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I love how Rider is a very close community school. You make great connections with your teachers and other peers throughout the years. Its like a second home. There is always something to do on the weekends and during the week. Very close to Princeton and Trenton, so you can go out for the night. Also, its an hour train ride to Philly, so you can go and have a day in Philly enjoying some cheese steaks. Rider could improve the variety in good options and its professors. Some professors seem too old to be teaching.
Some people in the Financial Aid office clearly do not know how to do their job; however, I have established great personal relationships with some professors. These professors continue to push me to become the person I want to be, working with children. Social interactions are lacking with this school though. As a commuter I can say they barely bring commuters together. Yes they have the occasional "meet your fellow commuters while getting a coffee, bagels, donuts or whatever other breakfast food they can think of that may cause a desire in a broke college student's stomach, but that's honestly about it. I think rider should have more exciting trips as a school by a raffle or something to keep it more exciting.
Rider University is a smaller campus, with many ways to become involved in campus life. Class sizes are also small so you are able to get to know your professor, and are actually able to get that classroom experience.
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So far, I believe that Rider charges too much money for its students to attend when many of the classes are not as rigorous, teachers not as dedicated, and students not as motivated as I wish.
Rider University is an above average institution. They specialize in numerous majors and have one of the highest quality educational programs in New Jersey. Outside of the classroom, Rider University could seek further improvement. The dormitories are poor and campus safety could be made better. I would not hesitate to recommend Rider University to high school student, but only if they would benefit from studying a specific major.
I received my Undergrad from Rider, I am going back fall of 2018 for my MBA. The Advisors are very supportive and I believe give great advice and positive direction for a clear path to career goals. I think the cost is in line with pretty much any University in NJ. In anycase the cost is worth the price of admission for a great education!
I loved when I was at Rider University for my undergrad. I plan on going back soon for my teaching certificate and my Masters in teaching. The campus is beautiful and so easy to learn how to get around. Luckily, all the classroom buildings are right near each other, making it easy to get from building to another. Most of the teachers are great, I had an easier time at Brookdale Community College finding great teachers than I did at Rider. There are some great teachers with good reviews and there are bad teachers with bad reviews that I recommend staying away from. was how I chose what classes I was going to take. I highly recommend using this website. The school is financially doing poorly, but there is still a very high number of students that enroll every year. Being it is a private school, the tuition is extremely high. I recommend going to a community college first and transferring in to get more scholarship money. Making it a cheaper way to get a degree.
Rider is one of those schools that you either love or you hate. Theres never a moment when you feel unsafe or unsure about campus. Theres always familiar faces no matter where you go. You'll know if its the school for you the second you arrive and are greeted on campus. Classes are very manageable as Rider offers many resources to support and overcome any academic difficulties during your time there as a student. Financial aid are always willing to sit down and help those students in need. I can't imagine my college experience anywhere else.
Rider University is very a diverse school. The professors are truly amazing, and if help is needed in classes, Rider always seeks out to give evryone helps, lets everyone knows there are so options, such as the writing studio, or tutor trac for so mnay classes.
Terrible on a financial level. They decrease aid and increase tuition every year. My now senior student should be graduating this year, but CAN NOT afford to return to Rider to finish her education due to the decrease in aid, and increase in tuition, room and board.
Do not be fooled by how they try to get you in as a freshman.
My overall experience at Rider University has been enriching in a multitude of aspects of my life. With Rider being such a small school; no more than 5,000 students at that, I was able to test my academic, emotional and physical character in a reasonable playing field. Academically, the professors have pushed and motivated me in a competitive yet fair way, giving me ample opportunity to take in all that the school has to offer. I ran track and field here and was able to balance my school work as well as the calm but energetic vibe amongst the student body. Last but not least, Rider offers a variety of social groups that help you find and narrow your focus and extracurriculars.
Overall, this is a pretty good school. Most of the staff is friendly and easy to approach. As a transfer student, I do not experience with most classes not related to my major, but the classes are overall fun and engaging. The few events I've been to outside of class were very enjoyable and I very much liked the guest speakers and other activities. As a commuter, I did not have much issue with the food either, which was usually of a fairly wide variety. The only issues I have are that some of the teachers, namely those for gen ed or language classes do not seem that qualified for teaching.
Administration is terrible and it's so overpriced. The professors are AMAZING but I wish all the student debt I've accumulated was going into their pocket, not the administrator. Their sale of Westminster was a travesty.
Tough academically if you are working a full time job while taking 16 credits. Be prepared for lots of teachers who do not care about what grade you get despite the effort and attitude you have towards their course. New food service coming this year (2018) so we will see about that.
I love how they really emphasize engaged learning. It helps everyone prepare for a job in the real world. The one thing I would like to change is the amount of people that stay on the weekend. A lot of people go home on the weekends.
Rider gives me a lot of room to grow. Though it has its faults, like any school, the positives outweigh the negatives. The environment is friendly and I feel like people really want each other to grow and succeed.
My school is great. The campus is large enough to meet so many people and the diversity is outstanding. I feel like I meet someone new everyday. Additionally, I always feel safe on campus. There are blue boxes all over campus that you can call public safety if you need them. There is always public safety cars driving around campus as well, so I always feel safe. Also, the classes are mostly small so it is easy to make connections with professors. They always open doors for opportunities and make sure you understand that you can come to them whenever you need help or advice. They know what they are talking about and are very educated. The buildings are mostly clean and campus is always clean. Everyone you meet makes you feel welcome and a part of the family.
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Professors are helpful and respectful, they really want you to pass. The campus its self is very nice and I enjoy the fact that it is a small school.
I love rider university! I have been in the community of Lawrenceville for over 10 years, and I am proud to say I have decided to be a part of riders business management program. I never thought I would stay close to home, but I am thrilled to have this experience.
I think Rider University is a great school when it comes to teacher education. They give you a chance to go out and experience what teachers do in a classroom. I believe that Rider is just too expensive sometimes. They should work on lowering the price to attend here and I think that would allow more students to be interested in going to Rider.
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