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I like the environment and the atmosphere of Rio Hondo College. The professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. The professors provide a good amount of work based on the lessons they have thought. Some professors assign group projects which I'm not a fan of but I do know in the real world working with others will be essential. Some of the students are very pleasant to work with and overall the campus is kept nice and clean.
I really enjoyed my first semester at Rio Hondo College. I learned a lot and my professors were all so helpful. The only downside was the location and parking.
My experience this past 3 years has been excellent. The counselors and professor's that I have had have been great, they have been patient with me.
I thought it would be difficult for me since it was over 40yrs since I graduated from high school. The staff at Rio Hondo have been extremely helpful and constantly encouraging me. The different programs they have on Campus to help with books and other supplies. They have free tutoring available in most subject. I have recommended Rio Hondo to a lot of high school students trying to figure out their options.
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Rio Hondo is a great college all around. Professors really teach and know what they're talking about. Class rooms are so close that walking is not much.
Rio hondo college in whittier has the best teachers who are down to earth and want you to succeed. The campus feels safe, and everyone is welcoming at the school.i have been successful at rio hondo, and would recommend to family and friends.
What I like from Rio is the environment that is arround this college and this makes us as students feel distressed and help us to feel better. There are many teacher that are really good people and do everything for yo to understand a subject.
It's a very kind campus. The students are polite and you never hear about any issues. If there are any, you receive any email with detailed information on the issue. You receive emails on campus events as well.
Rio Hondo College is a school with hundreds of diverse resources for students to take advantage of whether you are looking to transfer, want to be involved in clubs, or even if you just need someone to talk to. The professors are excellent, and encourage students to visit them at office hours for help outside of the classroom if needed. Student life is vibrant, especially because of the many active clubs around campus and numerous events the college holds. Rio Hondo College is an excellent school, especially if you plan to transfer to a 4-year university.
There is a very good programme for those intended to pursue the engineering, nursing, science fields. There are programmes to support students' learning and the professors are very supportive. The environment is very diverse and surrounded by nature.
My experience at Rio Hondo has been great! The only thing I would change is to add more afternoon and night classes, but other than that the school has been fantastic!
Iv'e been at Rio for 3 years and I have had a great learning experience! There are many resources and programs that will help with student success.
The thing that I found interesting about Rio Hondo College is that it a good college but mostly it has a good program for the career that am interesting. It may be far away from home but it really does not matter at all because there are always a place to stay at. I would not change anything at all because everything looks good.
The campus is small but it has a beautiful view of the San Gabriel Valley. It has gone through some renovations, but they need to focus on their parking problem. Like I said before too many students very little parking.
Rio Hondo college has given me a very great experience. Very easy to get classes. I’ve been taking online classes and am currently enrolled to take on campus classes next semester. I’m excited.
Rio Hondo is a fairly small college so it is very easy to find your way around, especially if you are a freshman. The staff is very sympathetic and friendly as well as the diverse students.
I'm currently a Nursing student at Rio Hondo. The Nursing Professors and nursing faculty there are excellent. They are very professional, organized, and caring for their students. What I love the most is that they treat everyone with the same interest, in other words, everybody is important. I have been a student at other colleges where I've experienced racism, and Rio Hondo is nothing like that for which I'm very grateful. The food in the cafeteria is great. It's varied, affordable, and they have Starbucks coffee. The downside of the school, at least for me, is that they don't have any programs that help Nursing students. The nursing career is a long one. By the time the student makes it to Nursing program, he/she is already out of financial aid and so it's very hard to survive without any help. I think they should have more programs that help and support the nursing students.
its a very great college with great professors. It is very diverse and has a lot of different clubs for everyone to feel included. they have resources that can help different people and they work to have a safe environment for students.
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Rio Hondo College is a wonderful if you're looking to transfer in Art and Animation. The Professors all have industry experience, and are tough with out being mean.
I like Rio Hondo College, but the campus is small and needs to be expanded. The food options are very limited. There has to be more campus activities for night students. The programs such as EOPS and Trio Program are great! There is very optimistic and loving people in the transfer center that motivate you encourage you to expand all of your options!
I enjoyed my time at Rio Condo College. Professors and counselors were great. They helped me prepare for a 4-year university. Campus is beautiful and people there are cool and friendly.
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