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The professors at this college are excellent. There is a high quality of learning as well as a good teacher-student ratio. The classes are interesting and engaging.
Roberts Wesleyan College is a great college if you are looking for a small campus. It is a beautiful campus. The amount of diversity is ok. The professors are supportive. they are hands which will equip you for the workforce. Roberts is a place for you to grow spiritually.
I love that everyone knows each other and that your professors take a personal interest into helping you succeed.
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I would like to say that Roberts is an extremely peaceful place. Every on is there to learn and take their studies very serious. There is not a lot of partying that goes on but they do have many college events that students can engage in. Some of the professors are absolutely amazing and others aren't the best. Overall it is a friendly school and a friendly area.
Roberts Wesleyan College is a great college if you are looking for a small campus. The Professors are kind, and they are all much involved in Christ. It is a place to grow spiritually if that is what you would look for in a college. I personally am not spiritually inclined, but that is okay because Roberts accepts anyone and anyone is able to still gain an impressive college experience.
I knew I wanted to be a student at this college because when I did the tour, everyone I met was happy to be part of Roberts Wesleyan College. The staff and faculty truly make you feel like family and will help you will anything you need. I feel like I am part of a family here and I encourage all future students to take a tour of Roberts Wesleyan College.
I am going to be in the RN to BSN completion course. I've been out of school for over 5 years ,Roberts Wesleyan College has given me the flexible opportunity to work full time and obtain my degree one night a week.
Roberts is the type of college that promotes a strong sense of community. No matter where you turn, someone is there to help and encourage you though your academic career. You are not a number, you are a person and every professor takes the time to know you and what you need as a student.
The teachers at Roberts are excellent, they have a lot of experience in the fields they are teaching in. The students are also very nice and accepting, it is easy to make a lot of good friends. Along with the nice people, the school has really nice gyms and sports programs. The only downfall of a Christian school is how much it is talked about and worked into most classes.
Roberts Wesleyan college is an amazing private Christian college. The campus is small but beautiful and there are a couple of stores nearby. There is an okay amount of diversity and the academics are great from my experience so far. This school isn't for everyone though, it is a Christian so it has very strict rules when it comes to partying and interactions between male and female students. The professors are great and care about their students success. The dorms are nice and are very secure. There are visiting hours for all the dorms. Lastly the the student life is good although very active on the weekend but emails and posters armpit to inform students of the events.
When I started college at Roberts, I didn't think that I would make the friends I did. But I became friends with people who have the same values as I do and believe we can last for a long time. I really recommend taking a tour of the campus and see if you want to apply to Roberts. I did and I am glad I did.
The communications department is led by people who have been there for too long and do not involve hands on experience as much as they should. But the people are as friendly as they seem as when you come and visit. It gives it a very homey feel.
I love the smaller school feel. The campus is beautiful. I don't personally know everyone, it is college, but the majority of people I see are familiar faces. Chapel is a great addition. Their JV soccer program helped me branch out and meet people and keep playing after high school, The professors really care how I am.
My experience at Roberts has transformational. Its a small college campus where you can get know so many nice and outgoing people who share similar beliefs.
Roberts has a very positive environment that revolves not only around God but also anything that students value the most. There is always someone there for every student to talk to. Courses are taught by professors who are not only there to teach but also to care and pray with their students. There are also multiple clubs and groups that students can join to get away from the acedemics and do what they love best.
The higher education experience I received at Roberts was excellent. Through my major, Roberts equipped me with unique hands on experience that has made me competitive in the workforce. The classroom sizes are small, the buildings have all been recently renovated, athletics are evolving, it is completely safe, programs are innovative, it is located 15 minutes from downtown Rochester NY and the relationships are strong. President Deanna Porterfield is a true visionary holding to the roots of Roberts 150 year history. I am proud to be a member of the Roberts Wesleyan community.
If I had done my research before attending Roberts, I would have gone to a SUNY college. I feel that the education I'm receiving here is not worth what I'm paying, and I feel foolish for not understanding that there is no need to fear public college as long as you know who you are morally and the kind of people you want to associate with. Here’s instructions for finding an identical education at a public college: Join the right crowd and a spiritual life group for spirituality and dating. For a respected degree, just go to a SUNY college or another good school. For organized activities, there’s nothing special here that isn’t anywhere else. For sports, go anywhere else. Sports is nothing here. For safety, just act responsibly at a public college and you'll be quite alright. For good professors, use RateMyProfessor at a public college, you should have no problem.
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Somewhat difficult to find what you need, but very useful and informative. Some of the scholarships seem unreachable. It is helpful to be able to compare things like prices, grade point average, acceptance, etc. all in one place.
I really like the size of the classes. They are small enough that the professors actually know us all by name.
Most of the graduates at the school get jobs right out of school.
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