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Great teachers and students. RCTC offers a diverse and cultural learning environment which drives the students to succeed.
At RCTC there are some amazing teachers who have made my online class experience personal! This can be a hard thing to do since in an online class you can go the whole semester without actually seeing your professor but some of those teachers have got it down! At the end of each semester you are asked to fill out a servery and they seem to be acting on what they discover from student responses. The homework load for online classes tend to be a little less then on campus courses. This can be a good thing, allowing me to still take classes with my busy schedule. However, I feel it is harder to learn as much with the lowered requirements.
They offer so many different activities and opportunities. I believe the teachers at RCTC help you think outside the box, which helps you expand your thought processes. The fact that they offer on campus and off campus opportunities and the teachers always try to make themselves available to their students. This has been a great experience for me so far in my college life.
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Courses are challenging but most instructors are great. It is not the place to go if you are looking for a party environment or on-campus housing. Many students are non-traditional / returning to school / changing careers, etc.
I like the area that RCTC is in! Rochester is a very unique and growing city! The people are great. Also with me being in the Nursing program i couldn't be in a better town for future employment!
I like the diversity of the students and most of my professors have been very hands on with teaching.
Very good, friendly classmates , safe campus and accessible instructors whiling to help , plus a bunch of other resources like libraries, tutoring and study groups.
I am currently thinking about going to school at RCTC and the experience at my visit was amazing and really helped me decide what colleges I should look at and what shouldn't be visited.
Very good college to complete general education requirements at a relatively affordable cost. This school helped me avoid student loans while I was going there. There are also a lot of online options for classes which helped me be able to work while attending this school.
I have been to the campus for music competitions and I am attending the college full time for my senior year. I the campus is located near down town but is also a short drive from the local nature center.
Great college to attend. A very cultural community with many great resources to it. Also partnered with Augsburg College and Winona State the education background is great. Along with great teachers and low tuition rate's this is an amazing college to attend.
I just transferred to RCTC and am so far enjoying the experience from there. I like the professors I have.
Very good college. The classes are a good size and the teachers are great. There are many ways to get involved. The people are nice too.
Basically a college to go and get a cheap education. Hard to make friends and become involved in campus life because most people communte and work other jobs. Classes not too rigorous. Very good option for two year education also good opportunities working so close to Mayo.
I love Rochester it's an amazing school everybody is so nice and the teachers always want to help. Even my coaches want to help by making us go to study table. My grades have got better and my gpa is going up. I really love this school it's giving me my opportunity to get into my dream schools
All of the staff and faculty of the college that have had are willing to take the time for any student who need it and asks for it. I have gotten to know many of the faculty, they care for the college a great deal. I hope to find a college for my bachelor's degree to have the heart for a their college like RCTC does.
Class sizes are fairly small for most of the classes. The atmosphere is engaging. The different planned activites throughout the year are fun. Parking was alright, in order to have a decent spot you have to be there early. The music club/classes performing/practicing in the cafeteria got really annoying, especially when you could hear the music club performing on other levels below the cafeteria.
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With Mayo clinic nearby the job prospects for technicians are very good, and you can transfer into Mayo Medical School if that is your career choice.
I've been happy with my online classes until my last math class. It completely ruined it for me. You have a freer layout with online classes but after the confusion of no professor and then a completely different one with different expectations , I feel a little cheated of my money and education
Very little help there for my degree path
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