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I loved learning Paralegal work, as now I landed a job working with my degree! I had amazing teachers and classes that really helped me prepare for my career.
Everything is well and good besides when they changes the course they said that our classes would transfer when we gradauted and they do not, most other schools or colleges wont accept it and would have to start all over again.
The overall college is nice, the location isn’t. We have some amazing teachers and some not so much. I had probably the best teacher anyone could ask for and the college ran her out, a lot of people were upset and I don’t blame them. We got another teacher to replace the best and he decided to yell at a student who may have deserved it but didn’t deserve to be yelled at in front of his peers. I wish I could say my overall experience is amazing. But I can’t really do that. My schedules are always messed up or I don’t get them until a day before my classes start. And yes some part of the classes should be self taught but if the entire class is like that, it’s too hard or a bad teacher is being given to the students who are there to learn.
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The teachers and staff have so far been amazing. They are there to help you succeed not just to teach you. The students have been very good to work with as well. Rockford Career College has a great diverse group and the current students are very helpful to the new students.
They are so helpful and truly care about your success. They go over every little detail to make sure you understand from start to finish. They make learning easy and fun!
I work second shift at a hospital. The school is willing to work with me and let me leave class a little early to make it to work on time.
The career center is extremely helpful with finding jobs after the program is done.
The best thing about the courses is that they are mainly all hands on. The professors are phenomenal and help in whatever way they can.
The alumni at this school are totally determined to help all newcomers.
All of the hands on learning.
What makes my school unique is the small classrooms. Smaller classrooms make for better relationships with the classmates and more one on one time with the professor if need be. I would choose this school to go back to over and over again because of the staff and how dedicated they are to helping you live up to where you want to be.
They help you all through the process of applying from doing the actual application to financial aid meetings.
The Vet Tech program offers hands on learning with almost the entire 1st floor dedicated to the program with labs and surgical rooms. The workload is pretty light compared to other colleges.
RCC offers a variety of programs including but not limited to: Vet Tech, Massage Therapy, Medical Assistant, Business and Marketing, Paralegal etc.
RCC places you at a job in your field of study immediately upon graduation.
RCC is extremely flexible. If you work at night - they have day classes. If you work during the day - they have evening classes. On top of that classes are ONLY Monday through Thursday! Definitely can't beat only going to school 4 days a week!
I'm in the Vet Tech program and everything we learn in the program is completely hands on. You can't beat that. No amount book-learning can teach you the skills you need faster than simply doing it yourself.
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I absolutely LOVE RCC. I think it's a great school for people who don't necessarily want to go to a larger college or university. It's a very intimate school and thats what I love. You never feel out of place, and the professors are all really awesome at helping you with anything you need.
All of RCC campus resources are great. The student center staff is very helpful with anything you need, the library is a little small, but it has everything you could really need in it.
The computer labs are awesome. The computers are pretty fast, the internet is good, the network is rarely ever down, printing is free, and you don't really need to have a personal computer as the computer labs are open mon-thurs til 10 and fri-sat until 4.
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