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I was really scared to go to college after losing my mom and leaving my Dad alone by himself. But, Rowan was the perfect choice because it was just under an hour away. I joined a sorority my freshmen year and got so involved in extracurricular activities, academic and volunteer programs, and made so many amazing friends. My program of study was Health and Exercise Science and prepared me to get out in the real world and promote health from the heart. I still had an amazing balance of school life and spending time with my family at home. I am now getting ready to go to Graduate School to get my Master's in Nutrition at Montclair all because of Rowan. I am very lucky to have had the college experience that I did.
They are really helpful to assist me do the paperwork. They also consult me clearly for what I should do.
Rowan is definitely a good school and a fun one too. Academics are good especially for the STEM fields. The school is expanded other programs too such as the business programs with the construction of the new building, the purchase of the fossil park, and the political science department with a recent hire for the intent to start a public policy institute. Parties are great they are truly fun and Dages are the best! You just need to know people and your good to go.
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I like Rowan University because of the many research and internship opportunities they have to offer as well as the free tutoring offered on campus. Although, I would like to see healthier food options.
So far, Rowan has proven to be a great school. The professors like to be involved with the students academically and always provide help.
Very helpful and caring community of teachers and students who always are looking to help not just themselves but the people around them.
I love living on the campus, the new buildings they have built are beautiful and functional. The money that is being put back into the school is making the university and campus a million times better than it already was.
It was very easy to enroll. The staff is very friendly and helpful! I was so glad that I decided to enroll even though I’m a little older than most of the students my first semester was awesome!! I had five different professors and I loved them all!!!! I’m so glad that I made the decision to return to school and this school really made it easy to want to return for another semester!!!!! So I will be back January 16, 2018 and so on and so on!!
After one semester I have had a very positive experience at Rowan university. My professors and academic advisors have been very helpful and accommodating. I do not live on campus so I cannot review the housing or food. Class scheduling has been fairly simple and I have been able to get all the classes I wanted so far.
i like how rowan is a walkable campus. i do not need to take a shuttle to any of my classes. i also can ride a longboard or a bike to class or to go get food; there are lots of bike parking spots. rowan also offers many clubs and activities for students to join and get involve with the school.
The select program! This is why i felt more comfortable about the expensive of sending my daughter to a 4 year University as opposed to our local community college which was my suggestion while she focus more seriously on her major while securing her general education courses in a less expensive alternative.
Literally the most average school you will ever go to. Rowan can't compete with other schools like Rutgers and they accept way too many people so the overcrowding here is ridiculous. Financial Aid and the Bursar's Office are complete jokes, no one ever helps you, and there are frequently mistakes made that mess up your entire aid. Advisers help you with the bare necessities. There are a lot of great professors here, though. Housing is a joke because they can't keep up with the demand for it. Mental health services here are lacking. Rowan does have some interesting courses offered, but not enough. The self service that students use crashes every semester right when everyone has to sign up for classes, leaving students frantically trying to get into classes. It's not the worst school but it's definitely not amazing. Gets the job done, not impressive, especially when you look at how much it costs to go here.
My Rowan Experience changed my life for the better. I have become more aware of my future. I have also had great opportunities from Rowans wonderful programs.
When I first attended this school back in 2014, I was so nervous in not doing well and not meeting friends. The school to me was really big, and my biggest fear is that I would get lost. I was quickly reassured by excellent staff and student life that made me feel super welcome at my university. I love how Rowan University also has a variety of school activities on and off campus. I love my school and I would recommend anyone to apply here.
Well when I went to look at the school it had so many thing's I wanted accomplish so that's why I chose this school to learn ,develop ,and become more than I could ever be
Very good school! Had a lot of funny when I visited there. Friendly people to be around. This is my first choice of college.
Mu sister goes and she enjoys her new friends and clubs. They work you hard but it get you on the top of the job list.
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I am an incoming freshman at Rowan University and I love the campus, student life, and the area. Rowan is still growing and has so much to offer to its students.
I enjoy Rowan a lot, I have made a lot of good friends and I love my teachers. Something that is changing is the campus. there are new developments and it is cool watching the campus grow.
I am currently a student attending Rowan, and my experience so far is great. The campus is clean, and the architecture of Business Hall and Bunce Hall is beautiful. Professors are outstanding and passionate about teaching. Library is easy to access. I highly recommend this college!
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