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I like Robert Morris University because they care about their students. I like the way the class is and the way you are with the same people that are in the same program. The school is in a good location in the city very easy to get to. Their financial aid department really helps their students come up with plans to fit there lifestyle.
Its a great school. Located right on the loop for easy public transportation. Staff is very friendly, and teachers are eager to help as long as the student puts in the effort.
Do not waste a moment at this school, especially Veterans. I only had one professor that knew what she was doing. I caught hell every time I tried to speak to someone about an unjust grade or an instructors ineptitude. And best part is no one considers a degree from this place seriously... You do better going to McDonald's University.
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I think that the University is very welcome to there student and really help them understand how there school runs, an how there class are not that big
I love Robert Morris university. Everything is mostly walking distance. We get to have discounts cards for the public transportation and everyone is so friendly.
I went to robert morris university in Springfield the only had two programs, business and athletic training. They have recently classed down, i believe its due to the fact of not enough majors and they recently they had to cut some sports from the school. Over all I would recommend not going. Save your money.
The transferring in process is a bit complicated. Tons of going back and forth, random people from different departments reaching out without being aware of previous contact from other staff members etc. Communication and organization is key.
As an incoming freshman I've attended the school plenty of times. I enjoy being there and the environment is nice as well as the people.
I like the atmosphere of the place also i like how they offer internships that give you experience for your major.
I like how Robert Morris University has their main campus in the Chicago city loop and has access to numerous transportation, stores, restaurants, and the campus is a friendly area. I also love the fact that the class sizes are smaller so that would mean more interaction with the professor to help students better understand a subject. My only hope is to stay in my classes because I wish to graduate with a bachelors degree in Graphic Design! I really like this college campus and I hope to stay until the end.
An excellent experienced based culinary curriculum that taught me more than I could have ever expected.
Educational level is below par. Limited selection for classes and don't even think about living in the dorms, it's too expensive.
I think RMU is an average school but the tuition is on the high side. I like the ten weeks classes. The instructors were very knowledgeable regarding their subject matter. The financial aid department could be more helpful to the students to find additional monies to pay for college.
Great campus located in downtown Chicago. Dorms and housing are next to the campus, but they are moving to a different building next year. Football and hockey are the frontrunners at the school.
The school has so many phenomenal professors at it and they always make you feel comfortable. They make sure you succeed at RMU and that is one of the main reasons I enjoy going to school!
I like that it has an adult degree program that allows me to work and go to school. I am around individuals who are career oriented , they share in the challenges I face as a parent and student and are very supportive.
Robert Morris has been great. The professors really enjoy their jobs and make it a fun learning environment. They have multiple campuses making it easy for you to take classes a place closer to where you live. The professors want to get to know you on a deep personal level making it even easier to talk to them. They not only are your professors but some great connections that you can use in the future. The school also offers many different sports that you can compete in and meet many new people who share the same interest as you. The school also has a marching band, jazz band, and pep band that play at the football and basketball games. The school strives to create a fun and exciting atmosphere everywhere.
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Sometimes i feel over looked there being a black student in a environment where you are look at as a number and not a person hurts
I just attended my first quarter for school, and enjoyed it. I took 2 general ed classes and they were fairly easy.
I love this college, the teachers are great the students are friendly but the only downfall is this college is very expensive. I’m in my junior year and trying to get the most assistances as possibly to graduate. But I highly recommend this college.
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