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Rivier is a great school with a small close community. The campus is small enough where students should not feel overwhelmed however it is just big enough where it still feels like you're living away from home. The professors and other faculty are extremely invested in what they do and are always willing to help students.
It is not what the school claims to be.The campus life is awful. Professors pick favorites as well as other figures at the school. This place is high school with more drama and not anywhere close to being a college never mind a university.
I'm currently a freshman here at Rivier University and I couldn't have made a better choice for starting my nursing career. There is free tutoring and writing resources for all students of all majors. Teachers are always open to talking before and after class and it's so easy to manage your time and get involved on campus. The only con is that it is largely a commuter school and the weekends here are pretty boring, but overall the school is great and I enjoy my classes and my teachers. I feel at home at Riv and if you want a small campus with strong ties to the community it's placed in, then Rivier is for you!
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Very good professors and faculty. Help students to access materials to help learn. It is however too expensive for people to afford.
I enjoy attending Rivier University because of the care of the professors, staff, and administrators. It is a small school, so there is a small ratio of professors to students. I like having that connection with teachers that enables me to get the learning experience I need.
I enjoy much of the Nashua area, it is a nice city that has just enough going on so you are not bored. They have lots of activities at Rivier and plenty of clubs to keep you busy. Some professors get too personal but most are great.
Very good school. Everyone is very friendly. It is a small school so everyone knows everyone. There isn't much to do on campus since it is so small but there is plenty to do around campus in downtown Nashua.
I chose Rivier University based upon the state of my father was due to stage 4 cancer. I never truly gave it a chance until the last month of my second semester. I made some really great friends and realized how incredible the nursing program is.
Rivier University gives all students an opportunity to succeed. All of the professors are so helpful. I have enjoyed every day of my freshman year.
Rivier University is amazing. The staff has been amazing with helping me continue school after I had a baby in January. They're kind, patient, and help you stay focused.
Nursing program is wonderful, Rivier offers lots of help to struggling students, great location- lots to do.
Absolutely hate this school! The people here are very rude and disgusting to have to deal with. If I didn't love my program and my classes than I would be gone in a heartbeat.
There is no greek life at Rivier and the only sport taking seriously is Volleyball. No football team. There are curfews for resident students and boys/girls cannot be in the other sex's room past a certain time or else the students could be kicked out of dorming. P. Safety will not leave you alone, they intrude on everything you do whether you are quetly drinking with friends or studying. If you are drinking and under 21 you can get in a lot of trouble, and if you are 21 and drinking in the same room as someone under 21 you can get in trouble as well. A fine and "probation" are given if a student who is underage is found with an alcoholic beverage. A fine and probation are also given if found on the opposite sex floor after hours. Rivier fines people every chance they get! You can find students smoking weed any chance they get. Before and after class, which is surprising as it is a private Catholic university. Also dorm bathrooms are always disgusting both guys and girls.
I am enjoying my time at Rivier University. It is a small community feel and a family atmosphere. The instructors are very good and they take the time to get to know you personally. They are very supportive and offer help when needed. Business office is very quick to help you with whatever you need. One thing I would like to see different on campus is that the classrooms need to be updated.
I love Rivier University. I have attended school there throughout my bachelor's and now my master's. The professors are top-notch and very knowledgeable. As a commuter, I love that the school is small and easily attainable in my area. I would recommend to everyone looking for a great faith-based education!
I am in my Junior Year of my psychology major with a social work minor. I am enrolled in the professional studies program evening and hybrid classes. Being a 40 year old mother of five, finally pursuing my dreams, I couldn't be happier. The professors are wonderful, the staff is amazing, and the environment is clean. I would recommend Rivier to young students and and older adults alike. There is something for everyone here at Rivier.
My name is Shawna Bassett I am a Business Finance major at Rivier University in Nashua, NH. It is a great school with a small classroom environment. The teachers are very welcoming and it is easy to get one on one interaction with your teacher. I am happy with my choice in choosing Rivier.
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Attending Rivier University was one of the best decisions I have ever made. From dedicated professors, staff and faculty to the energetic and engaging students, I have found nothing but positives. The professors are preparing me for every encounter I will face in my career as a nurse and I could not be more grateful.
I have nothing negative to say about Rivier University! I transferred here to Rivier as a commuter this Fall, and am so happy I did. I took Nursing pre-requisite courses at a local community college, that all trasferred over to Rivier. I have only been here for about a month and cannot believe the positive energy I have and see while attending school a few days a week. Everyone is so kind and all of my professors are very well prepared when coming to class. I have already learned so much, through more then one learning/teaching style or technique. Reviews I heard before applying to Rivier were all very positive, including peers and employers of Rivier graduate students.
Small school where teachers will do all they can to help students pass classes and eventually graduate. Good party scene of Thursdays and Saturdays but mostly students are focused on academics and not social life.
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