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This is an amazing School. There are great faculty and staff. The food amazing. The academics are great. I love every second of it! Living on campus makes my life so much simpler.
Rockford is a small University in Northern Illinois. Coming from the warmth of the south the weather here has taken a little getting used to but otherwise I'm enjoying my college experience here in Rockford. The area has all the best foods and shopping. The local sports are great must see the Hockey team. My professors are the best they are easy to talk to and willing to work with you to help you succeed. So Far it's been a great and I can't wait to see what will come next year. Go Regents
Everyone on campus is very friendly and you can't help but feel welcomed by everyone here. This school opens up opportunities for anyone willing to get out of their comfort zone and that's what the college experience is all about, that and making new friends!
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I love the teacher-student ratio: the department that aligns with your major is like a second family! You can develop great relationships with professors and peers, it's a wonderful atmosphere.
The science department (chemistry, biology) and education department are very good if you want to major in those. The science professors have a strong lineup of professors and will help you succeed if you are willing to put in work. The education department is very friendly and will help you learn about what it takes to be a educator.
Rockford University has a great learning atmosphere and provides a more personal experience for learning with your professors.
The teachers take the time to answer the questions you have. If you need help outside of class they are more than willing to help you. Most professors have "walk in" hours aside from their regular hours. The students that attend Rockford University are so welcoming. It is easy to make friends. The dorms are average as well as the food, but the overall environment of the school makes up for it.
My main issue with Rockford University is how expensive the tuition is yet you don't see upgrades across campus like you would at other schools. They really try to sell you on the idea of Rockford being an up and coming school, which they are right. But you won't really notice the difference until you graduate. They are taking in way too much money for the quality of it all. The international students seem to come here for free or very, very cheap because most of them can somehow afford to own an apartment, and eat out at the nicest restaurants daily. The international kids also seem to be given A's and B's because many of them barely do work in class, if they even show up to class, but somehow they have impeccable grades.
Rockford University is a small Private liberal arts university in Rockford, Illinois. I found out about Rockford University because they recruited me to play basketball there. Before this I have never heard of this school. I've been going here for almost 2 years now and what I like about it is that it is small and you can get a lot of 1 on 1 time with professors and create a good relationship with them. Also with it being small its feels more like home because I come from a small town and school. The first thing I would say that I don't like about this school is the high cost of tuition and for how high it is I feel like the school should be a lot nicer.
It's a great school, small classes and very friendly professors who genuinely want you to succeed. The only reason I took of a star is because of the forums we are forced to attend and the cost of the college itself. It's very expensive, hence the reason I am applying to this scholarship.
The university is very helpful/proactive with career placement upon graduation.
The professors are all very helpful. My advisor went out of her way researching what classes would be best for me with my interest in a major.
There doesn't seem to be a problem. University is very proactive on prevention.
New experience, being away from mom, dad, and brothers. Very excited for this next chapter in my life.
The university went out of their way to make me feel very wanted and special. They put my name on a reserved parking spot when I came to sign up for classes. Also had my name on a welcome marquee upon arrival.
Rockford is very small and it is very easy to get along with most of the students that go there. The professors are very easy to talk to and very understanding. I am an athlete and my professors were very understanding with that and were willing to work with me for the most part.
Since only in first year I haven't attempted yet.
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Not a big thing at Rockford.
Athletics are in a rebuilding stage, which is going towards positive side.
Overall experience is positive. Classes are small and size of campus isn't overwhelming.
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