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very great atmosphere. good professors. challenging classes, but in a good way! I made many new life long friends here and I enjoyed my time a lot.
I started attending Richland College the fall after I graduated high school, in 2014. I am now finishing my last semester there and will graduate with an Associates of Arts. The thing I value most about Richland is the diversity the school is known for. It prides itself in the different cultures it brings together and every year they are proud to show tolerance and support. Richland College has a large student body and is in a great area that makes it accessible through many commutes. Although large, Richland is just small enough for professors and students to be able to create meaningful and long lasting relationships that help strengthen a student's motivation to graduate and continue with their education or find a good job.
Good school with great professors. The campus is good and I like the cafeteria as well. The adviser I have was very resourceful and helpful.
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My experience at Richland College has been a very good, I have had no problems with any professor they are very nice and understandable if you pay attention in class. There are multiple types of festivities they have around the campus where student can just get a break from working so hard and just enjoy the time communicating with new people they have never met and just eat good food from different traditions. Overall I consider you going if you want to enroll in a affordable and easy college.
I have had a wonderful experience at Richland. The professors care about their students and encourage them to ask questions. Most of the classes have online options available for students who can't make it to campus everyday or for taking courses with other colleges in the DCCCD.
I liked the professors and support service, like tutoring and workshops. I wish the buildings were rennovated though.
i like Richland college, because it's close to my home. people are very nice there. most of my friends are there to help me with my homework in case i need help.
The campus is really taken care of, the grounds are beautiful. I really enjoy walking across the bridge over the pond everyday. But I do think that some of the buildings need updating. As well as some of the professors. I have had some great professors but some of them have really sucked.
First, it is cheap. The premises are beautifully maintained and it is very zen. There are beautiful ducks, geese, turtles and squirrels. The trees are dancing on the campus lot and there is a very cool water fountain from the 1800s which still works. That belonged to the family that lived there.
The professors are cool and very helpful, that's of course, if you use ratemyprofessor. They truly set you up for success and keep in touch to give you a reference if needed.
Lastly, the advisers are very nice as well; however, they do need to be better informed when it comes to local university programs and looking at the academic evaluation sheet.
Richland College is an affordable and cheap alternative if you want to get your basics out of the way first before you transfer to a 4-year institution.
awesome staff, very helpful getting enrolled in school. emails were responded accordingly very fast and accurately. financial aid office got me in and out within 1 hours with everything complete.
Richland community college is a great school! The teachers are nice and helpful, they helped made my time at Richland quick and easy! Also of course there are many different classes but the material is easy to follow and the teachers' learning style is always fun to follow. I came straight to community college after I graduated high school in 2017 and knew this was the best community college for me to attend. I am currently about to start my second year in hopes to finishing my basics to I can transfer to a university and finishing pursing my education in Nursing. Richland has been good to me and I am excited to start again this fall!
Great learning environment with amazing professors and friendly staff. The school is very diverse and I have meet new people with unique personalities. The school has enough parking space and the train station is near by making it easy to get to school.
The atmosphere in the campus is very diverse, feels welcome every time I come to school. The instructors and classes are outstanding. Great campus to attend if you want to get your associates.
A nice, big community college. Federal student aid covered my entire cost of attendance. The honors staff is amazing, in fact, all the campus' staff are very friendly. There are many great places to study all around the campus. There is a way to walk through the entire campus without ever having to go outdoors --this way, you do not have to expose yourself to the Texas heat.
I love the schedules they work out with you. The professors I’ve had were very nice and worked out any questions you had.
Richland College is well respected and was decently affordable to kick start my college career. It is a great place to study basic courses and find professors that care about your success. I found that the more I stayed engaged in class the more encouragement I received to make it to my Associate of Arts degree.
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The campus is nice and is always getting bigger, the thing I liked about it is that it's affordable if you can't go right away to a university. The things that need to be changed is the science counselor's or have more.
Richland is a great school with an excellent staff and nice campus. They truly take their time and work seriously with you and your education goals. They offer various options for all students when it comes to courses and time slots.
The reason i went to richland college its close to home and mostly of my highschool freinds attendent there. The best thing i like and enjoy a lot about richland college is a number of things ,first i work thru my hours and choose my schedule and profesor , second the fact that there is so much help finacialy helping paying for school and education help english and math corners where you can come and they can give more help to you a one on one type of help. Lastly the thing i like about richland would be the freedom you can have in college, wearing hats in class , using the elavador , wearing what ever clothes, geting late and the teacher not geting into you, aswell to your desicion on what to do in college.
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