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Roanoke College is a place that I can call home. I remember in the beginning I was very hesitant to go to Roanoke college, mainly because of the bad stories I heard about Virginia such as 'Virginia is pretty racist', 'Virginia is very polluted with coal, among many others. But based on my experience so far, Roanoke college community is a very friendly and caring community. Individuals are willing to go out of their ways to help each other and unlike how many students thinks that in college professors don't care about what students do, I'm 100% speaking truth when I say professors at Roanoke college are willing to extra mile to help their students in any way.
Great campus... great professors...great curriculum...overall, a great school! I came into this school having no direction or plan and it wasn't long before Roanoke helped me discover my passion. Small class sizes make it so easy to develop connections with both your classmates and professors. You aren't just a number here, and, personally, these connections have helped me grow and recognize my strengths and talents. In return, I have been given so many wonderful opportunities at this school that have truly prepared me for life after graduation. I would recommend Roanoke College in a heartbeat.
Roanoke College is a great school to go to if you want to be challenged academically. The professors truly care about your education, they are there to help you and to challenge you so that you graduate having gained as much from your experience here as possible. Attending this school is the best decision I've ever made in my life.
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Currently in medical school, and I was well prepared for the amount of work that I now face on a daily basis. Higher work load/more writing intensive than many other undergraduate programs, but well worth it if planning to go on to other graduate/professional programs. Campus life is above average but location on the Blue Ridge parkway allows for many outdoor adventures and makes up for the smaller campus size.
I love my time at Roanoke College. The professors and the environment are wonderful. I think we pay a lot of money to go here and that it is not always appreciated, because some things seem to be excessive and/or unnecessary. I would recommend Roanoke to other students, but there are things and ways to make it better for current and incoming students.
I am a 2014 graduate of Roanoke College and I can honestly say attending Roanoke was one of the best choices I have made. The classes are challenging and your professors expect a lot of you but you learn so much and your professors are there for you every step of the way. There is so much to do on campus. The opportunities are abundant all you have to do is take advantage of everything that's at your finger tips! If you're looking at colleges definitely tour Roanoke. It's a beautiful campus and will not disappoint, there is a little something for everyone there!
Professors genuinely care about my quality of life because the student body is so small. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the faculty are some of the happiest people I know. Opportunities for research, community engagement, and other interesting personal opportunities are bountiful.
Roanoke College is a stunning campus located in the heart of Salem, Virginia. With downtown Roanoke nearby, Roanoke College is positioned near rolling hills and country back roads, along with city streets and night life, without excluding the beautiful nature that the location has to offer-including mountains and lakes. The college itself is bustling with genuinely nice people and caring professors. There is a great sense of comradery among students and staff. The food is fantastic, however I do wish there were more options- especially late-night food options. Overall, Roanoke College provides a great education by using knowledgeable staff, as well as provides students with a diverse college life by offering various activities for any interests.
Attended Roanoke in the 2000's. Overall, the academic experience was a mixture of extremely challenging and sometimes easy. But what was taught - critical thinking, reason, open discussion - was something that has stood apart for me after leaving college and meeting colleagues and people who attended other small colleges and large universities.

For all the reviews mentioning the buildings, parties (which I attended every weekend), and other superficial aspects of their college experience, the academic experience has proven to be the one thing that stuck with me. It wasn't ideological (liberal or conservative), the education was a classic education in the sense that they teach their students to be individuals who can clearly express their thoughts, reason with other people, and work towards projects and other challenging tasks. After leaving Roanoke, I felt like I was at an advantage over all the other recent college graduates in my work.
At Roanoke College I have been able to explore my interests and build a plan to land my dream job. The Intellectual Inquiry Curriculum (Roanoke's general education curriculum) is designed to help students learn the skills needed to succeed in college, but also gives valuable life skills. Roanoke excels in giving students a well rounded Liberal Arts education while allowing them to focus on their major starting their first semester if they choose.
Amazing performance overall, great academics, athletics, and professors. received much needed help through enrollment process extremely friendly zone awesome atmosphere and extremely diverse!
Roanoke College has allowed me to reach beyond my goals. I have had a great college experience and would not change anything about it. The school allows you to become a lifelong learner and intellectual thinker.
Roanoke College has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life! I'm only a freshman and its felt like home since day one. With one of the friendliest student bodies around, small class sizes, passionate professors who care about their students, and one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, Roanoke is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a small
I attended Roanoke for a semester and a half, and I had my fair share of problems with the school. The professors are all really great, but the grading and attendance policies are very harsh- so someone with health problems has a hard time with classes and with the policies of the school. I started the school year in a single, and regrettably was convinced to switch into a room with a friend. It later became apparent that she was behaving abusively to me, and I was not permitted to switch rooms. This ended in me attempting to take my life and being forced to leave the school. I made the decision to not return, because many bad things had happened to me socially there, and I had no interest in going back. The only good thing there was my professors, in comparison to other schools I have had experience to. It was very much like a high school, to me.
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I've loved Roanoke College. The opportunities on campus are numerous. The only thing is, you have to put yourself out there to find them. I have a job on campus that relates to what I want to do in life. I've joined a Greek organization that I've met some of my life long friends from. As for academics, you better come prepared to go to class and study hard. The classes and professors aren't easy but it makes you for the better. They encourage you to work hard because that's what you have to do in real life.
I have been able to live in Blue Ridge which is a great dorm. There are some older dorms that are in need of rehab.
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Greek life is a positive thing on campus, helping with many community projects.
I play Varsity Lacrosse and it has been a great experience on all levels.
My school feel like a community. Everyone is friendly and helpful and I feel very safe being away from home.
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