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Attending Richmond Community college is an ok experience for me. There are some professors who are unfair but there are several professors who actually care.
It was a good and fair experience. The classes weren't too hard and the professors that I had were good for me. The environment is a very nice and welcoming environment.
A great community college to start out your college journey. The professors are adamant about helping every student with their studying needs.
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Richmond Community College was a very small campus that made you feel a personal connection with everyone who was a part of the campus. The student to teacher ratio was very nice. The teachers always made themselves available to students. The cafeteria food wasn't that great, and the food itself was bland most days.
Well-worth the investment. Impressive number of certificate and associate degree programs for a community college. For the most part instructors are average, but there's a great number of stellar instructors. There are several clubs and student opportunities and more are developing; a literary and arts magazine was approved last year, for example, and its first issue is coming out on the spring of this year. the tutor request form is easy to fill out. Academics aren't overly challenging but not bad either.
Richmond Community College is a great local college. Many different courses are offered and everyone is there to help you succeed.
A great place to begin your college journey. The staff is kind and knowledgeable, they really want students to succeed. Teachers remember students names and classes are small enough that you get to know your fellow students.
I'm currently enrolled at rcc majoring in information technology. I've been here fit almost 2 years and I really enjoy the campus, people, and the atmosohere. The people are really nice and make sure their students receive the proper tools and knowledge to obtain their education. Richmond was a school I never even considered rcc until my mother told me about it. At first I wasn't so sure but it was the best choice and one year from know I will be graduated with my degree. I would encourage anyone to attend rcc its worth your money and to betteting your education.
Come on in take classes up at Richmond Community College in Hamlet, NC fun school awesome teacher, and great activities. You can finish early or you can take your time. The President and teachers are cool and energetic so you'll never get broad or tired in class. You can also take up classes around your work scheduled by going to the student success center and they will help you with anything. So apply today at
Professor really go out their way to make sure you get the education you need. Hands on, listening, or even writing. They demostate all the learning styles.
The school always keep you update and everyone is helpful. Overalls ita a great school. Make you feel very welcomed.
RCC offers classes that fit into my work schedule and family responsibilities and I think that is the reason I was so successful this last semester. Most of my classes that I thought would transfer did and those that didn't were too old and that information was provided in the student handbook and I didn't have any surprises.
I like on-line courses because I can fit them into my work schedule and family responsibilities without any problems.
Based on information during a nursing orientation some of the graduates from this year already have job prospects lined up even without passing their boards yet.
So far most of the instructors and professors were very knowledgeable in the courses and made the material interesting and easy to retain the information for the exams.
Nursing is a great field to go into and the job prospects are exceptional at this time.
I've taken several courses at RCC and have done great in all classes except one and I believe that I wasn't ready for that class at the time because of family responsibilities and financial issues.
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From the admission office, to counselors and instructors everyone wants you as the student to be successful. I wish I would have chosen this school earlier in life.
Its interesting because I enjoy the hands on part of my chemistry and biology courses. The hands on helps me to understand the book.
I have ccame along with going thru different schools to get on the right path. Richmond Community College has done a wonderful job assisting me on creating a career path and accepting college credits earned from different schools. The best part was not having to repeat classes over.
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