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Rogue Community College had small class sizes, so professors are very easy to talk to and connect with. Each professor I’ve had has been willing to work with me after hours to expand my knowledge of the material covered, and has gone out of their way to connect with students and get to know them more than just a student in a classroom. The campus is clean, well taken care of, and feels safe.
Rogue Community College is a great place to further your education. Besides being an awesome stepping stone, rather you are a recent high school graduate, looking for a two year degree, or a certificate program, or a returning student to finish that college degree. I would love to see the Redwood campus expand. GO OSPREYS!
Its a great campus, love the Zumba fitness class. Great place to start your career and meet people just like you in the same situations. Easy to drive to but no apartment roomings
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I like the school very much I like the campus they need better food what are you doing I like all the professors everything has been very helpful I wish I could stop Cafe like they have at Table Rock
I earned my Associates from RCC and am continuing to go for extra classes to up my GPA and apply for nursing both at RCC and elsewhere. The staff at RCC are great, smart, friendly and always helpful, especially the science department. The biggest issue I've had is that the only food option on campus isn't that great but the collage is close to town so that complaint isn't really all that valid in my opinion. RCC is a great place to get started to get ready for a 4 year and above and I'm happy as can be that I came here.
Rogue Community College is filled with knowledgeable and experienced teachers that have a passion for education and transferring experiences to students. The programs are designed and developed to give students real world skills and practical knowledge. There isn't a large party or thriving hip scene, however education is a large focus here and it shows with every educator and student.
I really enjoyed my time at Rogue Community College. All of my teachers have been great and I have learned a ton. Great facilities and places to study, and I really like the rural-feeling campus. Wildlife all over and great diversity of plants and animals. Great place to study!
Rogue Community College is a school that is not only there to get students the degree they want, they're there to help every step of the way. They half excellent staff that are always wanting to help, from the advisors, to the tutors, to the great teachers. Every teacher I've had is determined to have their students succeed, they really strive to make connections with their students. The Redwood and Riverside campuses have great student resources, it would be almost impossible not to succeed here! The tuition is priced fairly and every penny is worth it, their classes not only benefit your degree, they also benefit your life. It is awesome they require you to take the free College Success class in your first year, this class teaches you everything you need and should know in college, and teaches you lifelong learning. I am very happy I chose this college to attend before transferring to a university, it is really worth it!
It’s alright. Sometimes disorganized and a little slow to respond to certain emails/phone calls. I’m a freshman and so far my classes aren’t that challenging. The teachers are awesome.
Campus is nice, quite scenic. Most of the people are alright, and there's clubs for almost anything. The people in the student government are super cool people. The teachers are pretty good too; I've had mostly good experiences with all of the ones I've taken classes from
I am in my second term at RCC and attending to get my degree in nursing. I have had a pretty good experience so far; all the instructors I have had so far are very helpful. I like the small class sizes as it helps with having one-on-one time when needed. The only thing I would like to see change would be how they determine if you are eligible for financial aid or not. The school determines your eligibility by your taxes from two years earlier.
The Medford campus is newly expanded and buzzing with students. The staff are helpful and accommodating. The new Medford building has an accessible and friendly atmosphere, and is always buzzing with students. The professors are generally helpful and communicative with dynamic and interesting lectures tailored to meet the needs of the students.
I love the small community Rogue Community College offers. I am able to take classes with my peers or past class mates, the instructors teach multiple classes meaning I am able to have the same instructor for several different classes. The campuses are spread apart and some classes are only offered at one campus, however each campus is beautiful, clean, and has its own advantages.
Rogue Community College offers a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment for students to pursue their degree or certification. The staff are helpful and earnestly desire you to succeed. I'm thankful to have access to RCC in such a beautiful part of the country.
It is a very friendly school that tries its best to help you in any way it can. This school has counseling for students with personal problems and free tutoring for those with study problems. I wouldn't change anything.
The diversity and the compassion that they show toward students going back to college late in life. With a disability I am grateful for empathy and understanding of my instructors and classmates to depend and lean on when times are tough.
Rogue Community College is a very good college that offer associates. I attend in the Medford branch and love the teachers and the staff. They are all eager to see you succeed!
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So far, so good! The best part if RCC is the faculty and their willingness to go above and beyond for their students to succeed!
Rogue Community College is a great for anybody thinking about starting college. It is also great for first generation college students. The staff is beyond helpful. RCC is all about helping their students. The amount of opportunity that is provided at this college is endless. On top of the great staff and many classes that are offered, RCC also has many fun events! There is always something happening on campus. Sometimes it will be student welcome day, sometimes it is an event that had to do with the holiday. The events are not only welcome to college students but also the community. RCC provides many perks of being their student. We get free library and internet access, free computer access and many more! I cannot leave out this piece of information..RCC also has a great cafeteria with amazing food and snacks.
I love going to RCC the professors are great. The professors have always been very helpful with answering any questions I have. There is also a great variety of class options to choose from. I wish there was better parking available.
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