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My school is very clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. The advisors and professors are approachable. A lot of the students are returning adult learners which makes the environment calmer. Everyone is focused on their studies and there is less drama. I am in my second year of the nursing program and while there have been many changes in administration, the school runs smoothly and seems to be thriving. I am very proud of to be attending RVCC.
Accredited associates degree nursing program prepares nurses to work in various niches. High NCLEX pass rate in 2011.
It's an amazing school they help with everything and they care about you and your education not just your money
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It is easy to get to and the students/ Teachers are really cool. They are willing to help students to succeed at learning. The teachers are very helpful. Great learning experience.
The courses are amazing, they lay the foundations to create a solid understanding of the curriculum. It is fun and interesting and each professor has a unique teaching style that reflects their personality and is tailored to the students at the same time. The variety of course is great, the STEM program is growing each semester. Class sizes range from intimate to large groups.
I have already been offered jobs and internships while I am still attending college. There are so many options to find connections to employment and career services. Advisors are very willing to go above and beyond to help you seek out you r best fit and what you really are interested in.
Professors are willing to work with you to make accommodations as necessary. They understand that we all have lives outside of school and encourage us to ask for help when needed. There are even options in special circumstances for independent study accommodations.
The online course are set up on the student blackboard system. It is very easy to register. The workload is heavy yet manageable, the professors are very responsive to communication, and the peer to peer interaction is great using the online blackboard discussion board system.
The STEM and Liberal Arts programs at RVCC are absolutely engaging. They challenge you with assignments, the foundations built throughout each semester is amazing as it intertwines with any class you take. The Keene Campus is small yet it creates a sense of family. Their are many work study opportunities on campus, and summer internships for the science program.
This school is composed of many different individuals of all ages and walks of life. We have a Student Government Association that works to bring the student body together in student activities, community participation, and to listen to the ideas, questions, concerns of all students. The faculty and staff are very involved in each student's experience and are always available to talk to. RVCC will transform your life and bring you to your goals with hard work and dedication. My life has become so much more enriched over the past year since I have been attending this college. Opportunities to envision and design your future.
Wonderful and easy to understand
Good at helping people find jobs after college
Great at helping the students
I love the support from River Valley College
Because RVCC is so small its hard to find the classes at both campuses when you need them.
Easy to use. System is occasionally down for maintenance.
I never saw any kind of career center or employers/job fairs connected with rvcc
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It's hard to find a job after graduation.
Class sizes are small and personal. I love being able to learn everyone's name and interact.
My program director is amazing. It will be so sad when she retires.
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