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The campus is very beautiful and welcoming. The staff and students have open arms for new students and are always smiling. The atmosphere is one that not many schools have because it puts out a wonderful feeling to anyone new who visits the school.
I am an upcoming freshman at Roanoke College, and I have already fell in love with it. I have visited the campus a few times before I applied for Lutheran events and the atmosphere is just wonderful. All of the faculty and students are nice, plus it is not too far from home.
Roanoke college is a small private school that has an amazing academic program. Professors will always work with you although to get an A is hard,professors will for sure teach you and prepare you for your future. Also the food is amazing
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Everyone on campus is so kind and they have a great community. Events are fun to go to like the President's Ball and it is remarkably easy to be involved on campus. The college takes students seriously with great representatives in Student Government and a genuine interest in students from faculty and staff. Food is better than most and you will never go hungry. In the beginning of the year they hold Friday on the Quad for a few weeks and everyone eats out on the back quad. There are tuns of study abroad opportunities here too! It has been an amazing experience here but invest in rain boots and a good umbrella because it rains a lot.
I loved my experience at Roanoke College! The school is small, but everyone is very close and it feels like one big family! The professors are extremely supportive and only want what is best for the students and are flexible and understanding.
Academics are amazing and challenging. Not worth the cost tho. The student population is small and generally speaking lack maturity-regardless of class standing. Certain situations have happened in regards to safety, but it is a beautiful campus and wonderful professors.
It’s lovely for a small liberal arts school, but if you are more STEM-oriented and have no interest in sports, this isn’t the place for you. The professors are wonderful, but the variety of classes could be much better.
Roanoke College is a well academically inclined atmosphere to be immersed in. With all of the positivity by the professors, faulty, and students, there is not a doubt that students will feel like an outcast while attending this specific college. It is important to feel cared about when trying to battle difficult assignments and tasks, and that is why Roanoke College is the perfect school for getting the appropriate help.
I had great experiences with the professors here and I commuted to this school part-time (while attending another college) for the interesting class options. I did learn from my classmates that being a member of Greek Life is considered fairly essential if you want to participate in the social life of this school.
Roanoke College is one of those rare places that have the ability to make any person feel at home. It’s a small campus school with an even closer knit student body, which allows an individual to make connections with their peers and professors. The President and his First Lady come and eat dinner with the students roughly once a week. Instead of meeting during office hours, the professors have lunches with their students on occasion. The staff at RC are always available for their students and make the startling experiences of the abrupt adulthood most college students deal with much less frightening. They allow for these changes in the individuals social norm to be more of a learning, trial-and-error experience instead of new and terrifying. Roanoke is great for a student who doesn’t want to blend into their surrounding, but make a lasting impression and a beneficial impact on the world as a whole.
Roanoke College is a well rounded school and an excellent place for those experiencing their first time away from home. Freshman and their parents are assisting in finding their rooms and moving their belongings from their vehicles I side the dorm. The surrounding business are interesting and diverse as well as student friendly.
The quaint environment of the college not only adds a strong sense of community to the students, but it allows for them to also easily explore their own interest and goals in a personally tailored fashion. While the surrounding college town is simple and doesn't offer what most large university towns do, the mountain range and nature parks in close proximity to the college easily make up for the lack of strong urban presence.
I love the beauty of the campus and mountains surrounding it. The professors are tough but the classes are very rewarding. I have never felt threatened or uncomfortable on campus.
The academics were good, and student activities encouraged a lot of involvement and outreach. However, the emotional support was lacking. There was not really anyone to help me navigate the new waters of college.
What I like about Roanoke College is how they stress preparing their students for whatever field of work they want to go into once they graduate.
I love Roanoke College. This college campus is truly an amazing place to get my education. The campus is beautiful (18th most beautiful), the professors are always more than willing to go out of their way to help you, the athletic experience is amazing (Cheerleader), the dorms are kept clean and nice and the older dorms are being renovated, Campus Safety is always so helpful and friendly, the food is amazing, and the student life just allows so much coed and student/faculty interaction it creates an awesome tight-knit community. The only downside is the dormitory housing costs, they are high, but other than that it is truly an amazing college and worth every penny thus far. Overall, I could not ask for a better college education and experience.
While visiting Roanoke College, I found out that they are very diverse academic and ethnicity wise even thought they may not seem like it just by looking.
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I personally love how small the college is. I have made some of my best friends here, and it's only been a few short months. It is, however, very hard to maintain a very high GPA here. The classes here are very difficult, but I enjoy the small sized classes.
Roanoke is a very welcoming college. There is no amount of words that I can say to speak to my utter joy in being at this college. When I got my college acceptance letter I cried because this is my top college.
I love Roanoke College! It has been a great experience! Everyone here is nice no matter where yoh go including students and staff. I love the environment and atmosphere.
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