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I do not have much to say so far, especially because I have not started my classes at Rochester College yet. However, I can say that the cafeteria food is good, the staff and faculty are nice and friendly, and there seems to be numerous school groups to get involved. The dorm rooms are average (but what can you expect at a college dorm), and the other students at the college seem friendly too. So far though, for being a Christian College, what I have heard so far seems more liberal theology, but again, I have not started my classes yet, so I will have to investigate and see how discerning the staff is in reality.
I’ve only been at the school for a year but it has helped me in area where i struggled a bit. This is a wonderful school with tons of helpful staff that go unnoticed at times.
I play basketball, so the brand new gym is great. Also, it is a growing school with many phenomenal teachers. Also, a good Christian based curriculum that still isn’t overwhelming to those who are not Christian.
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It has a very nice campus, and they are working hard to make the campus nicer. They are adding some new sports every year to make the athletics even bigger. They are looking to grow the campus. They do have some professors that do not care to be there. Like for example some of the adjunct professors, one specifically in the communication department. Other than that the regulars on campus are very caring and want you to succeed
This is a very small campus with just over 1,500 enrollment, but I loved this school. It is very diverse. The professors are very helpful and will work with you. I play two sports here and my teammates are great. This college is a great for transferring from another small college or going from high school to college. Classrooms are clean, and dorms are ok. I love being here, and I have 3 more to go.
Professors are hit or miss. Some are awesome and will do whatever it takes to help their students! Others are horrible and will degrade your character if you don't agree with them. There is nothing to do on campus, but there are often events in downtown Rochester you can attend.
Academics are great. Professors give you plenty of help. On campus is absolutely terrible. Just finished my first year in the dorms. They are absolutely terrible. Rooms are falling apart, walls are paper thin and can hear EVERYTHING. The wifi cuts in and out all the time. I would like them to fix up the dorms and make campus life a lot nicer. The cafeteria is god awful. The food makes you sick sometimes, so the safest food to eat is either pizza or salad. Not many options are put out there. The other thing is that they aren’t open all day. Lunch is from 11-1:30. I barely made it to lunch because of classes. Ramen for me! Another thing is there is nothing to do on campus. The campus in the back is beautiful to walk through, but that’s it. You can either workout in a super small workout facility, play basketball on a super small court, sit in the student center, or play video games in your dorm. 3 stars for academics
I like that the classes won't be that big and it won't take me long to get to each class. I also like that I can receive help whenever I want. I just need to go to tutor center and ask for some help when I am struggling. Not many people go there and most of the people who do are athletes which I like very much.
The community feels like a family and everything here is great! From the moment I got here there was a feeling that I truly belong here. Also the theater program at RC is amazing! I am not in it but they are so hardworking and dedicated and the shows are always above expectation.
Rochester College has helped me grow so much in just one semester. It taught me responsibility, and gave me a chance to use all my teachings about manners and put them to use. The atmosphere is great and helped me build my faith. It is a great opportunity and anyone should consider!
The staff was very welcoming and friendly! they made my transition from highschool to college a lot less daunting!
I am going to be a college freshman at Rochester College in the fall of 2017. I had visited the college a few times during my senior year of high school and I was never disappointed with the campus or the staff who was always there to help with my endless questions. I am now apart of the Women's basketball team and I have never felt more welcome. The coaches and my teammates never hesitate to help me whether it be about basketball or life in general. My overall experience at Rochester College has been excellent so far and I can't wait to move onto campus in August 2017.
They have a wonderful community built there, and it always seems to have a very comfortable atmosphere, allowing the prime working environment for students.
Rochester college is a wonderful place. There are all sorts of people that help you grow as a person and develop skills to use throughout your entire life. Student life here is enriching and useful. Rochester college is a place where everyone can fit in and grow and blossom as a person.
So far my experience at Rochester College has been positive I like the school the students and the campus I have been treated well and have made great friends
I like that they took my credits from my previous school and I am taking accelerated classes so I will graduate early over it is a great college to attend.
Currently Rochester College is experiencing some new improvements including a new Athletics center, a new gym, and a hammock garden around lake norcentra. I have really enjoyed my experiences so far and am looking forward to next semester. The professors are very nice and won't hesitate to stay and talk about anything with you. The courses are challenging yet very interesting and can be applied to the real world. The students are all friendly, RC it is a small campus where everybody seems to know each other. This makes for a great environment.
It's a very close-knit community and very religious. There are times where things are restricted due to religion or money, but things are overall very tight and nice. The people here are the best commodity.
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I've never felt threatened when on campus but I've only been there a couple of times.
I've heard from alumni and teachers at my other school that the program I'm in is respected in the field which should make networking and gettin a job easier.
I'm not a part of Greek life but I believe it is only related to academics so I think that it's alright.
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