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I am currently in the nursing program at RCCC and I like it very much. I enjoy the smaller classes and friendly relationships with the professors.
Teachers rarely get in tune with their students. Most just give them the work and expect them to have it down within the hour. I really wish teachers would care more about the students and have more in depth studies. For a 13:1 staff/ student ratio, the teachers could put in a bit more effort. The two teachers that are absolutely amazing are Mrs. Pellegrin and Mr. Schwartz. They care about their students and make sure their students get the education they came for. They are wonderful teachers.
I graduated from Hertford County High School and decided to attend Roanoke Chowan Community College because it was close to home. I also chose this school because I want to be a nurse and the school offers an Associate Degree in Nursing Program. I found the program to be very interesting and I was accepted into the program this fall. The instructors are very nice and willing to help you. Overall, I like the college and the atmosphere.
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My experience with Roanoke Chowan Community College is very average. The teachers are great. One big problem they seem to have is their preparedness, they usually are scrambling the start of the school year due to the fact they aren’t prepared.
I love the warm, family atmosphere at R-CCC. The instructors all are eager to provide any advice or assistance regarding coursework, future plans, and other aspects of community service to students. Many of the instructors have businesses or other jobs in the fields in which they teach. The bookstore is overpriced, has an extremely limited supply of textbooks and orders take a long time to arrive. Tuition refunds are disbursed late in the semester (if you get a refund at all). Recent increases in enrollment have enabled the school to upgrade their technological resources and improve the landscaping/curb appeal of the campus. The presence of the Early College High School on campus meant I had courses with some younger students who didn't take their education as seriously as I did (since they took these classes for free and I had to pay). Overall, I had a positive experience at Roanoke-Chowan Community College.
What I like the most about Roanoke Chowan Community College is the friendliness of the students, faculty and staff. The things that most likely needs to improve is the bathrooms and the heating and air in some classes.
Roanoke Chowan Community College is a great school. I'm really thankful they have a college that's not expensive and it's nearly in the middle of all nearby rural areas making it a fairly easy commute for everyone. They have great degree programs I am currently in the ADN program there and I enjoy it. I would recommend the school to anymore starting out it saves you a good amount of money and you can still get a good start on a degree and even finish there if you aren't planning on transferring to a 4 year university.
The staff is nice. The work is reasonable, and Yes, I would go back although I wouldn't want to have to do everything over again.
The quality of the post-grad service is good
The food prices are too much for how much food you get.
The class registration process is simple and easy and they guide you station by station so you wont get confused on what to do next.
There are a lot of opportunities available at school but you have to know the right place to go to.
I only have one online class and so far its going good. I haven't had any problems come up yet.
Anything you need printed you can print it out from any computer lab on campus, and it is only 10 cent. The network is very fast and reliable. You can also use your personal computer and hook it up to the wireless network if you want too.
The student body is a wide variety from all different races. Everyone get along with each other there are very few problems that occur at school.
My overall experience is great, if i had to do it all over again i would because the environment is so welcoming and the teachers really care about you passing their class.
The tuition and financial aid is awesome. My education is well worth the education i am trying to receive. The financial aid office emails me every month they get new scholarships in so we could have the chance to win some of them if you are having financial hardships.
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I haven't really dealt with any alumni from this school but i'm sure they are just like the administrators there and that is dealing very well with the students and helping them anyway they can.
My experience has been great while i was at this school. The teachers are very dependable and they teach you a lot. I made the deans list so i love the way they teach.
The student center is a great place to be when you are switching classes or if you just want to lounge around. You can also get all of information handled while you are in this building.
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