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My school is great. The campus is large enough to meet so many people and the diversity is outstanding. I feel like I meet someone new everyday. Additionally, I always feel safe on campus. There are blue boxes all over campus that you can call public safety if you need them. There is always public safety cars driving around campus as well, so I always feel safe. Also, the classes are mostly small so it is easy to make connections with professors. They always open doors for opportunities and make sure you understand that you can come to them whenever you need help or advice. They know what they are talking about and are very educated. The buildings are mostly clean and campus is always clean. Everyone you meet makes you feel welcome and a part of the family.
Professors are helpful and respectful, they really want you to pass. The campus its self is very nice and I enjoy the fact that it is a small school.
I love rider university! I have been in the community of Lawrenceville for over 10 years, and I am proud to say I have decided to be a part of riders business management program. I never thought I would stay close to home, but I am thrilled to have this experience.
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I think Rider University is a great school when it comes to teacher education. They give you a chance to go out and experience what teachers do in a classroom. I believe that Rider is just too expensive sometimes. They should work on lowering the price to attend here and I think that would allow more students to be interested in going to Rider.
I do not like how rider is treating the sale of Westminster Choir College, it has been a very upsetting process. But, despite that, the faculty have held their heads up high and. could not have ask for a better freshman year experience.
I love the School Psychology graduate program. The attention you receive is unlike any other and I feel prepared for the schools.
Like the athletic department and the campus is laid out well. The dorms are very outdated. The food is not that great. Like the small classes and student to teacher ratio. However the school is on the more expensive side.
The professors here are nice and informational. Though the campus itself is pretty and well laid out it can be very boring at times. Organizations try to hold events for students to attend and those can be fun but on a weekend where there is no event, it can be disappointing.
It is a quite campus that allows you to focus on your studies. The Professors here are very kind and will help you with almost anything you need. Rider gives off a community feeling and students tend to get along very well on this diverse campus. However, there isn't much of a party life on campus nor many activities for everyone to join in on, on the weekends.
Rider is nice if you like small schools, but if you are not in a fraternity or on a sport's team it can get really boring. There's not much to do so you really have to get involved with a lot if you want to keep busy. The buildings are close together so its easy to find your way around and usually everyone know everyone.
Rider tries really hard to keep students active and involved. Every weekend they have some kind of event, whether it be a school tradition like the R Factor or special student sponsored events like the time I got to make a mindfulness jar with my friends. There is always something to do and there is very little reason to stay cooped up in your dorm room on the weekend. The food at both the dining hall and the mini restaurant they have on campus, Crans, is delicious. The food has plenty of flavor and there are even vegan and gluten free options. Rider offers free tutoring and writing lab services for those who need extra help. The only issue would be the dorms are a little out dated. For most of them there is no central air conditioning and the bathrooms are kind of grungy. They are in process of renovating all the dorms so this problem won't be relevant tin a few years but for now the dorms are just kinda "eh".
It is a great school and the people are all so nice! I love the campus and all my new friends since starting!
I love the welcoming atmosphere of the campus we well as the faculty and staff. The diversity of majors also adds a cool relationship between students.
Rider is trying to sell Westminster Choir College because we are a financial burden, we had a surplus of money this year. They tried to sell us illegally. Dell Omo, the president of Rider has tried multiple times to cut our piano program, his administration has not given our faculty raises, but pockets the money for himself. He also has not been truthful in his affairs with the selling of our school. Rider's administration has tried to go behind the students, the teachers and everyone's back to get rid of Westminster for the money. Westminster is our home. "we are just a cash cow." We are not a cash cow, we are a family. They cannot just sell us for money. We believe in the beauty of honesty, self-creation and the role that the art's has in our community, and we will not be silenced by a president who see's us as dollar signs.
Besides shaping my academic knowledge, I have found Rider very useful in helping me develop my time management, organization, communication, and networking skills.
The overall academic feel of the university makes every student feel as if their academic career will be a success. The professors are very flexible and develop a personal connection with each and every student. However, the social and residence life is lacking, a large portion of the student's commute and the dorm halls need renovating.
I love Rider University's tight-knit community, it feels like my second home! The teachers know your name, and the small class sizes make sure that all students understand the subject material. My largest class has 24 students.
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Rider university gives me a lot of opportunities to find myself and help me get a better understanding of what career path I want to follow while also giving me the resources to achieve my goals.
Rider University has been great. In my short three years here I have gained so much. I gained best friends, close peers, professionalism, and confidence. I am currently pursuing an education degree, and I love everything about this major. In my education classes I have gained great opportunities, such as teaches lessons and gaining confidence in the classroom. I love being a Rider student. Go Broncs!
I like that I have the opportunity to have close connections with my professors. This allows me to academically succeed. I would change the activities that are provided on the weekends. Rider should focus on making campus more active and sociable.
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