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I really like how centralized the campus is, in downtown Medford. I believe Rogue Community College could improve by expanding their nursing and allied health programs.
A great community college. The campus is located in a wonderful part of the city and has a great layout.
I like Rogue Community College for the programs that they have available. I am currently in Paramedical degree program, my adviser and professors are excellent and the facility's are clean.
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You should know the area you want to pursue. The advisers do not always check the best way to achieve your degree. Sometimes they will have you take classes you do not necessarily need. It's a great campus and the instructors are great!
I attended Rogue Community College for the last year, the majority of my teachers were amazing super inspired with there class and giving the students a lot of there time.
I really love that the RCC staff are so helpful! I can go up to anyone and ask for help about nearly anything!
Rogue Community College (Redwood Campus) has been an absolute joy to attend. The teachers I have had in the past two years have been fair and understanding. The staff was helpful. They inform everybody that there are security guards to walk you to your car if you feel unsafe. Everything is clean and well cared for structurally. There is wheelchair accessibility for every building (which was a true godsend for my mother). The cafeteria has some great tasting food. Great college!
I love Rogue Community College! They have such a wide variety of degrees and certificates to chose from! Whether you want to do a one year certificate or get a transfer degree to a four year university, you can find it all at RCC. Another great plus is they have campuses all around the valley, and if your not in the valley they offer multiple online classes! My fiancé is in the military so we move a lot and with RCC I was able to finish my business transfer degree online with RCC, and for way cheaper than most other places! If you're looking for a great place to get your degree and save money while doing it Rogue Community college is the place to go!
I work with the computer science counseling department instead of the graphic design department for counseling, I also have to directly call the computer science group to make an appointment, other majors can just go to the counseling office to do the same thing.
Everyone here has been extremely helpful! The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. There are a lot of great opportunities here!
They have a great website and it's super easy to sign up for classes. Helpful Staff and a great atmosphere.
I like the amount of web-based classes they have available, and they are well aware of how desperately poor my area is so they don't question my need for funds. They also provide a lot of services that a community college doesn't, like free tutoring, free degree advice, as well as having many partnerships in the community.
This is my first year with Rogue Community College, but its a good experience so far! Makes things easy for me since I do work full time.
Rogue Community College had small class sizes, so professors are very easy to talk to and connect with. Each professor I’ve had has been willing to work with me after hours to expand my knowledge of the material covered, and has gone out of their way to connect with students and get to know them more than just a student in a classroom. The campus is clean, well taken care of, and feels safe.
Rogue Community College is a great place to further your education. Besides being an awesome stepping stone, rather you are a recent high school graduate, looking for a two year degree, or a certificate program, or a returning student to finish that college degree. I would love to see the Redwood campus expand. GO OSPREYS!
Its a great campus, love the Zumba fitness class. Great place to start your career and meet people just like you in the same situations. Easy to drive to but no apartment roomings
I like the school very much I like the campus they need better food what are you doing I like all the professors everything has been very helpful I wish I could stop Cafe like they have at Table Rock
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I earned my Associates from RCC and am continuing to go for extra classes to up my GPA and apply for nursing both at RCC and elsewhere. The staff at RCC are great, smart, friendly and always helpful, especially the science department. The biggest issue I've had is that the only food option on campus isn't that great but the collage is close to town so that complaint isn't really all that valid in my opinion. RCC is a great place to get started to get ready for a 4 year and above and I'm happy as can be that I came here.
Rogue Community College is filled with knowledgeable and experienced teachers that have a passion for education and transferring experiences to students. The programs are designed and developed to give students real world skills and practical knowledge. There isn't a large party or thriving hip scene, however education is a large focus here and it shows with every educator and student.
I really enjoyed my time at Rogue Community College. All of my teachers have been great and I have learned a ton. Great facilities and places to study, and I really like the rural-feeling campus. Wildlife all over and great diversity of plants and animals. Great place to study!
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