a lot of travel time that students at Brunswick have to put in to travel around campus. The campus size gives me the flexibility to be anywhere within a span of 10-15 minutes. It is also an incredibly diverse school with a very diverse student body, which is important to me as a person of the south Asian community.
I really like attending Rutgers University. All the students, professors and other professionals I have met at the university have always been so helpful with everything, and I just really enjoy going to school here.
I really enjoy attending this university it is so rich and diverse in culture, not only that but the people and professors are great. As the first person in my family to go to college Rutgers have really helped me adjust.
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