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338 reviews
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The overall experience is great! The professors really care about how you are doing in your classes and will help you with any questions that you have. It's also like a small community and everyone is very accepting. My first year here is the best, I wouldn't have chosen to go anywhere else!
Academically it is a very good school. The professors really care about the students and want the best for them. Sports are pretty good but there is no football which stinks. There are a lot of ways to get involved with the organizations and different sororities and frats.
Great school. I really loved my time here. The atmosphere is like no other. Everyone here is accepting and nonjudgmental of others. The adjuncts are competent and fair in grading.
Rockhurst University is a small community in a big city. This small school has a big impact in the local community and not only educates students but shows them how to be leaders.
The campus police are very polite and responsive. The employees seem to always be looking out for the students.
The staff works very hard to make sure you are set up for great opportunities. They also help to communicate these opportunities to you and try to make every student aware of the possibilities.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Value
The greek life I have witness so far has indicated it is a positive community meant to build quality relationships.
I have not attended the school long enough to have a true opinion. The little I gave seen has shown me that Rockhurst uses sports as an outlet and a motivator and not a indication of popularity or privilege.
Coming from a larger school I have really grown to love the small school environment. Rockhurst does a fantastic job making all students feel important. While at first I did miss the extra amenities available at my previous larger, public school, I quickly understood the small sacrifices I was making in order to have a more personal and positive experience.
im not really sure i have not been in that process yet
  • College Senior
  • 8 months ago
  • Value
hard to live where you want on campus
i have loved my experience
needs updated equipment and areas!
amazing!!! the small school environment makes finding help when needed very easy and quick. professors know us by name and remember us for a very long time
It is kinda scary walking around campus alone at night but security is always willing to give you a ride home. There are cameras everywhere.
I have high confidence that with an education at Rockhurst, I will be able to be accepted into medical school.
  • College Freshman
  • 10 months ago
  • Value
I absolutely love Rockhurst. It has been a great experience.
I really loved living in Mcgee. Yes there are some possible updates they could do to it but overall it was a good experience.
  • College Freshman
  • 10 months ago
  • Housing
I am not part of Greek Life but my friends are. Since this is a very small school, it is not a big deal whether or not you are involved in greek life.
We are a very small school and athletics are not the top priority for most people. The only sports that are somewhat popular are lacrosse and soccer.
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