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My experience at Ringling College of Art and Design was fantastic! I was only there for as a first-year Illustration student, but I left there with more knowledge of drawing than when I went in.

I will say, that it was a tough journey, what with my limitations being pushed, but it was well worth it in the end. I can now see perspectives in a completely new...perspective!

Drawing for Illustrators was a new experience for me, too. I really hated painting, and the entire class was done with Gouache paint. But it helped me see lighting and color differently. I learned how to control the paint a lot better. If given the opportunity, I would like to go back.

My only issue is the cost. It is considered one of the most expensive schools in the country, and they prove that with how much the tuition is. I spent more money on supply refills than anything else.

Other than that, I loved Ringling.
I was at Ringling for a little while. For the time that I was there, it was very nice. The campus was clean and well taken care of. There were great facilities and helpful students there. Much diversity as well. The only thing that could improve are the dorms, especially for freshmen.
They have a great illustration and computer animation programs. They also have wonderful job placement resources.
Review Ringling College of Art & Design
While an expensive school, the experience and contacts one can make at the school make it worth the financiers and application exams required to attend. You will get out of the school what you put into it, and given the extensive business world contacts and amazing faculty available; I would say Ringling is worth the investment. I would love to see more hands on help from financial aid persons or at least some earlier introductions to core concepts of individual career options; as these are often reserved for upperclassman.
It is a nice college. They are up to date with the latest technology and the students love it there. I'd like to see the prices go down for tuition and to have more greenery on campus especially around the student dorms.
I visited Ringling during their Fall preview day, and it was very impressive and amazing. They had many rooms and resources. Also the faculty and students were very supportive and nice.
The good side:
Most professors are great, knowledgeable and eager to aide students in finding their own style and place in the world of art.
Impeccable facilities.
Internships opportunities galore.
Extensive collection of researchable material at the library.

The flip side:
Some professors just plainly don't care.
No good variety for Liberal Art or Electives courses.
There's no professional care for a student's condition, neither financially nor psychologically.
With poor to nonexistent interdepartmental communication, people in critical positions barely understand their role in the institution –or worse, they do know but don't care–, leaving one to wonder what actual qualifications are needed to attain such a place in the institution. It's better to do your own research on financial and time management than ask any advice from these nincompoops at FinAid and Advising as there's a risk of having your entire academic standing in peril if said advice is followed.
The general rule is that you should always compare departments, not colleges. Ringling boasts some great ones.

The Computer Animation program is one of the nation's best, and many alumni have found work in companies like Dreamworks, Pixar, and Disney. Ringling's Graphic Design program boasts impressive alum, as does Illustration.

The campus is small, and you will get to know every student in your year. The facilities are varied and modern, including 3d printers, laser cutters, photo studios, entire computer labs stocked with Wacom Cintiqs, an incredible library, and much more.

It is a private school and it is incredibly expensive– Ringling is not known for being generous with scholarships. A Bachelor's degree with run you 45k/year. Some friends I know graduated with over $100k in student loan debt.

Ringling is an amazing school, but there are many ways to get an arts education, depending on what your goals are. Think hard about what loans like that will do to you.
I love Ringling, the only down fall is the over-all cost. But I feel like I am actually learning something that is relevant to my major. Everyone is friendly to one another, it is over-all a pleasant experience.
I have only just completed my freshman year, but I have heard stories of students getting really great jobs. Recruiters come to speak all of the time- big name recruiters too, like Disney and Hallmark.
There are always security guards driving around, they are very friendly.
For my freshman year, I stayed in Goldstein. It is the newest residential building, and it really shows compared to the other res halls. Everything in Goldstein looks clean and fresh, although sometimes the elevators break down.
we don't have a greek life, and I prefer it that way
We have a gym and we have some sport clubs, but nothing too competitive.
It is only as good as you make it. The teachers are not going to go out of their way to hold your hand and walk you through processes. You must have a strong work ethic in order to succeed and get the most out of the education.
You are not going to find a good decent party, must of them are drunk and high people, nothing fun.
its good athough could be better
Review Ringling College of Art & Design
A more open-minded school you cannot find, of course there are some exceptions, but overall is very accepting of everything.
It's safe, people is not going to make you take something that you don't want and public safety is always taking care if they heard you have drugs
Housing could be better and same with the knowledge they give you classes. Overall is nice, could be better, though, especially for the amount of money you are paying.
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