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Ross Medical Education Center - Madison Heights Reviews

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I love how great Ross is. They are always so encouraging and pleasant. The instructors really know the subjects they teach and always answer all my questions. I feel like everything we are learning is relevant to what we are actually going to do out in the field. Everything is so hands on so you really get to know the material so you can be prepared.
With online courses it is very difficult to stay focused and self driven. At ross we didnt have online courses but we did use online courses to help us learn systems such as EHR, billing and coding, etc.
At Ross it is an excelled program so there is no room for flexibility. However in class you get plenty of time to finish assignments and talk with professors, career services, financial aid, etc.
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Career services at Ross make it very well known that even after you are a graduated student you can always come in or contact the school for help. They even have a website to use for creating resumes and they can edit for you through there after you are graduated.
My experience with my clinical professor at Ross has been amazing. I walked in through Ross doors on that first day and jumped into having to learn how to do injections. I am afraid of needles and blood and my clinical instructor helped me overcome that obstacle and fears.
The student career prospects for Ross are very good. Ross students are made to go out on an externship before they finish and most the time those students end up getting hired in from their place of externship. I love that Ross does this because then you get real experiences in the field while being supervised until comfortable. Our career services at Ross work very hard to find these externships and have to do a walk through the facility before they will consider the facility to be a place for students to be an extern at.
At ross the program is very hands on. For example, we practice doing injections and blood draws on our classmates along with a variety of other things. Ross also makes sure that in order to graduate you need to have completed your time at a externship.
Overall my experience at Ross has helped me learn so much and grow as a person. I love that Ross is hands on and they help guide you into the medical field and get your foot in the door. I would choose my school again because the instructors are willing to help the whole way with everything including in the classroom to even the dreadful financial aid paperwork.
Not very impressed with the 11 books we have for our class in addition to sitting through 24 hours per week in class. I am glad we have our own computers to use, but overall, the class is very disruptive & the temperature of classroom is unbearable. It is always hot & stuffy & extremely uncomfortable. We are not able to even have a small bottled water. I have a health condition that requires me to drink fluids regularly. Also, I've been to 2 people in management in here in regards to the dress code policy & have been blown off each time.
The computer network is pretty slow. Printing is easily done right in class, computers are supplied to us.
Im still enrolled i think im doing better than what i thought i would. It is alot easier than what i thought it would be.
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