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You certainly get what you put in. There are PLENTY of opportunities that most colleges don't have; the key is to reach out to advisors and professors to learn about said opportunities. Network early. As always, practice good self care. I'm torn on the tuition- it is QUITE expensive, though I personally receive a lot of financial aid. Plan accordingly. Professors are *GREAT*, especially in the Psych Dept.
Lack of programs to offer. It is mostly science, business, athletes, arts, and English. Which I did not have a lot of chooses.
It is in the middle of nowhere. It is sorrunded with corn fields. You have to drive 20 minutes to 30 minutes to go to malls and places that you wanna be at. The school have small downtown, but it is for the community. I grow up in the surburb. There is a lot of stuff I go to aNd places I want to visit. Plus it is a small school too. The students are mainly white and the diversity is low. Another factor I do not like about the school is the diversity. When I went to school for kindergarten through 12 grade my classmates are mix. I like seeing different people and share different culture. Students that are miniroties sticks together and those are my mainly friends.
People are friendly but could be more diverse. The college should invest on academics as much as they do on athletics.
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Ripon College is a great small, private institution. It has a lot to offer for anyone whether they were an average or great student in high school because they offer countless resources for students to use in order to succeed.
Ripon is a a great college if you like small towns. Everything is very close, walking distance. Also, the campus is small and is a good thing considering it is in Wisconsin and the maximum walking time you'll do is 10 mins or less. Which is good because it is not fun to walk out in the freezing cold for a long period of time. Another great thing about Ripon is that the class sizes are smaller, so the student can get a more one on one time with professors. This is best for students who would need a little more help understanding something. Plus having a smaller class size the student can get to know each other more and create friendships and connection. Ripon college is a great choice if you want a small, friendly community to live in for four years.
Ripon College's small campus allows for you and your teachers to have lots of one on one time. Your teachers are also like your friends and always what to help you out in any way they can!
I love being at Ripon. The smaller size helps me develop relationships with professors, and I'm almost guaranteed to see someone I know in my classes. Everyone on campus is so helpful and wants to see us succeed.
Campus is beautiful and ideologically diverse. If you're one for critical thought in all areas of life, this is a good place for you. The students are friendly, the teachers are always happy to help, and the campus is very dedicated to hearing the voice of its students. Overall, its a very nice place to be. The only real downside is the food, which could definitely use some work, but the local eat-outs are some of the best I've encountered.
Everyone, from professors to workers and students, is very friendly and welcoming. Since it's a small college is more intimate and personal in classes and other activities. All professors are very understanding and want to help their students excel.
I like how ripon is a close community.. The professors are very helpful and the campus is absolutely beautiful. The college needs to have a better selection of classes and more of a variety of different courses for students.
Ripon College allows a unique experience that not many other colleges have. Classes and small and professors really get to personally know you. The new catalyst program has it's perks, but needs to changed in some ways to allow for more of a greater learning experience.
As a sophomore, I have enjoyed Ripon College so far. I feel connected with my professors, since there are smaller class sizes. I enjoy the smallness of campus and the town itself, it makes me feel at home. The food options have gotten better. It's a campus that give you that "at home" feel.
I loved it. It is a wonderful campus. The community is small and close. There are only 850 students on campus.
I graduated 1.5 years ago, I was accepted to Medical School (MD) right out of college, but as a back-up, I had applied to jobs during my senior year and received 2 high paying offers (greater than 55k + benefits) within 2 weeks. Ripon really prepared me for Medical School and the job market. What really makes Ripon stand out is in connecting students with opportunities to build one's resume in college so they become excellent applicants for post-grad education and in the job market. You have to actively try to not become involved in research, campus jobs, internships, or other resume building activities, while being a student at Ripon. The fact that I and several of my classmates were accepted into Medical School right out of college is significant. This is becoming increasing difficult to build a sufficient resume to be a competitive applicant after just 4 years of college. But Ripon is small enough to give you those opportunities to build your resume in just 4 years.
Friendly environment with professors that care about your academic ability and I'm able to continue to play the sport I love, which is soccer.
Ripon was the perfect oasis for learning. I was able to complete 3 majors and certify to teach public school students. I do not know anywhere else I could learn so much for such a cost. Every time I return for alumni events, I feel like I am home again. This oasis is definitely worth a look.
It's pretty good.
I have nothing really else to say. Professors are pretty good, but the food sucks and there's not much to do on or off campus. Dorm perpetually smells of weed.
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I had to take a year off looking for work after graduating, I had graduated in 2015. I have had so many interviews at this point in the last 2 months, for very good, high paying jobs that it is ridiculous. I had to turn some positions down in fact. After reviewing other reviewers complaints, I am convinced that some students must not be properly applying themselves; because I know that my degree has more than paid for itself at this point. Overall in comparison to the majority of other colleges in the region, Ripon is fantastic.
Ripon has always been my dream school, since I began to visit it for state forensic's tournament she in high school. That being said, it really did meet my expectations. All of the professors are wonderful, kind, and knowledgeable, and I really feel at home on the campus. I've made great friends, and am a part of Greek life. The only thing I would change is for more attention to be paid to the art building. They're spending lot of money and time on the gym, when our theatre literally leaks and that's what we're known for.
I graduated in 1983 but have been back occasionally and generally keep up with what's going on at Ripon. My experience was that students were pretty isolated in a small Midwestern town with a modest amount of activities but a very safe area and very conducive to athletics if a student was so inclined. As undergraduates students had excellent access to faculty who not only held PHD's but we're also very interested in teaching and helping student succeed.
Greek life powered the social events during the Fall semester but indepents were welcome at frat parties too and most people got along pretty well.
I have to laugh at some of the special snowflake reviews. Lots of institutions of higher learning now boast dorms and amenities I didn't see until I bought my own home. What's important is the above average graduation rate and the quality of education available to students who put in the required effort.
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