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i've not had the opportunity to attend yet. i quit high school, went back 10 yrs. later and got my GED. im a single mother who wants a career. i cant come up with the tution myself, so i'm applying , praying i can get some help. i will not disappoint you. im driven and i've been waiting a long time to accomplish this part of my life.
thank-you for considering me,
Ashley Foley
I had a great experience at RCC. I've had many many opportunities come my way by attending here. However, they really need to work on their transfer program. I ended up having to go 3 year here and 3 at UNCC instead of 2 here and 2 at UNCC.
My experience at Rockingham Community College is wonderful! What I personally like about RCC is that the professors are very lenient and easy to get along with. They go out their way to ensure that you can be comfortable and succeed. What I also like about RCC is the fact that you can meet so many people and become fast friends. However, there is always room for improvement. One thing that I would like to see change is a more organized website to be able to check your grades and assignments instead of having to hunt for them, or even wonder which links lead to your actual assignments. Aside from this, RCC is a wonderful place that can change the lives of many in the community.
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Great teachers, nice clean facility and people that care about you. Counselors are helpful with your schedule and care about your learning experience.
Rockingham Community College is a very small college. I like the fact that you know just about all of the instructors there and they are all willing to help. I would like to see the advisor process change though. Its such a hassel to deal with someone who is not familiar with the course you are planning to take.
RCC is an amazing community college! There are very few complaints about it. Everything was great while attending!
I love going to Rockingham Community College. I have many great professors and instructors that will help anyone at anytime. The only thing I would change is the layout of the campus for the disable.
Great School for students looking to transfer to a four year University. All departments of the school work together great and teachers and other faculty are very helpful. Advising got me where I needed to be and informed me a lot about the college transfer process.
The professor was easy to reach when needed.
There are lots of material on where to find jobs.
The associates degree will definitely help you find a job or transfer.
This major is great. You can fulfill requirements or take harder classes if you wish.
This is a great school. The teachers and students really care about learning and doing well. It's also unbelievably cheaper then university. My best advice would be to start at community college and transfer to university.
Have not yet experienced this
Great professors and class sizes!
Wonderful opportunities with this school!
My advisor and professors are the best! They know a lot of things about the real world, and do not JUST teach the material.
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I love this school. I would choose it over and over if I had to.
I honestly prefer a classroom environment.
Having a degree from RCC, or at least the prospect, has certainly opened new roads for me. It has allowed me to get new scholarships and applications from various organizations. It has made my life better.
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