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When I first attended this school back in 2014, I was so nervous in not doing well and not meeting friends. The school to me was really big, and my biggest fear is that I would get lost. I was quickly reassured by excellent staff and student life that made me feel super welcome at my university. I love how Rowan University also has a variety of school activities on and off campus. I love my school and I would recommend anyone to apply here.
Well when I went to look at the school it had so many thing's I wanted accomplish so that's why I chose this school to learn ,develop ,and become more than I could ever be
Very good school! Had a lot of funny when I visited there. Friendly people to be around. This is my first choice of college.
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Mu sister goes and she enjoys her new friends and clubs. They work you hard but it get you on the top of the job list.
I am an incoming freshman at Rowan University and I love the campus, student life, and the area. Rowan is still growing and has so much to offer to its students.
I enjoy Rowan a lot, I have made a lot of good friends and I love my teachers. Something that is changing is the campus. there are new developments and it is cool watching the campus grow.
I am currently a student attending Rowan, and my experience so far is great. The campus is clean, and the architecture of Business Hall and Bunce Hall is beautiful. Professors are outstanding and passionate about teaching. Library is easy to access. I highly recommend this college!
I loved everything about the school Everyone is friendly. The organizations are amazing and they do a lot for the community. The professors are well experienced. The advisors give you all the information needed. The food on campus is great. The dorms are clean and up and coming.
When I first thought about going to Rowan, I was a bit spectacle. I thought it would be exactly like every other college that I've visited. When I visited, I felt welcome. The professors and the staff are accommodating. They made you feel smart, and whatever you needed help with, they were with you every step of the way.
That is something I couldn't get anywhere else. I'm very appreciative. I've gained so much confidence since then.
I am getting ready to attend Rowan University in the fall and after a summer of being around the campus and around the staff I could not be more excited to start the year.
My experience at Rowan University has been tremendous the last three years of attendance. One thing that I enjoy most are the class sizes because they allow an intimate learning relationship with your professor. Coming into college I was afraid of entering large classes where there are 300 students and the professor doesn't even know you're name the entire semester. As a student I like to build relationships with my teacher in order to gain more knowledge and receive the best experience possible in class.
I am an incoming freshman for this school year at Rowan University. Based on my previous high school experience there as a musical violist, this campus seems great and the staff are friendly. After attending orientation, the dorms were very nice and the food tasted great.
Rowan is a school that is growing at a crazy rate. It is an extremely friendly and diversified campus with many opportunities to work on and off campus.
Rowan University is a great school, not just because of its classroom sizes but because they offer a program call Eof, which helps students adjust to the college life. I would recommend this program to everyone I am a product of it.
I am a music major at Rowan University and I sure love the environment there. The professors are really helpful, the students are really nice, and the campus has no problems at all. Excellent school!
I like Rowan University for several reasons. The professors are teachers to make class interesting. I increased my GPA in just one year since attending Rowan. I believe it is because they have good teachers. The dorms are nice also so I feel more at home. The area is nice because even though I come from out of state, it's an easy drive. The area also good food places to choose from when you want to eat off campus.
Rowan University is an amazing campus and a great chance to get involved. At Rowan you get to always feel wanted and are always busy with activites.
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Rowan is an overall great school. The people you'll meet there are wonderful and the professor are great. The cafe food sucks so you'll do a little of ordering out. Also the school is a back pack school meaning not a lot to do on the weekend because a lot if people go home.
Rowan is a medium-sized school that offers the perks of both small and large universities. The student life is great and filled with weekly activities and more than 200 organizations to choose from to join. The food is hit or miss, but isn't the worse college food I've ever had. The academic faculty, for the most part, genuinely care about the welfare and success of the students. The administrative faculty, on the other hand, should all be put through empathy and sensitivity training. Rowan is a great school, but its administration is extremely rude and needs to get back in touch with the needs of the students.
Overall a good school, but only caters towards the young ones. I am a continuing education student at 30 years old and they don't compensate or have classes for students like me who are working and/or have a family.
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