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This university is great when it comes to their curriculum, and their block system. Having to just focus on one block/subject at a time, makes it easier to learn. The biggest problem is getting accepted, and even worst would be trying to get an interview! They are extremely under staffed, especially when it comes to their advisors. I had to apply three different times, and worked with three different advisors due to them either not calling you back, updating your file, or confusing your file with someone else's. Their campus is definitely clean and updated, and their receptionists in both buildings located in Henderson are very friendly.
For an honest review of Roseman, please read. I chose to go to this school over another school I was accepted to, and I feel as if I made a big mistake in doing so. The tuition is extremely high for what students are given. The school does not supply students with enough supplies or lab time to feel adequately prepared for clinical rotations.
smaller class size, accelerated or regular bachelors of nursing program, personable professors, great advisement team, secure campus, new block style teaching system allows focus on one area at a time.
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The University of Roseman offers a fast-paced nursing school experience for those of you who are willing to give everything you have for the next 16-months to complete nursing school. The staff and faculty are wonderful to work with, and the content covered is always intriguing.
My experience has been great.
Professor are very helpful.
There is no change that i would recommend.
School has a horrible reputation in both Nevada and California. You will be laughed at and feel ashamed of saying "I graduated from Roseman University of Mickey Mouse Sciences." This is true for the dental, pharmacy, and nursing program. Half the nursing class is kicked out every class and this school gladly keeps their tuition. The exams in pharmacy school are easy, questions are reused year after year after year. They switched to a computerized system to hide this fact. They should not hold accreditation. You will learn nothing attending this school and will have to deal with the low reputation. Spend your $200,000 elsewhere. 3 years might seem like a good deal, but it's a lifetime of having this horrible school's reputation stuck to your resume.
So far so good, I am happy with the communication of the staff and the response time from everyone.
I start in July, so far, I am happy with everything and all the staff!
We are always safe. There is a security that protrols the building during school hours (7 AM to 10 PM).
The class size of about 40 is perfect, I can ask questions without feeling overwhelmed. The professors are always available and we have plenty of skills lab time to practice.

We have different volunteer organizations that I am apart of and we are planning to go to Peru in the summer for a medical mission.
We have 120 hours per each clinical time, which gives us plenty of opportunities to meet prospective bosses in the hospitals.

In addition, some professors are still working and can make referrals for us.
We don't have dorm options on campus. The school simply refers us to off-campus apartments 5 minutes away.
The only Greek organization is the pharmacy fraternity. I wish there were more Greek organizations or at least one for each program -- nursing fraternity, medical fraternity, and dental fraternity.
There are no sports in our school.

We have undergraduate and graduate programs --nursing, pharmacy, dental, and medical school.
It is extremely challenging, especially when there is a 90 and better percentile to meet. The teachers and staff are very helpful and want you to succeed.
They have been helpful with seeking financial aid.
The staff is very courteous.
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The financial aid staff are very friendly and helpful.
They don't offer internships here. But you have required clinicals as part of your curriculum.
Party scene in Henderson is dull. But Vegas strip is 10-15 minutes away and party scene is amazing there!
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