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Attending real Hondo was one of many first for me it was my first time being out of high school, my first time being at a college, and my first time being on my own. At first I wished they offered more guidance and help because I was very lost and I didn’t know where to find help. Now that I’ve been a student there for over a year I can now find resources to help me.
I am currently a high school senior but have visited classes and the campus and I agree that it is good for students financially.
Rio Hondo College is a good school in terms of friendliness and resources. It’s a very comfortable school to go to. I would say people feel safe on campus.
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My experience with Rio hondo has been great as far as staff goes. there has been some instances where i did have an issue with financial aide. the staff member where not too specific on what forms i needed, at which I had to come back and forth and waste time on getting the right forms. Unfortunately made me give up cause every time i bring the form there was an issue. Other than that Safety is bomb being that this school offers training for future law enforcement. And just the students and professors are all great and professional.
The professors are really caring! They prepare their students for transferring to the universities and for life in general. The school offers plenty of opportunities to get involved and learn more.
If you're looking for a place to earn undergraduate units for your general education look no further. Rio Hondo offers a catered to students environment throughout the campus and classrooms. The counselors are patient, and willing to spend hours with you to help reach your goals. Rio Hondo is an excellent, inexpensive college that is great for those who are not sure where to start.
I loved how small the campus is, and how approachable all of the professors are. Small class size, so it is very easy for the professor to put a name to a face.
Rio Hondo College is a fine school to begin one's pursuit of higher education. I've met some of the greatest professors here for Social Science classes, and I've met some of the worst professors for other classes. Overall, with Rio Hondo and other community colleges, you get what you put into it. The classes come pretty easy, professors are willing to help the students, and there is a wide range of resources for students. It is a great stepping stone on the path to transferring to a 4-year university/college.

(As this is a community college, there are no dorms or housing opportunities.)
Rio hondo is beautiful and big some professors really try to help. They should make parking a lot easier and focus more on trying to help students who really want to study but can't because of money issues .
The classes are relatively small and all the professors are really professional and experts in their field. The school offers a good amount of extra cirriculars that fit the diverse body of students they have.
I have been attending Rio Hondo for about 3 years now and I like how available the professor can be, but some will make themselves less available because they believe that they are working to hard. I believe that the counselors can do their job a lot better because as my 3rd year approached I visited 4 counselors and did not receive as much help as my 4th visit with a counselor. He informed me of why I was in certain classes and what classes I needed. He also helped me enroll in those classes. Counselors usually wanted to just get me out of their office with any classes on my schedule. I do like the classes and teachers at Rio Hondo, but they can significantly improve their faculty and staff. They do have great student awareness.
Rio hondo college is a great school with great staff member who love doing there job and love helping you. Whatever you need weather it is counselling, the transfer center and many other offices they'll always help you. The professors are fun and they love helping their students whenever they need help. Rio Hondo college is a great school.
I am a returning student for their nursing program and from what I can tell their staff really puts in the effort to make sure students are prepared for licensure
Decent community college. They have a great public safety (fire and police) training program. The campus is somewhat old, but it is still functional. New facilities would be great. The online student portal website is great, it is easy to use and I have had no problems with it.
So far going into my 2nd semester Rio Hondo College has been okay. Majority of the professor I have had really seem to care about the actual education. Some things to complain about is parking, but that is a given at any college campus and also there is not that much around the area food wise. Usually have to go but more in distance for better cuisine.
I like that this college is near by to where I live but it is difficult at times to walk up the hill to arrive to class at the top of the hill. The professors are caring but at times can be unorganized depending on certain circumstances.
It's good campus very friendly, just the parking can improve, its is usually often times really hard to find parking but other than that it's a well school all around.
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Rio Hondo College is my second home. As for any full-time student would say in any campus. Everyone here is friendly and the staffs are very helpful. My counselor that I meet with every semester is very understanding and wants her student achieve any goal that they have for themselves. I spend most of my time at the transfer center. Within the transfer center, there are college tours that are available to students. In my first semester, I took advantage of going to the tours every Friday. I have never visit a college campus before. Before I make my decision to transfer to a new school, I need to know what I like and don’t like. I stepped foot in different campuses and realize that I prefer to go to a school that is closer to the beach. Rio Hondo College has great resources from university fairs to transfer workshops.
Rio Hondo College is a two-year community college for those who want to get an associate's degree, a certificate, or plan to transfer to a 4-year college to further their education. There are programs for first generation college students and low-income families. It is really nice that there are people at school that can help you through the process of college as well as the transfer process. One thing that needs to be improved is the parking and the road. Another thing that needs to be improved is the food. Overall, I enjoy attending Rio Hondo College.
i love it here. Go Roadrunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The campus is great and everyone is just so nice and helpful
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