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I had not been in school for 16 years. I have three kids,and I am a single mother. I had a great year! Teachers were great, and the tutors were so helpful. I loved being a part of this school.
I am a first year student at Roxbury Community College. I decided to attend RCC because it is close to my home. My professors are nice and well organized. I have had a previous tour of RCC before enrolling myself. Since the beginning of the fall semester, I am also pleased with the improvements made to expand and modernize the feel of the environment.
I really enjoying being apart of a community that nurtures the youth and makes it possible for them to make something out of themselves. Local talent and beauty is found everywhere in Roxbury. This school adds diversity and home grown flavor to the education pot and makes learning here a one in a million experience.
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Roxbury Community College(RCC) is a 2-year College located in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. Though not necessarily set in the best area, RCC has an amazing staff with very invested educators. Professors take the time to make sure each student understands the course subjects. RCC has an amazing library and student lounge area. Free parking is offered to registered students and staff in any of the three campus parking lots. Located conveniently across from public transit station for those who commute.
Roxbury was terrible for multiple reasons. First, of the five professors I had while I was there two of them were incredibly racist/ignorant (for reference I am a person of color and all of these professors were also POC). Example: one of them changed a autobiographical writing assignment I did to say "American Indian" when I wrote my race as "Native American" or "Indigenous". Another professor, while discussing evolution, said that the colonization of America and removal of indigenous populations was an example of evolution. When I brought this to the attention of the college they suggested meeting with the professor and offered no help or attempt to mediate. Aside from the culture of racism there did not seem to be high standards or expectations of students. There was also little opportunity to seek guidance in regards to course planning.
I switched from this college to another local CC after only two semesters.
I'm really grateful to RCC because it was the first school I attempt to start my college. RCC has the best advisors. They always be there for us, everything you needed was already in place for you. Thank you RCC.
Everyone has their hand out, waiting for you to let them help you. Every day one can come in and expect great hospitality and career development. RCC is the best place for a new beginning.
Attending Roxbury Community College was an experience beyond amazing. The best Professors, and class mates. Small classes and more learning. Not only did I graduate with Highest Honours at RCC but I was also the Valedictorian. This college has all necessary facilities to help students strive. Not a huge library but good enough. Quiet, peaceful and awesome. There are tutoring centers to help students learn, computer labs for those who don't have a pc and advisers for individual student.
my experience at Roxbury community college has been wonderful. I have been there for year and half and i can't tell you the support here has been tremendous for as a student looking to further their education.
The school is good when your on a budget trying to get you prerequisites out of the way. I will not stay there after an associate I am planning on transferring to another college.
I wouldn't advice anyone to consider online classes here
I'm not so familiar with the post graduate services but word from a couple graduate student of mine say well about the services
I offered ano English composition class some semesters back and I was extremely impressed with the breakdown and presentation of the course all through the semester. The professor was extremely supportive and so were my fellow class mates.
The student career advisors are an awesome bunch! Since I begun at Roxbury Community College, they've guided me each step of the way. I'm really grateful the school made provision foe excellent student advisors. Although it's kind of tough to schedule an advising appointment because there is limited advising personnel.
The professors explain up to the very basics, there is not an excuse to not gain a reasonable amount of knowledge from a class. The workload is just right and is adjusted to fit the various individual learning paces.
Roxbury Community College is and was an awesome stepping stone for me and I'm truly glad I made that first move to apply into the school.
Not really, need more professor and courses
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Have not tried yet it
I feel like over all the professors could be more enthusiastic .
I would just pick more advisors that care for the well being of your education.
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