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Overall the experience has been good. My most negative experience involves textbooks and additional learning resources. The additional textbook costs are to be expected, but not when it says little to no extra cost in the course description. MyMathLab is something else that should be included in the course cost. In my online classes I'm practically teaching myself the content and then paying even more on top of the course cost for more resources is exorbitant at the least.
The best online college for people who work and cannot attend college in person. The teachers are helpful and responsive, which makes Rio Salado my first choice for my college education.
Rio Salado has never reached out to me for academic advisement. They are loan heavy and only pay 2500.00 on approved pell grants of 6000.00 from education department.
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I love the convenience of being able to work and take my online courses. The professors have been helpful and I cannot say enough about how amazing the tutoring center is for math classes. The tutors were the best! I would highly recommend for others to take online courses at Rio Salado College!
It's a great school if you are interested in attending online. The professors are very good about communicating, too.
Online classes mean learning in a quiet and secluded environment at your own pace. If you are good at managing your own time you'll do well. I love it!
I've had two separate experiences with this institution. the first was when my wife was a student and attending classes seemed to be flawless. Now when i became i student there were many speed bumps. Admissions paperwork was never processed, certain VA paperwork was ignored or lost. Transcripts just plan weren't reviewed at all.
Rio Salado is an online based school. Not much peer interaction. Takes alot of organization and time mangement to attend this school
It's on my schedule. Making working while going to college easy and the teachers are all really understanding.
I love that they have a large emphasis on online learning, it makes continuing education easy! The staff is competent and you can get the support you need to learn. They also offer in-person classes and the campus is centrally locates in Tempe and easy to navigate. I have zero complaints!
Rio Salado's online classes have been so convenient for my busy schedule. I work full time and also spend a lot of time volunteering at a local animal shelter, so the online classes allow me to do the course work on my own schedule. The instructors and courses are great!
My experience at Rio has been amazing. I love how the academic team helps you in anyway that they can, I love how anytime I have called for assistance they have gone out the way to help me. And most of all I appreciate the professors and how they have helped me make it to where I am today.
Very affordable and easy to be apart of. They offer many online classes and other opportunities for the students. Ive had positive experiences with the teachers and It is a great college to be apart of and learn from.
Overall, Rio Salado College is a decent 2-year college. The teachers are good, though some have communication issues, and it is incredibly affordable. One issue I did have at the school was an issue getting ahold of my councilor. My designated councilor changed often and most of them failed to respond to emails promptly. However, the Academic Advisement desk was fantastic and very, very helpful!
Rio Salado College is one of the original online colleges offered to the Phoenix area. Although during the summer they have difficult office hours to work with, their website is self serving and easy to navigate. You can take a full online course or keep it low key and take just a few. This college makes getting life through the summer manageable while taking a few side classes.
This is an online university, rating an experience here would be hard. However, it is simple and flexible if you are a person like me with a backwards schedule and stress-free lifestyle. The only changes needed would be communication with students.
I really enjoy the online classes, but it can be difficult to actually find the class you want or need, and the block requirements take a bit of interpreting.
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The advisors are very helpful, professional and friendly. The only issue I have experienced is the student website is difficult to navigate through.
I have been taking dual enrollment classes at Rio Salado College for two years now and am happy to report that because of them I am now able to start college in the fall as a sophomore instead of a freshman. Through Rio Salado's dual enrollment program I have earned ten college credits all before graduating high school. The credits I have eared were very affordable, I have already saved an estimated $4,000.
Rio Salado is accepting of all ages and their registered teachers are amazing! I am in high school and am enrolled in rio salado through dual enrollment and i have never had problems with their faculty and customer service.
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