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There is no drug or alcohol scene on campus. we came to study not get high.
Our professors are specialized in their areas of expertise and the academic load is heavy.
Richmont is a christian based school so sexual activity be gay or straight is frowned upon. As for ethnic diversity it has a good mix. I am Hispanic and I have white and black classmates and we all consider ourselves friends.
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If you want to a great preparation for counseling Richmont is for you. besides being a school that offers only counseling you have plenty of opportunities to for internships through the counseling centers that Richmont runs. I was offered a job for when I graduate after my first year of studies. I am in my final year now and already am averaging almost 20 hours a week of supervised counseling in an internship on campus.
Richmont has been more than I expected. My experience has been really good.
Small class size, specialized and caring professors make for a great educational experience
Its a small well taken care of campus
Pretty good process. I still need to meet with the advisor but they are very helpful and try to advise me the best they can.
There are no drug or alcohol scenes at Richmont Graduate University.
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