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Richland is a great school. It is rewarding to get such great feedback on your investment. The staff and students are very diverse and education minded.
I have had a great experience at my time at Richland. There are many clubs and extra curricular activities. I like the people that attend this college and the environment. If there was something to change, it would be the building designs. Coming into some of the buildings at Richland give an old boring vibe.
I have literally had the best advisors and the best professors here trying to help everyone become a better person and you can feel how much everyone wants you to succeed.
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This is my first year at Richland College and I am absolutely enjoying it! I came here not knowing a single person but the professors and my fellow classmates were so welcoming and nice! I also love how diverse this campus is, I have many friends of different ethnic backgrounds. One thing I would change about this school would be the food! We need more types of food on campus!
I am a high school student at the college, and i think that richland is one of the best community colleges in the dallas area. It is a great environment, beautiful campus.
Its a very diverse campus with a lot of learning experiences.I saved a lot of money coming to richland to get my basics out the way.
I like the diversity (Richland's students represent over 130 different countries), and the many ways you can get involved. There are many clubs/organizations to be a part of, and it is a great place to build community.
Professors here really care about your success. Such a clean campus too. I always felt secured and safe here.
What i like about richland is that the professors are very helpful and they really do want us students to succeed and make sure we pass the class. What i also like about it is that the administrators are very helpful to choose which classes we need to pursue our degrees.
The people you meet at Richland can definitely mean more to than just classmates! Also, the diversity you find there can help you be open-minded to a lot a ways of resolving real life problems or even class homework.
Richland College is a community college, however they make it a mission to welcome students. On the first few weeks they welcomed everyone with games, for, and music. The professors teach you everything you need to know in the course and have you prepared for the finals. They offer tutoring if you need any extra help in many courses.
Richland is a great community college. I love using Rate My Teacher to pick my next semester's classes. They have a wide variety of classes and many options to make your perfect schedule.
A nice school that is highly diversified. Has both large classes (regular) of about 30 or more and smaller classes of 10 to 15 or 19 (honors). Passionate and very friendly teachers. And a good learning environment. What I will like to see a change in is in the area of more open scholarships for international students.
Richland College is a very diverse place with a great campus. Its professors are very nice and teach very well . The campus isn't really big, so it doesn't take long to get from class to class. It has great campus food, like Subway and Starbucks. Its a really great place to go to school.
It's a decent college, you get the information you ask for (no more, maybe less). If you have unanswered questions, you'd have to ask because advisors won't waste their time to give you the small details that you might actually need, which is such a hassle on your part. Lazy advisors to be honest. Other than that, great students, everyone is friendly. Professors are good too.
Great Professors and resources! I have been at Richland College for one year and a half and it is very convenient. I am currently completing my prereques for nursing and I love the Professor's that I have. They are very encouraging and knowledgeable which makes me confident in my education career. The campus is beautiful, especially the pond that lies right in the middle of campus. It is very lively with student life planning fun events for the students, even the animals on campus such as the giant geese and their babies following and the turtles. It is also extremely diverse and all of the cultures mixed really brings the community together to learn about other parts of the world.
I love the diversity of Richland College as well as the campus itself. I've had good experiences with some professors and have not enjoyed others.
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I liked how diverse the school was and the professors were always helpful and did not hesitate to help make sure i understand the material.
This is your average small community college. It has a wide variety of classes, with some fairly impressive software and game design classes, and also all the normal basics. Good place to get your foundation before transferring to a university or to figure out what you want to pursue. Good price for residents of Dallas.
I love Richland College! The professors are professional, the course variety is excellent! I’ve changed my major a billion times and have enjoyed my educational journey there. I am finally a Senior and will continue studying a variety of subjects! The Black and White Photography Darkroom courses were absolutely amazing. I recommend Richland and it’s distant learning option.
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