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It's a very mixed environment. At Rutgers Newark you can really feel the people around you, all from different places from a round the world. Professors are NOT out to get you, but it is a pretty tough and challenging atmosphere. One of my best decisions in life is coming to study at RU-Newark
Very diverse campus. Convient location near many forms of public transportation. Great public safety department.
I enjoyed that Rutgers is a diverse University. I believe that along with the excellent academic preparation, diversity is equally as important for life experiences.
Review Rutgers University - Newark
A very diverse campus, with amazing food, and professors who really care bout their students. People make it out to be dangerous when in reality it is safe considering the amount of security.
The most diverse college in the USA. The breakdown of the student population by race is roughly 25% white, 25% black, 25% Asian, and 25% other. The school's business school ranked in the top 50 nationally and the nursing program is ranked in the top 20 nationally. About 60% of the student population commutes and works part time so there isn't much of a night life here.
I honestly love going to school at Rutgers Newark. The teachers are great, the classes are fun and they offer a lot of programs. On the downside they are extremely expensive.
It's a nice small campus for Rutgers. The professors and staff are willing to help out any students without a problem. A lot of fraternities, sororities, clubs and orgs if anyone is interested
I am a Newark native and have always wanted see what is like outside of the city. Yes, I have been to other countries and other states, however, I was use to seeing a bunch of people that look like me. Going to Rutgers University Newark, I have met a wide range of people, different faces, from different places. It is the most diverse campus in the country, and i see why they take pride in that. People from different countries and all over the United States decided to come to a place I now call Home. It is also cool meeting people from different parts of New Jersey and hearing an accent difference. Rutgers Newark is truly my home.
Newark in general is not the best location. Don't be surprised to find a few homeless people hanging around campus. But campus security is pretty tight. Rutgers Newark offers great options to reach out to professors, such as office hours and academic advising. As a freshman, I highly suggest living in Woodward: that's where most freshman live and how you develop relationships is better over there than at University Square. The party scene has been pretty dead. First week was great but frat row was on probation and hasn't been open since so parties are few and far in between. I've had a few moments where I wonder why it's so had to find a party on a Friday night. Best bet are dorm parties and some bars in the area.
So far here at Rutgers, its going good and the professors are excellent. For example, the professors offer office hours for you if you need help or have questions that you don't want to ask in class.
This campus overall is very diverse. Everyone gets along, Everyone helps out on the campus. Most of the professors are super nice, and helpful. They also care for students and their grades.
It all depends on personal preference but I don't love them
Not the most beautiful facilities but they serve their purpose..
So far it's all been good, but some teachers have their expectations up there, like reading 3 chapters in less than a week.
Rutgers is a good school with a lot of cultural and ethnic diversity. There are many different programs of study to choose from. The professors are all very nice, and will help you in any way possible.
Overall this University is diverse and committed to embracing diversity and encouraging the community of students, staff, and faculty to be united. Many departments, however, are under resourced and that may be due to inadequate budgeting for this campus which does cause many issues for the student body.
School has been good to me so far. It is in state so it is the cheaper option and has a good reputation. The dining services need improvement. Less resources need to be funneled into the New Brunswick campus and more into the Newark one.
Review Rutgers University - Newark
Saying that you went to Rutgers is always a solid choice. Many people from all over come here.
Newark isn't the best city, but the campus is safe. I hear very little about people being scared to walk out at night, unless it is a very far distance.
Got housing pretty easily and everything so far has been up to standard. Renovation is currently ongoing so they at least care about the quality of the facilities.
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