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They are very helpful and friendly. Not only that but they also have very great academics and if you are interested in medicine they are the college you need.
I transferred from a school in Chicago, I chose to go here mainly for the education. The Physical Therapy school here is great, and I really enjoy how every class that I take is applied to what I want to do in the future, which is to go to PT school. As well as having certain clubs and opportunities to get involved around campus and possible interact with your professors (if you decide to attend PT school at Rockhurst). Rockhurst University is great because from your freshman year to your senior year, you will gain a lot of connections with people who either work in the field that you want to enter or can help you be meet someone who is in that field. Service is also a huge part of Rockhurst, rather it be cleaning up the Kansas City area, or working with children and helping them stay active.
I love the small community and how the teachers care about you not just your money. I love how big the dorms are.
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At first I was unsure what to expect when I accepted a scholarship to a small school of only 2,000 people. Looking back now, I would not change my decision of choosing Rockhurst for so many reasons, especially the fact that it is a smaller university. My teachers know my name and class load and are more than willing to help me when I need it. The university gives out great scholarships to their students. Each staff member you meet cares about you as an individual and wants to do their part in helping you succeed.
Great school if you want to feel at home. this is a place where everyone is friendly, and will say hello. A place where the teachers truly want to see you succeed and a place that makes you want to be at college.
Rockhurst University is basically high school 2.0. Students are very clique-y, but the excellent professors and education provided make up for the overbearing in-your-face campus environment. Also, the financial aid staff would rather amputate a limb than help you with your financial troubles.
my friend's coach professors Rockhurst has given me a better worth ethic all people I have talked to said they wished they would've attended Rockhurst.
I have loved RockU thus far. I find my campus extremely welcoming to everyone. Located in the amazing downtown area of Kansas City, you get the best of college life and city life in one. Rockhurst is small, making classes more intimate and professors are always concerned with the whole student. Faith based, Rockhurst offers lots of outlets when it comes to student life. Greeks, fine arts, athletics, student government. Anything you would want is here on campus.
I love this college as it really has let me grow as a student more than I feel like I could have in a larger environment. The people are amazing and the only problem I have is that our theater program has little love and money dedicated to it.
Rockhurst is a small, Jesuit school right the heart of Kansas City. Currently working on my accounting degree, I believe that the Helzberg school of business is the best school at Rockhurst. They provide students with ample opportunities for connections in the Kansas City area. With that being said, the area is a bit sketch. Be VERY careful and do not walk to college parties. Always get a ride.
Everyone is very welcoming. Easy to create a relationship with your professors which allows for it to be easier to get help from them when the time comes.
I am a freshman at Rockhurst University and from the second when I stepped foot on campus I felt extremally welcomed into a new "community". Even though Rockhurst is nothing compared to my high school I am excited to be going to school here and looking forward to getting an amazing and highly credited degree.
I'm the parent of a Rockhurst sophomore and feel like the university has been an excellent choice for my daughter, and she agrees. Its a close knit school and very friendly csmpus. Academics are very good with small class sizes. My daughter, who is African American, has made friends of all sorts and is involved in a lot. Sure, it does not have the big school sports scene but the college was top ranked in division two in severals sports. Security seems tight so far and there's a real emphasis on community service. If you want a school where the student will not get lost in a crowd and will get a very good foundation, Rockhurst is an under the radar gem with well respected academics as with most Jesuit colleges. Its not a commuter school even though its in an urban area. Campus is beautiful and not urban looking at all.
Rockhurst University quickly became my home away from home. The small, close-knit community provides you with long lasting friendships, amazing educational opportunities, connects you with professionals, and prepares you for your future career. The faculty and staff are dedicated and love their positions, making the learning environment top-knotch.
Rockhurst is an amazing institution where everyone can find a place to belong. Academics are challenging allowing you to feel like you truly deserve the grades you earn. Residence halls provide a great experience that everyone should try. Administration can be difficult to deal with.
The overall experience is great! The professors really care about how you are doing in your classes and will help you with any questions that you have. It's also like a small community and everyone is very accepting. My first year here is the best, I wouldn't have chosen to go anywhere else!
Academically it is a very good school. The professors really care about the students and want the best for them. Sports are pretty good but there is no football which stinks. There are a lot of ways to get involved with the organizations and different sororities and frats.
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Great school. I really loved my time here. The atmosphere is like no other. Everyone here is accepting and nonjudgmental of others. The adjuncts are competent and fair in grading.
Rockhurst University is a small community in a big city. This small school has a big impact in the local community and not only educates students but shows them how to be leaders.
The campus police are very polite and responsive. The employees seem to always be looking out for the students.
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