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The classes are top quality as is the exchange program. In fact, I'm currently writing this review from my host family's house in Oviedo, Spain. The campus, dorms and food are all top notch. The only things I would like to see changed is the enthusiasm for sports (could be a lot more!) and the diversity.
Rollins College provides a unique academic experience, and it encourages students to engage in social projects. Also, the college offers numerous opportunities to participate in academic research, study abroad, and volunteering opportunities. The essence of working in community is very strong on-campus, and all students try to collaborate with each other as a true close-knit community.
Professors are very caring and knowledgeable on their subject, they are more than willing to assist, the community here is very accepting and friendly. This school offers ample services to receive help.
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Simply the best! Rollins College is the most amazing place. The small classes, excellent academic, the gorgeous campus, downtown Winter Park downtown make it the perfect school. I love it!
Overall Rollins is a great place to get an extremely unaffordable education. The class sizes are great and the professors are awesome. It has a gorgeous campus. However Rollins is unbelievably expensive. I know too many students that have transferred. It's also hard to find your place at Rollins because it's so small.
What I like about Rollins College is the beautiful campus, friendly students and staff, and the small class sizes!
I am a junior at Rollins College. If you can get past the utter homogeny that is the student body, and the often incompetent administration (how many offices of student affairs do we have?) the education and opportunities granted by virtue of the small class sizes is great. You don't have to be an all star at your major or other interest area becuase everyone else is a rich scrub with no real skills and just wants to party. Take advantage of that fact becuase there's lots of opportunistic in Orlando. I'm a music major.
Rollins College has a great student to professor ratio. The class sizes are small which allows students to get the information they need in order to succeed.
Rollins College was one of the most memorable times of my life. I came to the school not knowing a single person and left with friends that will last a life time. Rollins is full of unexpected things. For starters, I never thought I would join Greek life, but Lambda Chi Alpha changed that. Moreover, the college gives you the tools to succeed but be sure to take advantage of them. Develop relationships with professors because they want to work with students and 13 student average class size makes that possible.
I love my school and would recommend to any student who seeks a balanced life including the academic and social aspect of it.
Rollins College is a small private school where you know everyone. This is bad because many times the same faces get boring, however, the small size keeps your social life a bit interesting. Expect gossip, parties, and rich people.
You have to find your group of friends and once you do, this will be the best experience of your life.
Rollins is a small school with small classes. I like the small classes because my professors know who I am,
Being in my 3rd year as a student of Rollins College, I have been blessed to be a part of such an amazing environment. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the staff, faculty, and students are beautiful as well. I have never been in a place that is so accepting, supporting, and encouraging. Rollins College and everyone in it has really made me feel like I'm home and is always pushing me to do my best and really make me a better student, and person. It is such an amazing place that after I graduate from my undergrads, I would like to stay and enroll in one of the graduate programs that Rollins offers.
Rollins College is like in its own little bubble. It has great academics and ridiculously small classes, which means learning material comes a lot easier. Besides that, it is in Florida, and I basically get to go to the heated outdoor pool year round to chill. The party scene is LIT, and the frats are generally small and chill enough to let freshman guys into parties sometimes. Its basically a big smart country club filled with students who want to enjoy life and get lit a lot.
Rollins needs more diversity, but they're working on it. The academics are good as long as you know what field you're going into and you're confident about where you're going in life. Rollins doesn't really give you the time to explore things because it's so expensive.
As a freshman, I have already been able to establish a relationship with several of my professors due to the small size of the classes at Rollins. My professors are able to get to know me as a person and as a student which will benefit me later in my undergraduate career.
I love Rollins College. I mean the professors and the classes are amazing. I think the staff members are super helpful. Rollins gives you amazing opportunities and everyone who wants to take advantage of it can do it. The campus is beautiful and extremely safe. I think some of the student culture can be detrimental to some, but you can stay away from it if you want.
Rollins College provides students with both the ability to delve into what they love while exploring new and unknown interests.
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Incredibly beautiful campus and prideful students. Rollins is in an amazing area too, sorrounded with very well review restaurant and stores.
Pretty good school. In regards of housing as long as your not in McKean it's good. Large divide in wealth as there are many kids on scholarships and others that pay upwards of 60k a year. Campus is beautiful and there are many options for food.
What I liked most about Rollins is the student to teacher ratio as well as it's location. It will give you a personal one on one with the teachers so you can get your questions answered. The location is full with stores and restaurants where you can get a job to earn a little extra cash. One thing i would like to see change is the residential life. I love everything but the sizes of the rooms. They feel very crowded and don't give enough personal space.
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