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I transferred to Ringling College of Art and Design from another art school. In my year there, I've found myself honestly learning the fundamentals of art and design cohesively and have a constant motivation to want to keep drawing, even outside of classes. What I would like to see change is more diversity and respect on campus for people of all backgrounds as well as healthier food options that are also fresh.
There was a lot of racial tension around campus. We would hear reports of racial harassment and the students responsible basically got a slap on the wrist and were still attending school.
Overall the teachers and courses available are very good, however the meal plan food and on campus housing situation can get pretty bad. There was a food poisoning problem earlier this semester and it can be difficult to get good housing. The area in which the school is located isn't the safest either, and they could stand to beef up security a bit.
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Amazing School. A lot of courses that can teach you very unique things. Very fun clubs, amazing staff and everyone here is amazing. We all work together to achieve a similar goal, and we are all a tight community.
The teachers have usually worked in the field they teach so they really know what they're talking about and try to help us all become better artists. There's kind of a mentally draining mindset though to put your work and your networking first, no matter if it affects your mental health. It's also not a very racially diverse accepting or knowledgeable campus, but we're working to change that to make it into a more welcoming and comfortable for all! Overall, I feel like what I'm paying for, which is the education, has been worth the money and is making me a better artist!
Teachers are great, you'll learn a lot. They are having trouble keeping up with dorm space but the new dorms should be finished soon? Food on campus can be a bit questionable, but there are some good places within walking distance. The book store/cafe across the street has some great tea and sandwiches!
The professors are generally good (many are great) and most have mutual feelings about the increasingly terrible school administration, which takes student workspace away to host parties for donors. They invite celebrities... for donors. They tear out buildings, trees, and plants for boring grass lawn... to look good for donors. They put up flashy modern architecture that will be outdated in a few years and it honestly already looks awful now. They host next to no student events and they don't even have a large enough auditorium to host big events... so they don't even bother. It's as if they don't really prioritized students anymore.
Ringling is an amazing art school in Sarasota. While I was visiting, I was able to experience the hands-on attitude of their highly skilled and intuitive professors that not only teach but have a passion for the craft. It was different from the schools that just want to push through the system and out into the world. Ringling seemed to actually prepare their students for the workplace and provide them the opportunities to make connection in the field. There is only a few buildings, making the layout of the campus very easy to navigate. The dorms are well kept and allow space for work, connecting with peers, or just sleeping in between your classes. The weather is phenomenal year round with the exception of a few showers. The beautiful campus lies only miles away from a beautiful beach and sits in the heart of Sarasota with plenty of food and activities to satisfy all walks of life. Overall it was a wonderful experience to visit and see what they were all about.
I really enjoy the community at Ringling! Everyone one is so helpful and positive. It's one of the best places to learn and grow.
Ringling is such a beautiful and mind opening school. When i walked onto campus i seen how clean and wide open the campus was. So colorful full with the students art work and pieces. i felt right at home. While walking to the next building walking by the students I seen and feel the great positive vibes everyone is sending to each other showing beautiful bright different smiles and yet all mean the same feeling. Happiness. joy. Ready for anything that comes our way. i love knowing i'm going to learn something when i get there, to better myself as a person and better myself as an Artist.
Ringling College stands out as a leader in Art Schools. The professors are all great and the campus is beautiful.
I loved all the things they provide such as equipment, one on one time with students, everything is in walking distance, and a lot more. one thing i would want to change is the location due to it being next to a sketchy area. Other than that I really like the school!
I have only been attending this school for a year so far, but I am very happy with it so far. I've improved tremendously in a short time, and am excited to go back. Although the school is pricey, the resources and facilities are always being updated and improved. Teachers are very knowledgable and will return the effort you put in.
Great professors are very encouraging a helpful in improving student work. On campus housing needs to be increased due to the school accepting more and more student each year. Reslife faculty could use some work on how they handle problems and overall service. The surrounding area of the campus does bring concern to student life, its not settled in the safest neighborhood. Food is decent at the beginning of the year but grows to be lacking in all taste halfway through the year.
Very very expensive. Plus, you can tell which departments the school favors and it kind of sucks when it's not yours.
Ringling College of Art and Design is an excellent school. The campus is neat and safe feeling even though it is an open campus. Having attended their precollege I was able to experience true college life while getting the credit.
My experience at Ringling College of Art and Design was fantastic! I was only there for as a first-year Illustration student, but I left there with more knowledge of drawing than when I went in.

I will say, that it was a tough journey, what with my limitations being pushed, but it was well worth it in the end. I can now see perspectives in a completely new...perspective!

Drawing for Illustrators was a new experience for me, too. I really hated painting, and the entire class was done with Gouache paint. But it helped me see lighting and color differently. I learned how to control the paint a lot better. If given the opportunity, I would like to go back.

My only issue is the cost. It is considered one of the most expensive schools in the country, and they prove that with how much the tuition is. I spent more money on supply refills than anything else.

Other than that, I loved Ringling.
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I was at Ringling for a little while. For the time that I was there, it was very nice. The campus was clean and well taken care of. There were great facilities and helpful students there. Much diversity as well. The only thing that could improve are the dorms, especially for freshmen.
They have a great illustration and computer animation programs. They also have wonderful job placement resources.
While an expensive school, the experience and contacts one can make at the school make it worth the financiers and application exams required to attend. You will get out of the school what you put into it, and given the extensive business world contacts and amazing faculty available; I would say Ringling is worth the investment. I would love to see more hands on help from financial aid persons or at least some earlier introductions to core concepts of individual career options; as these are often reserved for upperclassman.
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