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Rochester Community & Technical College Reviews

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The professors here for the most part genuinely care about the material they are teaching, and care about the students they are teaching.
Additionally, many of the advisers do an excellent job coordinating classes for a future vision of your career.
On line classes and schedule is flexible and availability is very good. Cancelors understanding and help is always at the hand. Many majors offered and college is afordable.
I like RCTC because of the smaller class sizes. Smaller classes mean more one on one time with educators.
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Rochester Community and Technical is a great college! They have so many degree options for a community college and a lot of choices for classes to accommodate busy schedules. It's also great if you are unsure what you would like to major in because you can take general courses until you decide and it's less expensive than a university!
I liked how there are a vast majority of clubs and activities to do. The student life there are always figuring out new ways to get students involved. The atmosphere is quite gloomy however, they should expand in more technology.
Very friendly community, lots of available sources for students such as study help, outside of college help, food supply, and instructors are willing to help those in need of help.
Great community college that offers a wide-variety of programs and opportunities for students of all demographics. This is one of the oldest community colleges in the U.S. and has a very old feel to it. Renovations are in the works in order to modernize the buildings and expand for more student/professor space. Many options for courses offered via online, hybrid, or traditional teaching method.
I am very excited to be studying here. I've had no issues with registration or anything else. It has all been a smooth process.
I don't have much to complain about. The class availability always seems to work out and with certain classes they add more seats to accommodate the demand. I like the smaller campus and the class sizes. I don't feel like a number in a class which is nice.
I like how the staff is super reliable and friendly towards everyone and are willing to help. No isn't a stupid question to ask because they are here to help. I've had very pleasant experiences being a student, but sadly I will be transferring out into another university. I will miss the staff and the good food they serve. One bad thing I'd like to say: change the guidance counselors. They can't do anything except complain how terrible you are in your classes and make you feel bad about every little thing you do.
RCTC is a good place to get a jumpstart on your education. In my experience, staff has been very helpful and encouraging and the school is up to date technology wise and provides students with the tools needed to succeed.
Class options are sometimes limited, and parking is hard to come by.
My experience with RCTC was better than I expected. The teachers want to help you out as much as possible. The faculty are really friendly.
This college has great professors and tutors! Friendly staff and very good resources. Tutors to help you in every class or subject.
I am doing full time PSEO at the college currently, the professors are all really great and very helpful. though the atmosphere is not very exciting and there isnt much living around the college is a very enjoyable place to be. I like the diversity shown through the school.
They are horrible when it comes to customer service. I have been calling them for over a month and not once have they answered the phone. They say their business office is from 8-4pm but they don't answer. I don't understand why they have a phone number for if they aren't going to answer. So I transferred, and their nursing program isn't diverse at all. you would be on the waiting list for two years and they make you take so much unnecessary classes for the "major" which is just another way to steal your money. Go spend your money somewhere else. Wouldn't recommend it on my worst enemy.
I really liked their attentiveness. The staff with RCTC admissions and the counseling departments were fantastic in attending my needs.
Great teachers and students. RCTC offers a diverse and cultural learning environment which drives the students to succeed.
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At RCTC there are some amazing teachers who have made my online class experience personal! This can be a hard thing to do since in an online class you can go the whole semester without actually seeing your professor but some of those teachers have got it down! At the end of each semester you are asked to fill out a servery and they seem to be acting on what they discover from student responses. The homework load for online classes tend to be a little less then on campus courses. This can be a good thing, allowing me to still take classes with my busy schedule. However, I feel it is harder to learn as much with the lowered requirements.
They offer so many different activities and opportunities. I believe the teachers at RCTC help you think outside the box, which helps you expand your thought processes. The fact that they offer on campus and off campus opportunities and the teachers always try to make themselves available to their students. This has been a great experience for me so far in my college life.
Courses are challenging but most instructors are great. It is not the place to go if you are looking for a party environment or on-campus housing. Many students are non-traditional / returning to school / changing careers, etc.
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