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I like Rutgers- Newark's Diversity, because I love how diverse it is. So it enables us as students to learn about multiple cultures, and Rutgers-Newark encourages us as students to learn about the different cultures through the organizations.When it comes to student life I love it because it is a small enough school that you will know most of you peers, and everyone is friendly. Overall, the professors are good they help you as much as they can but you as a student have to pout in the work to achieve your goals in life.
Rutgers Newark is very inclusive . The diversity is second to none and I love how they ensure all identities are represented
Professors are amazing. They will help students with whatever they need. They have a lot of clubs and student organizations for students to join.
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Small classes but still challenging. It’s the most diverse campus in the nation and the the professors are invested in education.
This school has a friendly student body and engaging environment. The team-oriented class setups and projects mirror workplace scenarios, which impresses recruiters and would make any Rutgers Student or alumni's career path easier to complete. The school could have some more clubs, though, and more funding ,not just for the Business school. Some of the staff could be a little more tolerant of people asking questions. What may be common knowledge to them may not be so to a new student. Some of the staff are nice though.
The campus is smaller than usual campus'. Due to this, you do not have to rush around to any classes, also the students seem to be closer than most colleges because of how small the campus is. Everyone is connected to everyone in some way. Also, any professor that I have had has been amazing, they are all very helpful and they are excellent at teaching their topics.
Rutgers University is a great college for students looking for diversity, great education, and an overall amazing college experience. Throughout my year and a half at Rutgers, Newark I’ve enjoyed the diversity of my peers, the amazing professors, and the curriculum taught on campus. Overall, I love attending Rutger University, everyone on campus from students to professors make my college experience as enjoyable as it can be. Rutgers University is dedicated to bettering their students and making them feel comfortable. Their exciting events held on campus to encourage students to have some fun here and there and take a break from the stress school can cause. Altogether, attending Rutgers University was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’m excited to see how far they can help me excel in my future career path!
I liked the diversity in rutgers although the parking situation could be better handled, overall the education at rutgers was great!
This school is great for what it's worth. The tuition of going to another school for a year is equivalent to going to Rutgers for four years, specifically because of its ease of commuting. This school also has the unique quality of being extremely diverse, arguably the most diverse in the nation. Being in this school forces you to be open-minded about different ideologies, people, cultures, religions, races, genders, etc. This school also has connections to huge financial firms, if you are interested in business.
Its a good school with very good classes to choose from and a nice, caring staff. They have a campus that consist of classes that are close to each other so getting from class to class isn't an issue. They also have good programs and organizations that really benefit the school.
I like how Rutgers-Newark is diverse and how everyone is accepted no matter what gender,race, or ethnicity they are. I also like how the classroom sizes are small and intimate so students can have close relationships with the professor.
its more diversified university and close to NYC worlds biggest finance head quarters and expecting to get more opportunities. I have got a chance to meet athnicity from all over the world and learned so much.
Rutgers newark is extremely diverse and relatively safe for it being in Newark. The education is also affordable if you are an in state student and even if you are from out of state. The issues that I have with Rutgers is that the do not have enough sections for classes that many students need, this results in students having to register to classes they don't need in hopes of classes opening up. I don't know if this is a tactic or if there are just too many students but it is extremely inconvenient and annoying. The counselors are also generally not that helpful because you don't always get to meet with the one that your assigned to which makes the interaction impersonal.
Some of the professors are great. I would like more interaction with online professors. It can be frustrating trying to get in contact with professors for onlone courses. I wish there were more courses offered in class.
I love the diversity, the food, and the environment. But I’ll have to admit that parking, the majors, and the quality of professors needs improvement.
Rutgers is an excellent college to have on your resume when pursuing career opportunities. The school is well respected throughout the world. It is known as a first class institution that has produced highly successful people from all walks of life who have received degrees in all types of disciplines
Honestly, this college is great. I wish when they had events they took them more seriously. I feel like the vendors they hire are for high school or even middle school children instead of mature young adults. The education is challenging and great, the instructors all vary but want their students to succeed. I would recommend this college.
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What I like most about Rutgers university Newark is its very diverse student body and how welcoming it is. However as an improvement I would improve the campus's aesthetics as much of it is run down and many areas require landscaping as they are over grown.
It is a really cool place to hangout and learn. It is a different experience and helps a lot. Working with other people and having that experience is very fun. You will see things you have never seen before. Rutgers is very engaging and helps with many different things. The programs offered and the things you can do are important, and very engaging.
I love the diversity, how local the campuses is that it only takes 5 minutes to get to each class. An amazing school!
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