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Ritsumeikan is a private university located in Japan. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 33,120 undergraduate students.
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56-1 Toji-in Kitamachi
Kyoto, Japan

Ritsumeikan University Reviews

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Very little to no acceptance regarding diversity, especially by staff members and in clubs/sports.

Many clubs/sports/circles will outright ban foreigners from joining.

Political beliefs play very little part on campus typically.

Economically, it is not much of an issue between students but with the school staff.

Most students are extremely wealthy and legacies, some children of quite famous people, so those who are average or suffer economically can feel the difference but most of the time the other students are okay with including everyone. Though, there is a good amount of partying/clubbing/etc., and for those with financial difficulties, it may be difficult to partake and be accepted in this aspect of social life.

The university itself will favor those with wealth and connections over others.
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Extremely lacking in course options, most only level 100s and no follow-ups to deepen the knowledge.

However, the courses that are offered are tailored to fit your major and typically there are only a few filler--useless--courses offered to just take up credits.

Sizes of classes are typically very small, but sometimes can be over 100 students.

Exam week--an entire week of only exams after classes for the semester end. Typically hated by students.

Make-up classes on Saturdays are mandatory--not just if a student misses class, but if a professor cancels or there is a national holiday where classes are off, students must come in on the Saturday the makeup class is schedule, regardless if they have a job or not on weekends.

Professors are hit-and-miss usually. Half of the professors actually care, others have stated straight-out that they could not care less about the students and didn't wish to be there teaching us. Some make effort to help students with needs while others insult them and push them away.

There have been cases of various harassment against students reported with nothing done, and making the students feel as if they are the case of it rather than victim.

Ritsumeikan also has a big tendency to not care about its own professors. When professors, especially female professors, speak out with students opinions and interests in mind, they are shot down. The university typically refuses to renew contracts or terminate contracts early, especially with professors that are favored by students and/or speak out, in order to not only cut costs but to keep the status quo. Tend to higher temporary staff at the very last minute to fill-in the spots of the professors they let go just to not have to cancel a class, which results in the class being extremely lacking typically and cause problems between the students and temp professor.
While the program shows promise, it is extremely lacking and unprepared.

Majority of professors and staff are discriminative, biased, unsupportive, and have harrassed students on a number of occasions.

Class options are lacking and student support (including career and graduate school support) is even more so lacking, and practically nonexistent.