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What I love about Richland Community College is that they are very diverse, the professors are very helpful, and most of all how small the classes are. Richland are full of students all race. Everyone around campus are extremely kind and full of energy. The professors that I've had, while being on campus are very affectionate. They care about my grade. The reason why I feel that college is easier for me, is because of how small the classes are. This gives me an opportunity to focus on my professor and have a chance to get one on one time to expand my learning in case I have questions. Working in a smaller group is also less distracting. Most Importantly, Richland Community College is a great school. I've learned new skills that I didn't know I was capable of. I enjoy spending time on this campus. The environment carries positive energy. This school has such a great impact on me
Richland Community College is a very great school for anybody trying to figure out what school to go to, what to major in, and help save money. The professors are outstanding and get to know each student in such a short amount of time.
Great school teachers seem to really want to help people further their educated. There could be more options in other school but it seems like Richland has something everyone can be looking for;
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It’s a very good school, it’s one of the best community colleges anyone can go to. The school is diverse and has a safe and social campus. Although the Academics is one of the best, there are not any dorms so one can stay on campus.
So far my experience at Richland Community College has been very good. A majority of the professors that I have had are always willing to help a student if they need it. My counselor at Richland has also been very helpful during my time there. He has been amazing at helping me with classes, decided what I want to do in the future, and with helping me in my transfer progress to my new school next semester. Richland also has many different opportunities for students around campus. It is a great place to attend, learn, and further one's education
My experience at Richland Community College has been average at best. Some of the advisors don't want to help the student and recommends the student to take classes they don't need. Some of the professors make up for the most of the problems at Richland. they are all very nice and have a willing attitude to go out of the way to help the students
I have had great professors, and it is very affordable. I got a scholarship that covered my tuition. I am getting my associate's degree there and then transferring to a four year institution. It has saved me so much money. They do lots of fun, free events there as well. In addition, they are currently remodeling, which already is looking great.
I had a good experience over all at Richland Community College. The majority of my professors at this college were very helpful and cared about my education. They take the time to help people individually. The financial help is great here and it is affordable. It is a great place to get your first two years of college affordably and you will receive a high education.
Richland Community College has been an excellent experience for me. It is the one thing I like about living in Decatur. The people who work there are very helpful. The one thing I would like to change about Richland Community College is having a Music department, especially for those who are majoring in music.
Whether it is playing an instrument, going into production, or composing music. There should be a department like that.
I liked how small the classes were. Most of the classes have a maximum of about 25 students. The teachers are all really friendly and give good lessons. However, it can feel like a continuation of high school and not college.
Richland Community College is very diverse. I don't feel like the odd one out in any of my classes. I love how openly accepting everyone is, the staff and organizations offered at the college. Love everything about the college.
What I like about Richland is the diversity not only in the people and cultures but also with the types of people; artsy people who wear odd printed clothes and hair colors, people who wear sweats and a t-shirt, those who dress like they work for a business, and there are so many more. The diversity in the offered classes is also really nice. I also like the professors mostly because they care about students. However some professors so not recognize that students learn differently and will refuse to adapt to be able to help all students, which sets them up to fail a class.
They had a really good way to pinpoint your credits at the end
They have the best way to give you an understanding on anything you need help on
I love this school but it's only a community college I would like to go to university where I can continue my education
The professor's like to teach where the student can understand on their own level
If I had a choice I would definitely come back anytime I can
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I recommend it for anyone that wants to come to Richland
I would recommend this school especially for the course I am going in for it is the best learning environment that I could ever receive.
my major is International business...i just want a career that allows me to travel. and all the courses are making more interested in the business aspect
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