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Rochester college is a wonderful place. There are all sorts of people that help you grow as a person and develop skills to use throughout your entire life. Student life here is enriching and useful. Rochester college is a place where everyone can fit in and grow and blossom as a person.
So far my experience at Rochester College has been positive I like the school the students and the campus I have been treated well and have made great friends
I like that they took my credits from my previous school and I am taking accelerated classes so I will graduate early over it is a great college to attend.
Currently Rochester College is experiencing some new improvements including a new Athletics center, a new gym, and a hammock garden around lake norcentra. I have really enjoyed my experiences so far and am looking forward to next semester. The professors are very nice and won't hesitate to stay and talk about anything with you. The courses are challenging yet very interesting and can be applied to the real world. The students are all friendly, RC it is a small campus where everybody seems to know each other. This makes for a great environment.
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It's a very close-knit community and very religious. There are times where things are restricted due to religion or money, but things are overall very tight and nice. The people here are the best commodity.
I've never felt threatened when on campus but I've only been there a couple of times.
I've heard from alumni and teachers at my other school that the program I'm in is respected in the field which should make networking and gettin a job easier.
I'm not a part of Greek life but I believe it is only related to academics so I think that it's alright.
As a student in the CEL accelerated program at Rochester College, my experience with the school has been limited as I do not have any on campus classes, only online and some at a community college. The experiences I have had have been mostly positive especially in the classes where we meet face to face, however the online instructors don't seem to care about student success very much if at all.
i love Rochester over the past two years the school has become my home, and the people have become my family. if i ever have a question i know i can find the answer, and although the school is a little pricy i feel it is truly worth it.
Rochester is extremely safe, because it is so small the security staff is familiar with everyone who should be on campus, and is not afraid to approach people who seem out of place. No person can access the dorm after midnight without showing their official student ID (10pm in the freshman dorm). the campus is also well lit, and i have never felt unsafe walking by myself at night.
You are never alone when you live on campus. Especially living far from home, Rochester feels more like a family then a school to me.
Rochester does not have a conventional Greek system. they instead have a social club system where the clubs are centered around Christian ideas like serving others, and spending time in community.
Rochester is growing it's athletic program, and is currently in the process of building a new gym.
Rochester is a wonderful school where the teachers, and staff want you to do your best.
This school is great. I applied and was accepted and just completed my orientation with Rochester College. I love the class size, campus, accessibility and great staff. The class sizes are very small in comparison to universities and other colleges. These small class sizes are fantastic in that students have the ability to have more one on one time with professors to go over difficult concepts. This aspect I feel is essential to success in the classroom.

In addition to this, the campus both the main campus and the satellite campuses are stunning. Rochester College's main campus is beautiful. There are brand new dormitories made of beautiful brick, perfectly maintained landscaping, and attractive architectural buildings all over the campus. Not only this but they are expanding and building an athletic center which only add to the many awesome buildings there. The satellite campuses are equally beautiful. The campus I will be attending is located on Macomb Community College's campus (where I graduated Most Distinguished Graduate). The University Center where the satellite campus is located is a beautiful building surrounded in part by the serene nature trail and forest. It is so relaxing after a hard day in the classroom to be able to walk outside take a deep breath and take in the beautiful surroundings.

This last aspect, the satellite campuses, are more reasons why I love Rochester College. These campuses make getting a degree from Rochester College much more accessible and attainable. For example, if I had to travel to Rochester College's main campus for the entirety of my time at this school I would not be able to do it. This is because it is just too far of a drive to commute and paying for room and board is not an option as I could not afford it. With the satellite campus I am able to avoid that huge cost as I am able to commute to school. The satellite campuses make earning this degree much more accessible for students like me.
Had great support from all professors during my first year and an excellent experience with all my instructors course descriptions and class schedules. The sizes of the classes are smaller which allows for better communication and participation with the instructors. The on line courses were also very good the professors of those courses were very easy to contact and available when needed for assistance.
Do to the dorm and campus curfews there was not much activity during after hours. Security guards were present at the dorm facilities and around the parking areas of the campus. Many safety measure and security services were in place that contributed to a safe environment for on campus as well as commuting students
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The dorms were average sized and did have some plumbing issues but nothing that wasn't constantly being dealt with. The proximity to the classes was very good. The amenities were acceptable and available when needed. The rules and expectations of the students seemed a bit extreme for college students, and curfews in and out of them dorm was not a favoritism of many.
there is no fraternity or sorority at this college
Being a smaller private school the athletics are not the most important attention getter but are held with much respect. The teams are part of the higher level placing teams in all athletics areas. Fans are encouraged to support and school spirit is emphasized with the entire campus. The facilities are very good and currently growing. The baseball field just had new dugouts build and current ground breaking began for the new Gymnasium for basketball. Many students involvement made these ceremonial projects successful.
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