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Best kept secret in Cali! RCC's commitment to their student athletes is top notch! Their staff and advisers accept nothing less than to help student athletes obtain success in their field of study, success in their sport, and success in meeting goals for transferring to the next school or endeavor. Like I said ... Best kept secret in Cali!! Thumbs Up!!
Riverside City College had a decent population of students and staff but they are opinionated people there that infuse their political ideals into their lectures. History class with a liberal leaning teaching and conversations between the teacher and students. Besides the political side of things, the class sizes were decent, the General Ed classes like English, Math and Health Science were packed year round and the degree related classes thinned out as the years went by. The instructors in the general ed classes were less friendly and got to the point of the their class's material. The instructors in the degree related classes had a better relationship with the students and were more involved in their students' work, especially in the portfolio or last year classes.
There are excellent professors that have experience in their field when it comes to STEM majors. Like working at google, research programs teaming up with NASA and their own software company
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My experience with Riverside City College is nothing more than a great privilege and amazing growth as an individual, as well as my abilities and my studies. The professors possess loads of amount of knowledge, and experience of their subject. They just know what to have you work on to better yourself and progress in you subject of study. I'm a music major, and it's been nothing, but joy and growth to study with these professional instructors in their profession. The food is great! Lots of choices to eat whether to eat delicious french fries and chicken tenders, to nice health veggie sandwiches, to many to note out. Student life is amazing, always meeting new people every day from different backgrounds and coming from different parts of the world. Lots to do as well as go to music concerts, theater shows, sports games, etc. And the campus is just a couple blocks away from the local scene of Downtown Riverside. So easy and convenient to commute!
Overall the school has been very helpful for me. The school staff has amazing professors who help you through out your years in college.
RCC, for short, is a school filled with opportunities. They are a part of a school group of two other schools. This group has many opportunities as far as class availability, numerous majors/minors, success workshops, competitive sports, and the professors so far have been excellent. They pride themselves in what they do and it shows.
The people are interested in your learning and care about the students safely. the ground are beautiful . the counselor are very helpful.
I love this school! they have so many resources for their students! I can always find help for homework anywhere and the cafeteria food is delicious. I feel like I am at a mini university at RCC. I also have the greatest counselors and I have had wonderful teachers. I always recommend RCC to high school seniors.
RCC is a great, affordable institution that offers high quality education to all kinds of students from all walks of life.
I have been going to RCC for a couple years now. I have enjoyed my classes, especially my professors.
RCC is a highly esteemed community college. Like all community colleges, it is incredibly affordable and the education is top notch. Every once in a while there is a bad professor, but most are easily accessible and are willing to help you understand any concepts. I've been at RCC for 2 years now and my biggest complaint is that there isn't much "student life" but that is simply the nature of community colleges.
So far my overall experience at Riverside City College has been great! I love the campus, I enjoy walking around and soaking in the rich history that this school has to offer. Classes for the most part are easy to get in. I did have some difficulty getting a biology class though. The staff are great and are passionate about their work and do want their students to succeed. I know the school host a wide range of services for the students such as work shops, guest speakers, tutoring and more. I've encountered many students, some fresh out of high school and some it's been a decade or more since they last open a textbook. However their motivation to succeed and get their associates degree or transfer to a four-year college is pretty inspiring. I myself am looking forward to transferring over to a four-year college I'm putting my experience at Riverside City College to good use.
Excellent school. Love the finished renovations, the professors are concerned and competent, and love the vast school campus, which is larger than the typical community college. If you're looking to save money while attending a great school, this is the one.
The school has many great instructors but they could expand on the parking because it takes too long to park.
Though I haven't been here too long I already hold great memories of college. I've enjoyed my time here so far and've felt really comfortable attending.
I enjoy how the professors and counselors at RCC care about their students. The school has great staff, programs, and resources for its students. Additional parking lots would be a huge improvement to the school.
For being a community college, RCC is probably one of the best colleges in CA. Out of about 25 professors that I have had, only 2 have made my experience in the classroom dreadful. The rest have offered courses that I have genuinely enjoyed and learned a lot from. Although it would be considered a commuter school, the school hosts plenty of activities, workshops, speakers, etc. But of course you have to be aware of these events and activities. Most students at RCC are motivated to complete their educational goals, whether it be getting their AA or transferring to a 4-year university. The library is usually packed during the last few weeks of each semester as most students prepare for finals.
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New buildings were built !! GREAT FACILITY !! Awesome staff ! I just think that the health facility should be bigger and more accomodating because there are alot of students. Very diverse school ! School emails are always updated which informs students of new policies and regulations and deadlines.
I really enjoyed my educational experience at RCC. I feel the education you get their is worth more than you pay, because there are so many excellent teachers with extensive educational backgrounds.
I attended RCC for three years before graduating with an AS and transferring to a CSU. Students at RCC will get out of the school exactly what they put into it: if you care about your classes, if you show initiative and drive, and if you put effort into transferring and/or graduating, it is absolutely possible. However, most students are incredibly unmotivated and do not think beyond the next semester. That attitude can be infectious. Take it seriously, set goals, and you'll be miles ahead of most people there.
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