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Great learning environment with amazing professors and friendly staff. The school is very diverse and I have meet new people with unique personalities. The school has enough parking space and the train station is near by making it easy to get to school.
The atmosphere in the campus is very diverse, feels welcome every time I come to school. The instructors and classes are outstanding. Great campus to attend if you want to get your associates.
A nice, big community college. Federal student aid covered my entire cost of attendance. The honors staff is amazing, in fact, all the campus' staff are very friendly. There are many great places to study all around the campus. There is a way to walk through the entire campus without ever having to go outdoors --this way, you do not have to expose yourself to the Texas heat.
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I love the schedules they work out with you. The professors I’ve had were very nice and worked out any questions you had.
Richland College is well respected and was decently affordable to kick start my college career. It is a great place to study basic courses and find professors that care about your success. I found that the more I stayed engaged in class the more encouragement I received to make it to my Associate of Arts degree.
The campus is nice and is always getting bigger, the thing I liked about it is that it's affordable if you can't go right away to a university. The things that need to be changed is the science counselor's or have more.
Richland is a great school with an excellent staff and nice campus. They truly take their time and work seriously with you and your education goals. They offer various options for all students when it comes to courses and time slots.
The reason i went to richland college its close to home and mostly of my highschool freinds attendent there. The best thing i like and enjoy a lot about richland college is a number of things ,first i work thru my hours and choose my schedule and profesor , second the fact that there is so much help finacialy helping paying for school and education help english and math corners where you can come and they can give more help to you a one on one type of help. Lastly the thing i like about richland would be the freedom you can have in college, wearing hats in class , using the elavador , wearing what ever clothes, geting late and the teacher not geting into you, aswell to your desicion on what to do in college.
Most of the staff was very nice, and the student population is diverse and friendly. I learned quite a bit!
What I really love about Richland College is their RCHS collegiate program, which helps high school students save two years of their time in education! The environment is beautiful, and there are lots of facilities available! Also, a lot of the staff is great and the campus offers many events and club organizations. Very upbeat environment, and all around everything is amazing! :)
Everyone was always supportive! I was very involved with clubs and it made the experience even better!
Overall, my experience at Richland was great! I didn't get a chance to really expand my horizon at Richland with clubs and organizations but i've heard wonderful things about the clubs and organizations from friends! The professors and student diversity was out of the world. It's your regular community college but everyone apart of it was great!
Overall I think it is a wonderful school, but the students do not have much to rally around to create a sense of community.
It was a fun experience and I was able learn a lot about differnt topics. It really helped me improve academically and set me up for success for the future. Most teachers care for you acaemically and want you to suceed.
I enjoy the smaller sized classes, it provides the professors with more time to understand the students
Many community colleges get a fair amount of heat, and some of that is well deserved. Not so when it comes to Richland College, and the DCCCD network as a whole. Richland's staff, all the way from the administrative office worker to the highest tenured professor there, truly care about the students, as well as each other. This has been my experience, at least, and I know for a fact it has been a large number of my peer's experiences as well. If you are feeling a bit out of place, feeling a bit lost, or even know exactly what you are going to do later in life, Richland College is the place for you.
My overall experience with Richland College has been phenomenal. The professors are great, and really try to engage with the students on their subject.
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I really enjoy my experience here. The staff is friendly and helpful. The campus has many computer labs and huge library to do homework. The on campus Starbucks has helped me survive my exams.Coming to this college has changed my life forever !
I am a dual credit student that takes a class at Richland and I love the campus and how it is easy to get everywhere.
Nice college, I really did not expect those many things and services they offer me here! Very satisfied with workers, professors and overall students are kind.
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