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I'm currently a sophomore at Rowan University, so far my experience has been good. I had the opportunity to meet great people that are willing to help me anytime. They have a great writing center where they help to revise any essay or writing assignment you have. I also like their new business building they open this year. In the new business building, it has small conferences room, where students can go in there and study with their friends. Something I that Rowan could do better is the choice of food. They need to have more healthy food on campus.
Just okay. Convenient with two sides of street consisting of campus. Commute if you can. Dorming isn't fun
I have enjoyed my last two years at Rowan In NJ. Professors are cool. I dislike the parking at Rowan-it takes me 20 mins. sometimes to find parking.
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Rowan University is a great school filled of small class sizes and great professors. The school has about 15,000 students but is slowly growing and is expected to have at least 20,000 students by the following school year. The campus is beautiful. There are many new buildings being built like a new business hall and apartments. There is a slight problem with parking. There is no where to park and you get tickets for almost anything. Overall Rowan is a great school to attend.
The Financial aid office very helpful. The Science teachers okay. It is located in a nice area. There is a lot to do around the college. There are a lot of volunteer and social opportunities offered for the students. The parking is a bit of a nightmare. They are expanding numbers of students quicker than they can expand size of campus.
I am currently a student at Rowan University. It is a very nice environment with a big campus and a large student population. The professors are professional, diligent, and passionate about their subjects. The university staff members are helpful and empathetic to student concerns, and address our needs promptly. However, as with any school, it is not perfect. The student population is too large for parking spaces. I am lucky to find parking on time, but I know many commuters have a difficult time parking their car due to a lack of space. I am also concerned with the recent rise of robberies and assault that has been happening around campus. These problems are addressed as soon as possible, however they are occurring on a near bi-weekly basis. All in all, while there are problems, the school does it best to address them and the education that the teachers provide is very good.
I transferred to Rowan in the Fall to pursue my dream of becoming a Math teacher. Although it wasn't in my favor, with recent curriculum changes required by the state, my 2 1/2 year transfer turned into a whole three years. Rowan's advisors have really been there for me since the beginning and although it was my choice to just get done faster and only get a BA in Math and skip the teaching certification, they were always able to understand where I was coming from. The campus is huge and constantly expanding and adding more things for campus life, but as a commuter it's all a bunch of nonsense and nothing ever matches which makes the campus look like someone threw a bunch of random buildings together.
Rowan feels like home. The faculty, staff, students, and alumni are all one big family. I never feel out of place when I'm at school. They have friendly, intelligent professors who want their students to succeed. It is an inexpensive school, especially considering their recent huge upgrades! They have brand new academic buildings, residence halls, retail locations, cafeterias, and athletic fields. The school is moving in the direction to become one of NJ's best schools. Highly Recommend!!
The professors here are really nice and helpful, and so are the advisors. Unfortunately if you're planning on housing on campus the housing office is always busy and can sometimes be snippy.
Rowan is a pretty good school and it is affordable. It is a research university so it has a lot of good facilities.
With my experiences at Rowan, I think that overall, the academics are amazing. I enjoy learning in the majority of my classes and I appreciate all the big and little things that I learn. I have had a lot of great professors and the campus is a good size for me. For the most part, I have had a nice and safe housing experience. The campus is around 30-40 minutes away from Philadelphia and student life can be a hit or miss depending on the semester and the events offered. Overall, it has been a pretty good college experience.
Rowan University is a very well put together university, that i would recommend to other incoming freshman or college kids. They have a lot of interacting activities through out the semesters and the academics and professors show interest in the students and their jobs to help fill us up with knowledge.
I was scared coming in but I've made friends, I enjoy my classes and living away from home has been a positive experience so far.
Attending a new college as a transfer student made me extremely nervous about the new school year. However, from the moment I stepped onto Rowan's campus, all of my worries vanished. My experience at Rowan University has been wonderful. I made a myriad of friends, joined clubs, and succeeded in all of my classes. Rowan University has expanded my knowledge and has increased my happiness.
When I went to Rowan I loved it. They are now under development and adding new college dorms, cafe's, night life, etc. There is so much to do at Rowan.
Rowan University has a very adaptable campus to me. Everything and anything I need is in walking distance and easily accessible. It personally took me a while to sit down and actually see what programs and help the school had to offer, but now I'm more aware of where and how to get the help I need. My first semester was definitely all on me, meaning I had to reach out to other people or resources. I'm still learning everyday that "closed mouths don't get fed". With these next few years to come, I plan on getting my GPA up by getting nothing less than a B in any of my classes. I'm am also an athlete on Rowan's women's Track and Field team. I absolutely love the support and motivation from my teammates and especially my coach, Ringo Adamson. My coach continues to motivate my and help me see into my future running with this track team. I enjoy this school very much because everything I need is easily accessible.
My only complaint would be the quality of the food.
good old Rowan U, I came in 3 and a half years ago as a young and dumb freshman, now just one semester away from graduation I start to look back at all the great times I had. Rowan has shaped me into who I am today. My experience of Rowan is mixed, I made life long friends and have experiences that I will remember for a life time, but at the same time it was not all that great. The campus itself is very "okay" slightly outdated but really not a major problem, the food sucks, straight up. Also the town of Glassboro hates the Rowan students and the local make it very clear that they do not like them. The party scene is what you make of it, if you wanna go out every night you can, if you wanna join greek you can, wanna go out once a week and not bee greek you can. Off campus housing is cheap and easy to get. Rowan is a great school recommend to anyone who wants a medium sized school and have fun and get a great education in the meantime.
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Rowan University, in the suburb of Glassboro NJ is a upcoming commodity in the world of higher education. The classroom of Rowan is a very safe and welcoming haven with small class sizes and and easy to contact professors.I enjoy the initiatives taken for stress, mental health and sexual health headed by the wellness center right on campus. There is a organization we have call the PROS and every weekend there are events planned. Being an extroverted introvert this is great because I enjoy doing things with my friends but within close range of my "home". I reside in the new dorms called the Holly Pointe Commons and they are very convenient especially in times where there is in climate weather because there is a plethora of study rooms. However even though I am only a first semester student I would enjoy if we were more diverse in other areas rather than the sexual orientation aspect. Aforementioned Rowan University is definitely on its way to a legacy of greatness in every way.
Rowan University is a great bang for your buck. This place is expanding and growing a such a rapid rate. Education here is great and really competes with Rutgers University, all while being in a comfortable campus where everything is no more than a 15 minute walk away. The athletic teams are all D3 but are really good, good enough to compete in D-II or even D-I. Many great Professors and a good selection of majors. Variety of food on campus that doesn't make you want to throw up. Im so happy I decided to choose Rowan.
My time here thus far has been mediocre. Luckily, I have the opportunity to transfer in the Fall of 2017. For the love of God, make sure you visit your school and know everything there in and out before you enroll! My mistake, I didn't know much about Rowan - only that my sister goes here and it's reasonably priced. I decided to go to Rowan because I felt that it was appropriate. My sister goes there, so then the move-in day will be easier for my parents, from a cost perspective Rowan is a great investment, it all sort of made sense. I am not fond of the Southern Jersey atmosphere at all. To get to the point, I never toured the campus whatsoever. Was it my fault that I decided to enroll at a university before checking it out? Yes, I wouldn't contend that at all. It is my fault, and I wasted so much time and money. Let me make this clear, Rowan is definitely not the worst school in the world. They offer a good deal if it is the right school for YOU.
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