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493 reviews
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It's pretty good.
I have nothing really else to say. Professors are pretty good, but the food sucks and there's not much to do on or off campus. Dorm perpetually smells of weed.
I had to take a year off looking for work after graduating, I had graduated in 2015. I have had so many interviews at this point in the last 2 months, for very good, high paying jobs that it is ridiculous. I had to turn some positions down in fact. After reviewing other reviewers complaints, I am convinced that some students must not be properly applying themselves; because I know that my degree has more than paid for itself at this point. Overall in comparison to the majority of other colleges in the region, Ripon is fantastic.
Ripon has always been my dream school, since I began to visit it for state forensic's tournament she in high school. That being said, it really did meet my expectations. All of the professors are wonderful, kind, and knowledgeable, and I really feel at home on the campus. I've made great friends, and am a part of Greek life. The only thing I would change is for more attention to be paid to the art building. They're spending lot of money and time on the gym, when our theatre literally leaks and that's what we're known for.
I graduated in 1983 but have been back occasionally and generally keep up with what's going on at Ripon. My experience was that students were pretty isolated in a small Midwestern town with a modest amount of activities but a very safe area and very conducive to athletics if a student was so inclined. As undergraduates students had excellent access to faculty who not only held PHD's but we're also very interested in teaching and helping student succeed.
Greek life powered the social events during the Fall semester but indepents were welcome at frat parties too and most people got along pretty well.
I have to laugh at some of the special snowflake reviews. Lots of institutions of higher learning now boast dorms and amenities I didn't see until I bought my own home. What's important is the above average graduation rate and the quality of education available to students who put in the required effort.
I can tell you that if you are thinking of going to Ripon, think elsewhere. The college is outdated and it does not give students the tools to be successful in the real world.
We have many different areas to study whether it's in your room, the lounges on each of the floors, the library, the pub, outside, etc. You are pretty much able to study anywhere you'd like.
Haven't experienced much yet to know what it is like.
I'm not entirely sure about this areas since I have not looked into them yet.
  • College Freshman
  • 5 months ago
  • Value
Class sizes are just right. You can have one on one time with your professor. Everyone can express their opinions.
This campus makes me feel safe. I do not have any doubts that that opinion of mine will change.
Everyone talks to everyone on our floor. Everyone is friendly and funny. We always have "floor parties" where we just hang out in the hallway with several people and listen to music, talk, play games, etc.
  • College Freshman
  • 5 months ago
  • Housing
Greek life isn't that big of a deal on campus. It's not like you have to be in a sorority/fraternity to fit in and be cool.
They have a weight room where anyone can go and workout. They are currently building a new building that will have a bunch more activities and ways to workout.
You have many options and many oppurtunities at this school. Everyone, both professors and other students, are very kind, friendly, and welcoming on campus.
I have met many alumni of Ripon College that are happy to help you find jobs and internships, they always exhibit a lot of school pride and that is comforting but still Ripon is not a College for everyone. I have not worked extensively with SSS which would deal with career services but I can say from being in there a few times they are probably some of the most helpful people on campus.
  • College Junior
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
This school is simply not worth what they charge. Ripon gives out excellent financial aid but even with that it still cost more than a public school that has more classes and only slightly larger class sizes. Even other private schools are better. I think Ripon needs to focus less on extra curricular activities and making the upper campus look nice and give more focus to the education that is actually important. During tours they do not even take you to see the quad, which is dorms you will most likely have to live in at least once. The school is also very one sided politically there are clubs for both republican and democrats however it seems to me that your opinion is unwanted if it does not agree with the majority.
One of the few things I love about this school is how safe I feel. I have never once been concerned to walk alone outside at night. It is easy to get to know majority of the other students on campus so you feel safe with almost everyone.
Campus housing is okay. Most of the dorms are old and run down. The freshman live in nice dorms and senior apartments are nice but the quad is awful. This past winter I lived in Bovay and half the time the heat didn't work the furniture is very old my desk chair I didn't even feel safe sitting on because it was so wobbly. To get your room you have to go to "room lottery" where you pick numbers and pick the room you want when your number is called. If you cant make it to room lottery that night you can send a friend to pick your room for you but I think doing it all online would be much easier than making everyone go to the auditorium one day.
I am not in Greek life so I can not say for certain what it is like to be part of a group, but as independent it seems like some Greeks do think that they are better and they act as if because you do not have Greek events to attend that you do nothing. For sororities primarily they are very close and to be friends with them but not in the sorority is nearly impossible.
A very large majority of the students are in sports. Ripon is a DIII school so pretty much anyone can play. Since sports are so popular our board of trustees has decided to redo the entire sports facility. This project is currently underway and will cost the schools millions. In my opinion there were several other places money could have been used first.
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