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Law school is mostly made up of reading out of casebooks, until the semester paper is due. There are 2 comp labs in the law school, plus some undergrad ones, so you don't really need a computer, but it makes taking notes and reviewing outlines, and watching supplement videos really easy.
I think this university is great. It's been nice coming from a large, public university to a small, private one. The location is awesome, between the views and things to see on campus, to the culture in nearby Newport and Providence, and Boston, a little further. The location is probably better for grad students than undergrads.
There's lots all over campus, but if you're stuck parking in the garage because your specified lot fills up (which does happen), you're in for a hike if you don't want to wait for the shuttle.
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Undergrads party pretty consistently, the law and grad students stick to off campus spots for it.
A lot of local spots, but nothing in town is usually open past 7 pm. Luckily providence is only about 20 mins away, and it's the food capitol of the northeast. there's pretty much anything and everything imaginable there, and with huge colleges like Brown and PC there, it's easy to find a late night spot open.
The school shuttle goes arount town to help pick up off-campus housing kids
the campus is small, so it's not hard for security to come to you
Hot in the summer, cold in the winter. Pretty unpredictable, New England weather

It's a law school, so standards are much higher than in undergrad. Public Safety does do drive-throughs of campus and off-campus housing, but will come to help you promptly if needed.
After 9, the main part of the campus gets pretty quiet, but there's a dining area open until about midnight-1am. Off campus, for those 21 or older, there are a few bars in town that everyone goes to. Otherwise, Providence is just 25 minutes away for some killer nightlife.
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