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Rocky Mountain College has a small friendly and active community on a beautiful campus, with amazing faculty.
Rocky Mountain College is a great college that offers students great opportunities. It is located in Billings, which is the largest city in Montana. The class sizes are small, so there is a Professor to Student relationship, and that is very valuable. Rocky also offers a ton of scholarships for both scholars and student - athletes. There are multiple sports teams, and the professors are very accommodating to them when traveling as well.
Rocky is a great small school with Professors that care about the success of their students. I love the tight knit community.
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Rocky is a great small school. The professors are incredible. The atmosphere in campus is super inviting and there is always something to do on campus. Class sizes are small which allows for better understanding of the material. Everyone feels safe on campus and there's an overall air of happiness. However, being a small school in Montana, there's not a whole lot of diversity which is kind of a drawback. The food also isn't 5-star by any means, but there's always a ton of options. The residence halls are what you make of it; a lot of people complain about them but really the halls aren't terrible and the Resident Advisors are incredible people and make living on campus so much fun!
Rocky is a very good school and I have been able to learn a ton there! There are nice and intelligent professors, the staff is great, and the kids are interesting being from everywhere! I am glad I go there it is a great school!
I like everything about Rocky Mountain College. There are very knowledgeable staff and it is a very nice environment to be in. I wish there would be a more experienced Chemistry teacher instead of one just starting this year.
RMC is a smaller college, but has so much to offer. Professors and staff are so willing to help out the students. There are awesome events offered through the college. Campus is so beautiful. RMC is rich in it's history. There are so many opportunities on campus to grow in leadership skills.
Rocky is a wonderful small safe campus with some outstanding outdoor recreation activities open to all! Many shops eating places, gas & more close to campus.
Hands on instructing. Smaller college with great professors, this allows you to have the ability to get a lot of one on one time. The staff is very helpful and truly care about your success.
I absolutely love how all the faculty and staff members are willing and ready to help any student. Being a very anxious person makes it hard for me to ask for help and at Rocky I feel like none of my questions will be regarded as "stupid" and whoever I ask will gladly answer. Truthfully, I don't dislike almost anything about Rocky, yet there is one thing that does bother me: there is no track! Even though we have cross country and track/field teams, there is not a track on our campus. As a college student, I hate going to a (terrible) high school track to run. Other than that, I think Rocky Mountain College is doing a great job.
I am a freshman in the Equine program and I am loving it. The campus is small so it is very easy to get to know your professors and classmates. There are also tons of activities to be involved in as well as academic assistance.
It is unfortunate that many of the athletics feel that alcohol is the only way to have a good time and often attempt to drag in Freshmen into the drinking scene.
Rocky has something for everyone I feel and is the best fit for me because of the small, size the personal touch of the professors and staff, and the various opportunities.
There are numerous resources that provide Health and safety on campus. A campus safety office is staffed every night and completes rounds around the college to insure everyone is safe. The office will also walk students from buildings to cars or to other buildings it the student is feeling unsafe. A campus counselor and chaplain are on staff if a student has an issue or just needs a person to confide in. The college employs RAs in the residence halls to keep the students safe and out of trouble.
Rocky looks after its students from the minute that the student applies. It is difficult for the student to fall through the cracks. The students get to know numerous other people and the professors/staff very well. Overall an astounding experience.
Generally the housing is decent. RAs do a good job at promoting programs and enforcing policies. Lately it has been difficult to get residents to attend programs meaning the community building has been difficult. Overall the social atmosphere is relaxed but still playful.
Being such a small school, a large number of students are athletes. It sometimes feels like the coaches will not allow the athletes time to do homework or attend classes that the student wants to attend. Friends have had to miss opportunities to travel to Africa because the coach did not allow them to attend the class. Also it feels like the athletics department gets students out of trouble. It seems that sometimes the student's coaches turn a blind eye to players disobeying school policies such as the alcohol and drug policies.
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This school provides so many opportunities for students to get out and connect with each other and the professors. Numerous class trips and extracurricular field trips allow students to explore the city and the region.
Not many parties on campus.
Not many parties on campus you have to really look for them.
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