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RMCAD is a great school with a variety of art and design programs that you don’t know what to choose. I’m actually an online student so I don’t know what campus and student life is like, but I wish we had a choice of what course you want to take. Other than that, this school is amazing!
the school is great I got my degree fully online and the professors are always there to help if needed. for being online and not able to go to the classes in person the material s still great and you still learn just as much as you would on camps.
This school is a joke. The average student is a bad artist and the average instructor doesn’t care. Administration will pack as many students as they can into a class and do not care about the individual student or their schedule.
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I am starting there as a transfer student this summer and am very excited!! So far the application process has been pretty straight-forward and the different people working in admissions have been great so far in helping me get prepared to study my design online program.
I enjoy this school a lot so far. The faculty genuinely care about my learning and they don't want to see anyone left behind not knowing anything. Even in the online program the teachers are in touch with students and give specific feedback for how to improve. I just took a super-tough class about perspective drawing, and got all A's because the teacher explained the topics super well and answered all my questions.

Also, the online format is surprisingly good for interacting with classmates. There are weekly discussions, which if you participate to your full capacity, will give you a strong sense of camaraderie with your classmates.

As with any school, you reap from RMCAD what you sow in RMCAD. I've been giving all my passion and energy and drive to each assignment and improved my art skills so much already. If you're serious about a career in arts, but you need a flexible schedule and affordable tuition, RMCAD's online program is what you need!
As an online student, my experience at RMCAD has been a good one. The courses are flexible, education is invaluable and teachers are wonderful. I'd enrol all over again.
So far it has been an excellent experience with a community that supports its students and faculty. As an institution, it has been sympathetic to students' needs in light of all the natural disasters this semester. As an online student, I can't speak for the campus experience, but my experience has been great so far.
RMCAD is the best place for unleashing your creativity. Close to home, great people and teachers! Everyone is so nice and caring, everyone respects you!
I enjoyed RMCAD, i learned so much there by visual learning, teachers always have compassion for you, the staff is very clear and helpful when it comes to hard questions, the advisers always are a step forward, SLC which is Student Learning Center at RMCAD are people who genuinely care, and help you through the toughest times!
I am a current online student at RMCAD and I have to say I am blown away at the professionalism of the school and the professors in regards to online. Most other schools only see online as a simple tack on so they neglect it, but not here the teachers are helpful and understanding. The online student portal is easy to use and straightforward you know what's due and when. I cant say enough good things about this school.
Beautiful Campus and friendly staff and students. Surrounding area is nice and there is a lot to do on breaks. Easy to find and Is easy to find classes. Rich history in the campus and there is a lot of good resources.
I love that the school is small and classes intimate and hands on. The faculty could definitely get a grasp on what they're doing and communicate better/be more organized.
At first glance this quaint little campus seems like an ideal place to get a BFA. RMCAD realizes this charm and make sure they assure you that it is a great place.
Then policies start to change, staff turnover means that no one has any idea what is going on, and while they say the student is the focus of this school, this is something the administration doesn't actually put into practice. The admin at this school is the blind leading the blind. Every new semester brings new changes which never benefit the students, something as simple as a class schedule is impossible, not to mention the fees and fin aid. If you enroll here be prepared to babysit the staff- from dept chairs, to financial aid & academic advisers. No one here will look out for you, so you just have to do it for yourself.
I will say, I have had some very inspiring teachers at this school. Unfortunately the teachers have joined the students in the frustration at the continual policy changes and utter lack of organization.
Rocky Mountain or RMCAD for short is a small community of many gifted and talented artists. I have been attending and meeting many different students and teachers who are all open to one anothet and it feels as a family rather than a school. You create an atmosphere of freedom of speech and self expression and the faculty there is there to embrace it and guide you in your artistsic process as you move onward to your designated art field. The variety of classes is also amazing, we range from Sociology to Drawing and Psychology to Animation, its honestly a school worth noting.
On ground instructors are mostly great and I've learned a lot, but from an administrative stand point, this school is a joke. Online classes are far too easy and offer no intellectual stimulation. Admissions will lie to you to get you to apply, financial aid is so disorganized that they'll most definitely screw you over, and good luck getting any resolution if you have issues. They know they suck, they know the students are dissatisfied, but they don't care.
I am an online student so some of the answers are N/A on my ratings. The school has all those things I am sure, but I do not participate from Arkansas.
The teachers I have had are 90% excellent, motivated to help you succeed and all have been very knowledgeable about their field. It is a high quality education.
Overall, I like the school. It is a little irritating that we don't have a spring or summer break but that does help you stay in the learning mindset year round. You have a lot of diversity in teachers; some are fresh out of college and some have been teaching for 30+ years. And class sizes are small, making getting one on one time really easy.
RMCAD has to be one of the best art schools in colorado
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I appreciate the personal safety workshops on campus but I wish we had them more often.
I am confidant I will have no problem finding a job after I graduate. RMCAD provides networking opportunities in the community and Professional Development through the Career Services Department, such as hosting local companies to visit RMCAD for student portfolio reviews and professional development workshops.
My favorite experiences at RMCAD always involve the Student Life Department on Campus and the professors. Our Student Life Department is the most approachable office on Campus and always helpful. Additionally, the professors are some of the most honest, helpful and encouraging individuals I have met.
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