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Rosedale Bible College Reviews

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I learned a lot at rosedale. All of the professors were kind and helping and always willing to answer any questions I might have had. The students were great too
If you want to go into the ministry many classes directly apply, but they are obviously incredibly valuable no matter what career you go into.
Rosedale is an incredible experience.
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It can be hard to make Bible studies apply to a field but it is well worth it.
Rosedale is a place where you can grow in knowledge and understanding of God while being challenged academically and making friends.
Profs understand my busy life. I visit home often.
It's a Bible school, not a career school.
Professors here are my friends. So comfortable!
If you're serious about the Bible, it's perfect!
I think it's the best in its field.
The people at Rosedale are like a family. Since the school is so small, everyone knows everyone. There isn't much ethnic diversity. Because Rosedale is a Bible college, the religion here is Christianity. We have chapels, prayer groups, and other things we do regularly. Rosedale is a very accepting community of people and anyone can fit in.
The computers located here are very slow. Each student can print freely and use a computer here if they wish. The wireless speed is much quicker on a personal laptop. There is wi-fi in the classroom building and the library building only. I have my own computer and printer, which I find very convenient.
The students here are absolutely amazing! There are a large part of the reason I love this place so much!
The professors are extremely involved with students! Every makes a point to learn everyone's name, even if that student is not taking their class. It is awesome!
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