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My time with Rock Valley College has been great, I've grown so much as a person while attending. The staff care very much about their students and their education. Teachers are willing to put in time in the time to help, no matter what the problem may be. The campus is beautiful, like its in a forest with ponds and wildlife. If I could suggest something to Rock Valley College it would be to have more tutoring options available, for example having more tutors available at more times of the day. Overall however, it has been great going there.
I have taken online classes amidst the current situation of the world at the moment. They have been better than anything else. I think I like taking online classes a bit more than in person classes. I say that because when online classes started my grades started to go up significantly. I didn't have any trouble at all adjusting and found it a lot easier to concentrate when doing class on zoom. Overall the experience has been one that I have found very positive.
When we had to convert to online classes due to COVID-19, the college made it nice and easy to adapt to learning online. It was organised and easy to use.
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I loved learning at Rock Valley College,excellent teachers and atmosphere. I felt like I was able to get what I was looking for in my first two years in college.
The professors were really flexible and tried to make it as least stressful as possible. They really understood that there were other courses that you were taking so they made it easy to follow.
I liked that the professors took time to really get to know you and really help you when things were tough. The professors were very understanding.
I love the close community and my other fellow students. The Professors were wonderful and truly care about their students. I personally think that more classes need to be offered. I know its hard and money may be an issue for the college but I struggled with having to go with an alternative course of action due to classes being canceled or not enough available. Other than that, RVC is a great first stepping stone to furthing education at a great price with wonderful professors and students.
For the given circumstances of the Covid, the professors were working day and night to help their students and provide the best possible education. It was not only hard on us but for them also. It takes even more work on their end through all of this and I think it was handled well. They were attentive to the students needs and questions. If there is any issue, it would be that grades were going in much slower but that is to be expected. So not really a complain. It was a huge change for all of us.
My online courses start June 15 I'm really looking forward to receiving my certificate in medical coding. I have received assistance from admission counselors, and they have been very helpful in guiding me to the proper courses that I need to take. I must say attending rock valley college will be helpful in improving my career in 2021.
If you're looking for an affordable college with pretty great professors, look no further! You can still get a college experience without living on campus because RVC offers lots of student clubs, athletics, and fantastic theater/musical performances.
At Rock Valley College, there are so many available opportunities to prepare you for your future. The campus is well-kept, beautiful, and lively. There is and a diverse set of clubs to choose from and an active student body. There are also programs such as TRIO who assist students with disabilities, first-generation students, and low-income students in achieving their academic goals. The professors are competent and help you build up experience. Although Rock Valley is only a two-year school, it's a great start to your path of higher education.
You feel very welcome once you walk in the campus. It’s a small campus which makes it safe and quicker to get on time. Their is nothing I would like to change it’s a very comfortable college to be.
What I liked about Rock Valley College is being a student-athlete. Being a student-athlete for a college is like no other. You get the chance to play with your bestfriends that you will have for a lifetime and experience wins and losses together. You make a lot of new friendships within athletics and that has always been enjoyable. Being a student-athlete is never easy because the classroom always comes first before your sport. Maintaining good grades in the classroom and a certain GPA makes you a successful. You have responsibilities to follow as a student-athlete and I do it because I love my sport and all of the things that I do have made me better by being able to compete at such a high level and be successful in the classroom. One thing I would change about Rock Valley College, is having it a four-year university. That way, I could finish all my four years and earn my degree.
The professors are amazing! They are understanding and really want the best for their students. They push you to succeed in whatever you are working towards and are always there if you need anything. The resources at Rock Valley are also incredible. They offer so many things to help students succeed.
I have attended for several years and highly recommend if you are looking for your money's worth. If you do attend, everyone will tell you to take Prof. Wagner. He's good.
I enjoy the diverse classes and how diverse the campus is. Although it can be hard to find the right communities on campus.
I was satisfied to be a student at this college campus and I recommend this school to many high school graduates. Wonderful place to get an associate's degree
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My first Semester at Rock valley college was very stressful, I didn't have much guidance, and every resource to help with college was not communicated well. As time went by, there were a couple of teachers who reached out to me and told me about the workshops I could attend to help me with college. The workshops did help me get an overall sense of how to study and how to be organized.
The professors are excellent! The price of tuition is unbeatable. It's a great way to get gen eds out of the way. There are a number of great clubs to get involved in on campus.
I attend Rock Valley College with saving money in mind. Its has a well priced tuition to help get the gen eds out of the way before transferring to another college. But despite the low prices, the campus is clean, modern, and has many lobbies for students to gather and study. A warning though, the city and campus may feel unsafe due to crime rates in the area.
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