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amazing school. Everyone from admission, financial aid and especially the nursing department is excellent
My experiences at RPCC have been both wonderful and not so wonderful. The professors that work at the school that I have had are just absolutely amazing. Their love for teaching is evident, and the care they show students goes above and beyond standards. However, the same cannot be said for the other staff and faculty members. Almost every staff member I have encountered seemed to really hate his job, and showed little respect for the work being done. Other than the other faculty members of the school, it is a really great starting off (or finishing up) college.
I loved the professors at the school and manly of the classes I got to take! There were great classes taught by people who were very enthusiastic about the subject matters they covered. I always felt like my teachers took notice of me and cared about me. They made themselves available to students, always offering us time to see them during their office hours. The students there are also very nice. I become friends with many of my classmates after just one semester. They understand the situation many students are in, and they are helpful while also holding us accountable, because they know what we are capable off and encourage us to try harder and harder.
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I love River Parish Community College. The staff and the environment here is friendly. They are very accommodating and helpful and the school is clean and kept up. I would recommend this college to anyone.
I love it at River Parish Community College! The staff is friendly and really helpful. The professors make class simple. Tuition is AMAZING! I’m currently taking online classes and I cannot complain! Ever since I started attending River Parish my college experience has been breezy!
I go to riverparishes westside. So it's just a small technical college. We don't have any sports or anything like that.
Most of the people there are from my old high school
They were very helpful in anyway they could be
The campus is very new it just opened this semester, i felt really good there and it made me seem like home
It is really good considering its a community college
Most of the professors are very knowledgeable and can help in any way they can
most teachers are great teachers but some on the other hand are just there to collect a pay check
All the teachers are very noticeable of students in need of help and they can help out in any way
A man working in financial aid helped me alot. He answered my emails quickly and did all the paperwork necessary for me to obtain my grant money. It was no hassle. The tuition is not bad. It's not cheap, but other schools are worse.
My online course was awful. My teacher took her time answering my questions and getting back to me. She seemed uninterested in anything we learned.
Students are generally proud of their religion and political views.
There is a bridge connecting the seperate buildings and that area is so beautiful to look at every day. Theres birds, fish, and turtles all over. There's alot of dragon-flies around campus, too.
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The main library is very tiny with minimal space, not enough tables or quiet in the room. There is a seperate computer lab, though.
I liked that students werent allowed to waste paper by printing anything. We had to buy a card and add money onto it in order to print.
The registration process was not always simple. I was kicked out of my final class once without knowing it. I had to get special permission from the Dean to get back into it.
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