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Rivier provides an intimate environment for personal growth and development with the care and attention you will not find at larger universities.
Riv is such a close knit school where the professors take the time to get to know the students. The small class sizes make it easy to get one on one assistance and the staff and student tutors are always there to help.
Rivier has a great atmosphere with knowledable professors that really want to help you achieve your goals.
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I love how close everyone is. Rivier is not a big university but that’s whats nice about. Everyone is willing to help you with anything and the teachers are super kind and friendly all the staff is
Great campus, great dining hall, awesome place to live, great classes, perfect size campus, overall great school to attend
I am a transferring student to Rivier University. I would like to see the financial aid process be more flexible with struggling students.
I have just started at the university and am very eager to finish getting my education here. I feel like it is a very welcoming environment in terms of staff and students. Professors are always willing to help and the small school size adds to a strong sense of community.
I have only completed one year at Rivier University, I completed my pre-requisite for Nursing there. I am planning on returning next year to continue. I liked how they were easy to work with when you needed help. There was one thing that I did not like that I would like to see change. There was a class that was called student success that all income freshmen were required to take that I found was a waste of time and I would have rather spent that time studying.
Smaller school provides a more personal experience where professors know you by name and seem interested in the material they are teaching.
So far I have only been to the Accepted Students Day. The staff and students were very friendly, informative and made me feel very welcomed. I also met with the Baseball and Soccer coaches who were awesome to talk to and looking forward to play for. I've had a very positive experience so far. I just paid my deposit to attend this fall, that's how much I enjoyed my day there.
College professors are fairly easy to work with if you communicate with them. Plenty of opportunities to be involved on campus, even as a freshman. Student resources available to help students succeed, e.g. Writing Department. If you need there's plenty of people students or staff one can ask for help from.
Rivier University is an amazing school. The nursing program is phenomenal as long as other areas of study such as psychology, education etc. I have been very pleased so far with the dedication and supportiveness all of the professors have. Being a small campus, you get to know mostly everyone and form close bonds with your peers. The food isn't great, but some days are better than others.
Rivier University has some of the best professors I have ever met, and while they are wonderful, they deliver the class material in so many different ways to accommodate all of their students. Rivier faculty care about the students and want to set them up for success. The campus itself is well kept, yet the dorms fall short for what you pay for.
I love Rivier University so far! It is such a welcoming place and I love everything about it including the classes!
I loved the campus. It is so pretty and is always being updated. The campus is very small but it worked perfect for me. The classes were all very small and it gave it a better learning environment. The environment of the school was great and so were all of the professors at the school.
Rivier is a great school with a small close community. The campus is small enough where students should not feel overwhelmed however it is just big enough where it still feels like you're living away from home. The professors and other faculty are extremely invested in what they do and are always willing to help students.
It is not what the school claims to be.The campus life is awful. Professors pick favorites as well as other figures at the school. This place is high school with more drama and not anywhere close to being a college never mind a university.
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I'm currently a freshman here at Rivier University and I couldn't have made a better choice for starting my nursing career. There is free tutoring and writing resources for all students of all majors. Teachers are always open to talking before and after class and it's so easy to manage your time and get involved on campus. The only con is that it is largely a commuter school and the weekends here are pretty boring, but overall the school is great and I enjoy my classes and my teachers. I feel at home at Riv and if you want a small campus with strong ties to the community it's placed in, then Rivier is for you!
Very good professors and faculty. Help students to access materials to help learn. It is however too expensive for people to afford.
I enjoy attending Rivier University because of the care of the professors, staff, and administrators. It is a small school, so there is a small ratio of professors to students. I like having that connection with teachers that enables me to get the learning experience I need.
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