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While having classes online I ended up not doing as good as I did in person. I do however know people who did better with online classes l.
I love the environment that rocky offers. The professors are super helpful and are willing to work with you if problems arise at all.
Some teachers have absolutely no idea what they are doing but most of them are getting the hang of it.
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The food is absolutely terrible. It's a rip off for how much you have to pay, especially since you have to have a meal plan when living on campus. The options are limited. Pizza is almost always served at lunch. The meat is always sketchy. Food is often cold. We get our moneys worth by taking juices and stocking our own fridge. I live in a triple in widenhouse and we got really lucky. Our room is one of the few that has hardwood flooring and a nice view. People here are fun and everyone knows each other since the school is so small. Most of the diversity comes from the football team and international students. Bring a car. Dear lord bring your car. The Rims are super nice to sit at at night and look at the city lights. Teachers are nice and genuinely care. Campus is beautiful, it looks like Hogwarts. Bottom line: Food horrific, people good.
I did not take any online classes at Rocky, but I know online classes are offered in many different subjects.
I liked Rocky Mountain College because of its small tight-nit community and the small student-teacher ratio. It gave me the undivided attention I needed that I believe helped me succeed. Student, staff, and faculty were friendly and helpful. The campus was also beautiful and small.
This felt like going to one of those private schools you see on TV. It was a lot of book work and the classes were not engaging. It was an intense few years, and while I did learn, it was not fun learning.
The classes that had online aspects were semi-easy to navigate, but I used them very little. I am sure they are more updated now.
I love this school! I truly feel as if I am getting the best possible education. The dorms are also great. The food however is disgusting. Not worth the price at all.
I thoroughly enjoy Rocky Mountain college, the educators, the students and the campus itself. The small campus is very community orientated, offering many volunteering opportunities. A small campus also means smaller classes in which you really get to know other students and the teachers who are all highly qualified to teach what they are teaching. Living off campus I don't see much of what the dorms are like but from what I have seen they are not much different from any others that I have seen and the students are all so inclusive of others. Overall Rocky Mountain College is a wonderful school to obtain your degree or even further your education at.
The environment on campus is fantastic! Everyone is super kind and helpful. Rocky has become my new home!
Very friendly staff and students. Beautiful campus situated in Billings with an overall small student body giving it a very home like feeling. Staff are always there to help you, and the college doesn't have a bunch of hidden fees like most universities these days. Overall I love RMC!
Rocky is a fantastic campus with a lot of diversity. The professors are great and want to help you succeed. It is more difficult for nontraditional students to fit in since most incoming students are right out of high school.
Rocky is a very small school with not much diversity. The professors for the most past are great and very helpful. However, some courses are not taught well. Rocky does a great job with developing relationships with students. There is not much social life however. Very few parties if that is what you are looking for. the food is also questionable.
I loved how small Rocky was- -I made excellent connections with my teachers, which opened up a ton of opportunities for me! The surrounding city was small and old-fashioned, which isn't my style but might suit other people quite well. Furthermore, for coming out with less debt than I would have had at my state school, I'd say it was a great deal! Anyone who's satisfied with a basic degree (art, bio, etc) would probably do well here.
It is a close knit community with great people. I love the atmosphere and environment it brings to its students. I love Rocky Mountain College.
RMC is the best choice for anyone focusing on Equestrian studies (especially therapeutic riding) but it's not great for anything else. They can be really generous with scholarships and have a nice small school feel but it's still pretty expensive. I'm only here for the therapeutic riding program; otherwise I'd choose a less expensive school closer to home.
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I had the best time when I went here for my undergrad. Met some amazing friends, learned a lot from supportive professors, and enjoyed seeing the sights in the region. I enjoyed the music program as well as the sciences. The campus is beautiful in the spring and there's lots of skiing nearby if you enjoy that. The campus is very walkable, not too huge. There are jobs nearby at the mall also.
Its a small school with small classes. I usually have 10 to 20 other kids in a class, 40 at the most. Smaller campus and very easy to move around and navigate.
Rocky Mountain College has a small friendly and active community on a beautiful campus, with amazing faculty.
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