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Overall, my experience at Richland was great! I didn't get a chance to really expand my horizon at Richland with clubs and organizations but i've heard wonderful things about the clubs and organizations from friends! The professors and student diversity was out of the world. It's your regular community college but everyone apart of it was great!
Overall I think it is a wonderful school, but the students do not have much to rally around to create a sense of community.
It was a fun experience and I was able learn a lot about differnt topics. It really helped me improve academically and set me up for success for the future. Most teachers care for you acaemically and want you to suceed.
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I enjoy the smaller sized classes, it provides the professors with more time to understand the students
Many community colleges get a fair amount of heat, and some of that is well deserved. Not so when it comes to Richland College, and the DCCCD network as a whole. Richland's staff, all the way from the administrative office worker to the highest tenured professor there, truly care about the students, as well as each other. This has been my experience, at least, and I know for a fact it has been a large number of my peer's experiences as well. If you are feeling a bit out of place, feeling a bit lost, or even know exactly what you are going to do later in life, Richland College is the place for you.
My overall experience with Richland College has been phenomenal. The professors are great, and really try to engage with the students on their subject.
I really enjoy my experience here. The staff is friendly and helpful. The campus has many computer labs and huge library to do homework. The on campus Starbucks has helped me survive my exams.Coming to this college has changed my life forever !
I am a dual credit student that takes a class at Richland and I love the campus and how it is easy to get everywhere.
Nice college, I really did not expect those many things and services they offer me here! Very satisfied with workers, professors and overall students are kind.
Richland college is an interesting place to start your future education. While attending money-saving classes you can also enjoy the events on campus, most of the time though you're on campus, enjoying the lake-side views and participating in events. It would be nice to have more places to visit and relax at since the El Paso passage is a really loud place with the students yelling. Along with more "restaurants" than just Subway and a pizzeria.
I think that it is a very good school, there are high school students that are students here as well. Usually the teachers are a hit or miss. They will either be a very good teacher or a bad teacher.
I attended here as an RCHS student in order to obtain my Associate's along with my high school diploma. It was difficult since I was taking nine classes but the professors are mostly nice and helpful people.
Richland overall is a great starting college. The teachers are very helpful and easy to learn from. The one thing I would change is the lack of attention the academic counslors give/provide the students.
It's a great beautiful campus with great diversity. Classes are well spread out through the, multiple buildings that the campus has. The campus security is good with a dedicated building made for the campus police. I myself in the short time that I've been here have been enjoying it very much.
Richland College is a diverse college with a variety of courses. There are a lot of helpful and friendly staff members if you have any questions. I think its a great community college though I do recommend looking up professors before choosing your classes.
Laid Back school. Not very challenging curriculum or enthusiastic people . Bright young students tend to provide a challenging atmosphere but the college itself gives me bad vibes. I staff is laid back. I dont feel the determination of professor's strong. Not bad if you wish to transfer to a four year university.
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Richland is a good school to have a good education. There are plenty of chances to get help from teachers and tutors. The campus it self is very nice. There are places to sit in the shade and plenty of places to park. Richland also has a man made river that runs through campus which brings ducks and geese.
I appreciated Richland's college readiness program and how they treat their students in order to prepare them for what universities will expect from us.
Richland is what you would initially think of a community college, average. It is pretty easy to get around campus and can be visually pleasing. It has two food chains on campus and a bookstore for all the essentials and on-the-go snacks. The professors here are just about average. I have some professors that make the class understandable and get students engaged while others can be very confusing and make the class uninteresting. I don't know much about the athletics here but from the trophies I see in the gym we are good where it counts. The area around Richland can be more interesting than the campus itself. There are various food places and stores within driving distance which is very convenient and when I say driving distance I mean less than five minutes to get anywhere.
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