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I love the hands on experience, and teachers are very helpful. Just wish I could of had four years rather than two years in the class I enrolled in.
Since this is a technical center it is very small. No athletic centers, Gyms, Cafeteria or Libraries. But it does have a student center and great computer labs.
The Unique aspects of our program is that it is a competitive program. Only 20 people are selected for the progam each year and it is only 11months long. It is designed for students to push, work in stressful situations and do the best they can. The workload is a lot to take on but its amazing on what I can say I learned last semester in such a short period. The curriculum is great, and I love my teachers. They really know what they are doing and love teaching it. They push us to sucess and they actually care about our future.
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I think that the academics offered is the best. Teachers are great, cirriculum is great , class registration is taken care of once you get accepted into the program. Workload is overwhelming but you learn time management and push through it.
I would say it is okay. I am currently battleing trying to make a payment of $400 and some a month to school for the extra cost that my financial aid did not cover this year for me. It is really hard to do while being in school full time and working part- time but I also have other bills to pay. Possible tips I would suggest is to make the billing for the rest of the tuition due after completion or the end date of the classes like other student loans. That way people are not scronging around for money. I know I am not the only classmate that the school is requiring to make pay payments and We all find it hard to do. It makes going to college hard and some had to drop our class because they could not make their monthly payments and got kicked out of the program.
I would say its the best because the field of Surg Techs are more dominated by women and we have 3 males that are in our class that are excited to be part of the team.
I would say the online course load at school is okay. I am not a big fan of having discussions online along with assignments. I would rather sit in a classroom and learn, and discuss. BUT, I have found that our online course work has been very easy to use, and a great learning tool.
My experience as being a student in a competive program has been great. It has been a hard, stressful, busy, fun and everything else in between! It is a very time management program because we have class monday - thursday 8-3:30 everyday the first semester. Second semester you attend clinicals monday- wednesday and then class on thursdays and fridays each week. So trying to work to make money with this busy schedule makes it hard.
At the perimeters of the school are replica monuments to distinguish the buildings neighboring it.
The school's tuition and financial aid process is okay. The one bad thing is that professors will, strictly, only help you during their times on campus. I'm a transfer student into this current school system. My previous school's professors allowed to meet after campus times if we needed further help on an assignment or on anything else. We could choose a new location if necessary.
I have little feedback about post-grad services, as I'm an undergraduate. For each field offered at the school, there are locations in certain building where graduates can perform research or work on a project. To the benefits of undergraduates, the professors require graduates to help undergraduates.
Every building has its own computer labs with schedules when there is a class utilizing it or not. On top of that, if you have any questions at anywhere on the campus, anyone can assist you and if not, there are maps to people who can.
Every time there is a group willing to share their culture, I spring into the moment. This school gives a great outlook to the world. That is not to say that some individuals are not included in this, but the majority accept and thrive off what they learn from others.
Each week, many students organize something to get both students and teachers involved. Be it awareness, blood donations, cancer, culture from other countries, dancing, elections, food, helping the community, politics, religion, etc. There is no week where students don't organize something to get people involved.
There are three computer labs and one library at the campus. Two of the computer labs are actual classrooms so they normally aren't available for use unless you are with a class. The other is always reserved for classrooms. It is sometimes difficult to access the 8-10 computers in the library because they are full. I suggest having your own computer if you were to go to school here.
Don't Wait! The education for the money is phenomenal! Make sure you are staying on-top of the game and making appointments with your advisors and the financial aid office! They are a great help and do more than you ask, but they cannot help you if they don't know you need it! Schedule appointments on time and don't fall behind. Fill out EVERY financial aid form as soon as possible because you can't do anything about it if they are not completed before the due date!
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