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Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design Reviews

189 reviews
Party Scene
I haven't started yet but so far all the admissions staff and financial aid people are very nice and helpful.
Excited to go here and continue my learning experience. Love the campus and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Good location around food and art galleries.
This is a scam. They give out degrees and you will learn nothing. They only care about money. Student life is non-existent. A mainly older student demographic. As an 18 year old I felt out of place. Go anywhere else. They call me asking for money but I tied up all of my loose ends 3 years ago. They said they would provide documentation showing what was owed but never did. I got an email telling me another students overdue balance which definitely was unprofessional. Think of all the better things you could do with $22000 a year and then do that instead. This place is not worth the price. The only good thing was the school therapist and he's probably gone by now.
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