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What i like about Robert Morris is that its very friendly environment and the professors are great. They want to get to know their students and make sure that they have a good experience and want their students to learn.
Robert Morris University, is a school that provides hands on support to all of their students, being apart of the soccer team has also brought me closer to others, and helping me form bonds with people in a new community. The programs that had been given to me within academics has also provided the support I need to pursue my career, having small classroom sizes allows you to interact with the professors, the support given throughout the school in assisting me in becoming successful has showed me why Robert Morris may be a great fit for others.
One of the things that I liked about Robert Morris University is that teachers take the time to make sure that the students understand the lesson.
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Honestly, DO NOT BOTHER. I'm currently looking to transfer out of here after being lured in with a scholarship. They're raising tuition by $1,000 when the classes are average at best and borderline elementary at worst. The academic advisers will not ask you at all about your class preferences, and after getting your associate's, they will automatically assume your Bachelor's major. The Gen Ed classes are laughably bad, like making paper airplanes in Biology class bad... No joke.. For the core major classes, the professors are very limited, the curriculum is crammed into whatever can fit into 10 weeks, and you shouldn't be surprised if you get the same teacher for every class with the same 15 students on a given day. The professors can also be unprofessional, calling students names, enforcing personal views, etc.
When I first visited Robert Morris University- Illinois, I immediately felt that it could be a place for me to spend 4 years at. The people throughout the campus were all very welcoming and made it easy to feel like a part of the university. I love the non- traditional style campus and the location, being in the heart of Chicago, made me enjoy it even more.
I am a transfer student at Robert Morris University. I love where the school is located. I am from San Diego, CA so it was a bit of change coming from a relaxed city. I love the atmosphere here at Robert Morris. All of my professors are very welcoming and open to helping their students out after their office hours.
I like the university, your not overwhelmed with school work. I like the class schedules they do, it works with schedule outside of classes. my schools hours allow me to work part to help offset not working full time. the school pretty well, organization and contact wise. its a good school to get started and transfer to another big school or graduate schools
I love the mix between downtown Chicago and college, it provides the fun and love you need for a school and with the appreciation of the wonders of the private school of Robert Morris university.
great campus. I get to live in the city ,and have the whole college experience and no school on Fridays
Overall pleasant experience when I was attending. Not really all that much that I can say regarding any changes that I would like to be made.
It was a great accelerated program but too quick to kick you out over money owed and not help you find the scholarship to help pay for school
If one loves the city life they should attend RMU. Every professor is so helpful and they always want the best for their students. The campus is big and well organized, every major has their own section of the building.
My experience has been good. The only complaint I have is trying to get books. I bought a few books according to the syllabus and they were the wrong books. It was expensive mistake. They need to change how to get books cheaper Also have the right books listed
What I liked about Robert Morris University is that I planned a college visit to their Lake County Campus and I really enjoyed it the director of admissions gave a tour around the campus and very important information about Robert Morris University.
What I like about the university is how the university attracts people from all over the State, so there is always something new to learn about people's culture. The teacher's here are really nice and know you personally since the classes are small, so you can ask for help on the classes you are struggling in. There is a lot of places to go and visit with your friends, especially since the university is in Chicago downtown.
Robert Morris is an excellent school. The tuition is cheap. Professors are always willing to help you in anyway to understand the material. There are a lot of opportunities here at school.
One thing that I really like about Robert Morris is its location. I couldn't ask for more with regards to that, especially since I am in their drafting and design tech major and there is such a rich architectural history in the surrounding area. I also like its proximity to everything, from places to eat to public transportation to parks and Lake Michigan, there's so much to do and see here.
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Only went here because I got a free ride. I was at the Springfield campus and Chicago (the main campus) doesn't support Springfield enough.
I like that the University offer night classes and that most instructors want to see us succeed so they do what they can to help us get thorough the material. I would improve the affordability of the University. They rarely have used books for their students and have us buy books that we dont need.
It has only been my first week at Robert Morris and I already love the school. I love the location, the size of the school, the class sizes, and the atmosphomre of other students and professors.
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