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Rust College is a School of higher learning and like I tell everyone I didn’t choose Rust College Rust chose Me!
Rust is a very unique school. Professors make sure you have what you need but you have to get it on your on. Overall it’s a pretty decent school.
What I specifically liked about Rust College is the opportunities they held and opened for me. Also they've allowed me to be in many leadership positions that are going to help me along my life's career choice. I would like to see the relationship between the administration and the students to get better.
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My experience at Rust college has been very good so far as me being a current freshman in the first year experience program. The students and professors at rust college are helpful as far as helping to make sure the freshmen were to get to their classes. I can tell that the professors are teaching what the student needs to learn, my classes so far are going very well. Also, I know where to go if I need anything fixed or check out, Rust College has a very Mass Communication program. But I really like the way Rust College students and professors get their business and class assignments done.
My experience at rust college has been great. It's a very small school so if you need one on one time with the professors it's possible to do so.
Rust college is a wonderful HBCU . We are a small knit campus that is more like family . Various organizations are a part of campus life . This is a Methodist based college with great professors that help you exceed in your studies. Being a honor student has its perks . If you put your mind to achieving your goal while at rust it's something that is well within your reach
My daughter is a freshman at this college. She was home for Christmas break and returned to school on January 2, 2017. Normally her Dad drives her back to school. This time she returned by greyhound bus. School was to resume on January 3, 2017. When she arrived she went to her dorm. When security came with the police and threw her and her room mate out of their dorm room stating, they couldnt be in their dorm room until 10 am the next morning. Leaving them without anywhere to sleep overnite. My daughter called me in tears, not knowing what to do, or where to go. If I could give a zero rating to this school, I would. Inappropriate protocol, and endangering students. What a horrible way to treat students of your school. Im beyond pissed. Im definately gonna assist my daughter in finding a better school that care about student safety.
Rust College is very small college but it has a big heart. Rust has been looked down on by many people but we have created doctors, teachers , and other successful students just like everyone else .
The experience was really different from other schools.The academics is rather easy. Most of the things in class you work on you will have already done in high school. The cafeteria food is not healthy. There are not healthy choices to choose from.The school does not offer scholarship opportunities and lies to students about what is offered there.
its okay its not what i expected college to be like its alot of good people and teachers here but there just so un organized
the party scene is absolutely great
everything is great concerning that
Everyone is welcome on this campus no matter what your religion, race, sexual orientation, and etc. is you are accepted
All of this is restricted from the campus...this is a drug free campus
With the little security that we have on campus they are very good at what they do. Great job on keeping the campus safe
As far as classes they're great. The foreign professors make sure there's a way for you to learn even if you're having a hard time understanding them.
everything is very organized and well put together
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As far as living on campus, its a great experience. The dorms have been improved now we have better furniture in the lobby and no long have a curfew. The social atmosphere is great its very easy to meet new people and make new friends
I absolutely love Greek life at my college. All Greeks are very friendly, they attend every event on campus whether its dealing with Greeks or not they're still there to support. The non-Greeks here love the Greeks everyone here gets along with each other.Son far I've only been to the Q- Dog's Greek house
The athletics here at Rust College are great at what they do. All games aren't won but there's still school spirit whether we win or lose
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