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Richmond - The American International University in London Reviews

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Really nice Chancellor's Scholarship, $19,000 per year, and it's London. The price is rather high, as other private Unis are, but with the scholarship, and taking a paid internship or job, it's manageable.
The biggest pro of Richmond is undoubtedly the location- living in London is a great opportunity. I've also found that the professors for the most part really do enjoy what they're teaching and want to help. It also helps that the classes are so small, so the professors really do get to know you personally. My classes are also very interesting and challenging without being a ton of work. I haven't really enjoyed my time at Richmond as much as I had hoped. The student body is so small- it is hard to make a lot of friends as things are cliquey and the school feels like a boarding school rather than a university. Housing is iffy- you could wind up in a very large, nice single room, or you could pay the same amount for a 5 ft x 10 ft room. The food is also really bad. I got food poisoning from the salad! Richmond is a great place to spend a year as a study abroad student, but full time is a different story. I think I will be transferring as soon as I can.
This university is a scam. It is a place where kids from wealthy families go to buy a degree. Most of these kids are nice but a lot of them are absolutely irresponsible and have no ability to work. It's not their faults, they were never taught to. To do their assignments they hire kids from actual universities to write their essays and do their homework. During in-door exams, they do terrible and a lot of them don't even show up but the administration still let them pass through the next year because this place is run like a business and they want to claim the tuition fees from the families or sign up other loans with the students. Yes they are not a bank but they generously provide loans to (priviliged) kids and set up the whole thing so that they can have a long term income source. People who contributed to this should be ashamed of themselves as it reaches a degree of corruption (though apparently legal) that should be heavily punished in the academic system.
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Richmond University is a really safe university with little to no crime. Additionally the campus is located in one of the most upscale and safest boroughs of London. I have never not felt safe on campus and the students usually feel that the safety measures of the security team on campus are a bit extreme and actually need to be dialled back.
Richmond University offers amazing internships, real world experience, study abroad programs, and has a great employment rate upon graduation. The internships can be taken by any student with a 3.0 GPA or higher once you have reached your third year at University. A student can either take an internship in London during the Fall, Spring or Summer semester or a student can take an internship in countries like South Africa, Ghana, China, India, Argentina, Spain, and Italy during the summer semester. Also if you cannot find the internship you want from one of these countries, then the school will help you find the one thats right for you. I know some students who have had internships with London Fashion Week, Touchstone Pictures, National Geographic, Warner Bros, and more. I will be taking part in a world internship soon with a film agency in Cape Town, South Africa. Additionally, the study abroad programs are amazing with opportunities to study in Australia, New Zealand, The United States, Canada, Argentina, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, France, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, and China. Richmond University gives students many opportunities to excel and to give real world experience to add to their CV for future employment.
The majority of courses offered at this University are really great. I am not a fan of the Liberal Arts courses that have to be taken as a freshman but the major courses are really interesting. The majority of the professors are really helpful, however, I feel like the best professors are the International Relations and International Business professors. The class size will always be less than 20 students in every class unless it is a Liberal Arts course. The most in a liberal arts course will be about 30 students. However, the courses are interesting as long as you are interested in your chosen major.
The dorms are not very good. A lot of the dorms are really small and not worth the price. However, some students luck out and get spacious rooms and for the same price as the smaller single rooms. It depends on the location. If you get a dorm in George House, Red House, Parkview, or Montford House then you have really good room sizes. Montford also has optional meal plan where you have your own kitchen. Main building housing is not very good and sizes of room vary and overall housing is not worth the price. Main building is a 2 minute walk to classes and overall has a better social life. Parkview and Montford tend to be like the Greek Life (however, we do not have greek life). These houses tend to stick together and make friends with one another. However, these building are about a 10-15 minute walk to classes. George house is the newer building located next to Main building and has a 2 minute walk to classes. This building has the nicest bathrooms on campus and have just been refurnished. Amenities in all buildings are nearly non-existant. However, Parkview and Main Building do have a common room with a television, lounge, ping-pong table, pool table, and vending machines. Additionally there is a small gym in main building. Though no on-campus housing is worth the price. Finding off-campus housing is ultimately the best option for saving money and having a spacious and comfortable environment.
There are not many athletic programs at Richmond. The ones that Richmond does have are not advertised properly and lack school support. Richmond has a football team (soccer) and a cheerleading team. Sometimes student government will organise intramural sports but it rarely has much participation. Sports are not a big part of Richmond. However, the campus is located right next to Twickenham stadium so it is relatively easy to catch a rugby or football game.
The school has decent programmes and professors. However, it is really small and the student body is about 1800 students. The students tend to come from very privileged backgrounds. Most students are friendly, however, there are a select few that cause a lot of drama and since it is a small school the drama tends to be known by everyone. Although this happens at all universities. The positives of Richmond are the study abroad and internships available. Richmond has a fantastic study abroad program and great internships available in countries all around the world. The school has great academic programs, however, the school is mostly better for real world experience rather than actual studies (unless you are in International Relations or International Business, these are fantastic programs at Richmond). The food is horrible and on campus housing is not very good and can be highly expensive. Finding off campus housing, such as, flats or flat shares are a lot less expensive and is better for making your own food and having your own space from the small campus. The clubs and organisations at Richmond are really good too and the planned activities can be a lot of fun. However, if you are looking for good sporting programs they are not highly advertised at Richmond and there is not much involvement other than football (soccer). This school is ultimately great because it offers a dual degree. You will receive both an American accredited degree and a British accredited degree. This school would be absolutely perfect if the students were more friendly and less exclusive, the student life activities were better, and if the food and housing were better. Other than that Richmond University is a good school for academics, real world experience, dual degree, and giving you an amazing new cultural experience.
Within the first few months of the semester, a lot of student's possessions were stolen. No one knows for sure if they ever got their items back. Security mainly stay in the main building on campus. I rarely ever see them near my housing facility or the one next door. I feel relatively safe on campus. Nothing happens on campus, really.
I felt as if the general education courses at this university were wasting the time of the students. The courses are quite broad and cram a large range of topics into one course and expect you to know everything by the end of term. There is no focus on just one subject. Academic counselors can be very helpful depending on who you're assigned. Otherwise, it can make it hard to manage your courses.
I lucked out and was put into the housing just outside of the campus. The rooms are fairly large compared to the housing in the main building on campus. There's a small common room in the basement that lacks an actual kitchen, though. A downside to this particular house is that it is quite old, so every noise made travels throughout the whole house for everyone to hear. Especially at night.
Athletics are poorly advertised in the school. The students are never quite sure when tryouts are (if any), and the games are rarely ever advertised either. When they are advertised, the games are always during class time which prevents students from attending.
The school isn't at all what I thought it would be. They are seriously lacking a diverse science department and a majority of their classes are just more advanced general education courses. It's not all it's cracked up to be.
Richmond International is a very unique university because it has such a rich blend of different cultures and its cultural diversity is my favorite experience by far at Richmond International.
Barely anything for either gender and lacking a reachout to students.
Very expensive in London to begin with.
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When there is a solid plan and place to go with friends it can be a great night.
Lots of different cuisines. Great!
Some days worse than others, getting better with new chef. Needs to be more student voice since there is so much money going into the cafeteria to begin with.
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