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It's definitely an average school. I think their in person classes are way better than the online classes. The online classes are hard and long for no reason. It is a community college so the cost is very fair and affordable for those who want to go to school but cannot afford such a large university.
The classes at Rio Salado are affordable and absolutely flexible. The staff is friendly and they make you feel like a valued member of their college. I was so happy to find a school flexible enough to allow me to take courses and still work full-time!
AN AWFUL SCHOOL. I had heard nothing but terrible things about this place, but I had to take a course with them to graduate. Almost wish I hadn't gone to the trouble. Enrolling in a class is the most difficult process I've ever encountered, and I've enrolled in several other colleges to take classes. The website to add/drop courses is horribly done, not intuitive at all. When I needed to sign up for concurrent enrollment, I called the first woman who then sent me to another, an alleged "specialist". Then, I was sent to another woman, because the first "specialist" said she couldn't help me. Took up a lot of time, and they didn't do a great job explaining things--what we needed, etc. For ONE CLASS? I finally got an email that I was enrolled in my class, and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, it turned out, they enrolled me for the wrong class. Don't waste your time. Try to enroll in Yavapai College, as that's the alternative option for most.
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Worst school e-v-e-r!!!!! No wonder the graduation rate is at 7 percent. Incompetent instructors that accuse you and give ultimatums rather than collective criticism. They should lose their accreditation, for their sub-par, insubordinate so called faculty....what a joke!!! There are better alternatives out there. Don't waste your time on this nonsense, it's not worth the time, money, or aggravation.
I’m currently working on an associates degree for mobile application development. The classes have been challenging but the teachers are incredibly accessible. Any question you might have gets answered quickly. As a full time student, parent of two children under three, while working full time is difficult, the faculty do everything they can to help. I would recommend Rio Salado to anyone!
I love the fact that I can do my classes online on my schedule. I like the fact that you can choose the start date for your classes. I wish they would do away with the semester blocks.
What I like about Rio Salado College, is that it is very affordable and the instructors are very helpful when you need help and they recommend tutors and they give you extra time to do your homework and turn it in.
Rio Salado is a great choice for online degree programs and certificates at the community college level. They have been doing online teaching for a long time and seem to have it down. I highly recommend Rio Salado College.
The number of classes offered is great. They also offer multiple start dates for classes, making it easier for you to work around your schedule. The staff is super helpful too.
Rio Salado is an online college that is connected to the Maricopa Community Colleges. They provide a wide variety of classes that I could take in addition to other community college courses. Rio Salado is extremely convenient!
Everytime I signed up for classes at this school I had to jump through hoops to get anything done. Their staff is not very knowledgeable and does not communicate very well from department to department. While it is convenient to take online classes, it is not convenient if you are using student loans for financial aid. I have been dropped several times from classes because of non communication between departments. I do not recommend this school.
Great school for those looking to take evening, night, or online courses to finish or start a degree path. Their Online classes contain the majority of their available catalog allowing you to set your own pace to rapidly progress thru to a finished degree...
I took Rio Salado courses online. The classes were easy to follow and my professors were courteous. The location of the campus is in a well-living area with a beautiful surrounding.
I took Rio Salado online classes and they were great. The instructors were very helpful and the classes are easy. I recommend Rio Salado Online classes for anyone that doesn't have the time to attend classes in-person.
This is a great college to get started and the availability was great. It was easy to get started and most of the counselors were helpful but a few did not know where to send me if I had questions that they could not answer. Overall it was a good experience and I will continue to use them with online courses in the future.
After many years of domestic violence and substance abuse and a near fatal suicide attempt, I found God and decided to get an education. My goal is to become an addictions counselor. I found exactly what i was looking for at Rio Salado community college. The staff is very helpful and have directed me in making the right choices. What i value most at Rio is that they honestly care about their students and are willing to help us reach our goals.
Good school to start off with. Flexible schedules that allow you to knock out electives and undergrad prerequisites.
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You have to literally teach yourself everything, the teachers are a joke and they barely help. So if you want to pay for a classes to teach yourself, I highly recommend.
The best online college for those who work. Flexible schedules and supportive staff. Online resources and library make getting a degree available to those of us who must work and want to get a degree.
Rio Salado College is a strictly online college that caters to those individuals that need to complete a few courses for a degree or simply want to learn. The benefit of attending an online college is the ease of accessibility for those that are employed full time and/or have children. I personally loved how it was not structured like a typical college with spring and fall semesters, rather it allowed individuals the opportunity to start a class on any Monday of any week. I would like to see more involvement between Professors and students, especially regarding assignments and the desired requirements for each assignment. There seems to be a disconnection that does not allow students the chance to speak to their respective Professor unless done through email which entails the Professor to interpret what the student is trying to ask or convey.
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