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Richard Bland College of the College of William & Mary Reviews

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Like any college Richard Bland has its charms, but at first look it seems as if there isn't much there. Bonus, it is a two-year school with dorms. So, you can both get out of your parents' house and learn how to slowly get acclimated to the college life by starting small with your journey. If you need a place that is just a transition period between high school and your long-term goals then Richard Bland is the place for you. If you are looking to shoot off to the stars and not give your high school a second glance then you should probably keep soul searching for that right school. The really awesome part about Richard Bland is that their faculty and staff are unmatched. They are so absolutely amazing!
The campus itself is very relaxing with the Koi Pond, Pecan Grove, and Nature Trail. If you can get away from the main buildings, there are a lot of ways to wind down and get your head clear. Most of the teachers are very understanding of work schedules and of health problems, and there are resources that a student can turn to if they need help. Class sizes are smaller, often being closer to high school class size than auditorium filling.
Richard Bland college of William and Mary has been proposed as a predominantly white school, which is extremely wrong. The diversity upon the campus is astounding, and a very pleasant experience overall. The professors care, and they work constantly to help their students.
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I appreciate how simple it is here. Very good school to attend if you aren’t sure of what you truly want to do, or aren’t ready for a 4 Year College. Very close to me and I did not feel out of place at all.
Overall I had a good experience while attending RBC. I really enjoyed being at Richard Bland. The faculty is very inviting and encourages the best of its students. I would definitely recommend this school for people to consider. The best thing about it is that it is affordable. The cost of school is a big determining factor for people so the fact that it is for inexpensive (compared to 4 year and private schools) is amazing, as well as a huge relief.
This school should pretty much be your last option. Besides some of the professors, the school is terribly run and there is little to no care about the students. Safety is a huge concern as there are many students who were harrassed while I attended. School did nothing to those instigators. Not worth the money. Food is just downright awful.
I love Richard Bland College. It is affiliated with the College of William and Mary. Richard Bland is located outside Petersburg, VA. This college provides students with a quality education for half the price. The campus is growing every day. Richard Bland College has changed my life. The advisers are amazing. The entire campus is simply one big family.
What I loved most about Richard Bland is how comfortable the campus is and the professors are friendly and amazing. I graduated with my Associate's from there in 2017 and the amount of knowledge I was able to take with me has stayed with me since. The only thing I wish could change is them turning into a 4 year college. It didn't even matter that I lived 10 minutes away. Attending that college was one of the best experiences of my life and I would have gladly continued to go there if it was a 4 year institution.
My experience with Richard Bland has been amazing, throughout my two years my professors have been very helpful. I would recommend RBC to anyone.
They allow students with below 1.00 Gpa’s to remain here. I believe they don’t kick out those students because they want and need their money. I feel like I’ve been scammed for a lot of expenses here.The President doesn’t care how her school is seen to others.All she cares about is that she’s getting her pay check no matter what. The students can complain to whoever about there concerns but nothing will ever be done with a President that doesn’t want to put in the effort to make this school better. I personally had a scheduled meeting with the president about my concerns and she was immediately rude to me by rushing me and constantly telling me I had 7 minutes to tell her everything I think is wrong with this school. I can’t even explain everything that’s wrong with her in 7 minutes let alone this school.
My experience with Richard Bland has always been back and forth, but this semester has been pretty good. It’s a very nice school!
It is a fun environment to be in and allows me to experience many new things. I like how the professors are very encouraging and helpful with homework and any assignments.
I liked how small the class sizes were, and how professors actually cared about the students and wanted to make sure the students understood the material. There are many campus events going on throughout the semester, and the residential halls are very nice.
The school is bearable if you plan to go transfer to four year universities around the area. But besides that, nothing is much better. Residence life is okay, except for that the director of residence life def not professional at all. I would avoid living there so you dont have to deal with the craziness of the upper management there. Plain terrible.
Richard Bland College of William and Mary, know as RBC, has helped me create many lifelong memories. I have experienced both positive and negative situations, more positive, that has left an impeccable mark on my life. Although my experience was not perfect, as no one has perfect experiences, RBC is a great start for a great future.
My experience at Richard Bland has been pretty great so far. Since the campus is smaller than other universities, the classes are smaller and more personal as well. I am able to get to know the professors and my fellow students a lot better and overall feel more comfortable in the setting. Each professor really cares about their students and wants all of them to succeed. I always feel comfortable asking any of my professors for help. Richard Bland was an excellent choice and I hope more students get to have similar experiences.
It was surprisingly fantastic for a community college I came in with low expectations but Bland really surprised me. The gym is beautiful and bustling. Always having a basketball game some week or a softball game the next. Tons of activities to do all semester around. The art department is a little underfunded so that's a bummer but it has been worked around. Wonderful art teacher though.
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For my first ever college experience RBC made it extremely enjoyable, the campus is compact and everything is easy to find, professors are friendly and learner mentors are extremely valuable.
I had an incredible experience at Richard Bland College. I really felt that the admin staff, professors, and mentors did an amazing job setting up the students for success and making sure that we were prepared to do our best. The best part was the learning mentor program they had, where every student had a mentor to register for classes with, talk to, ask questions, etc. I felt that I had a very personal experience with my mentor and that I would not have had half the experience I had without her.
My overall experience with Richard Bland College of the College of William & Mary was very pleasant. The layout of the campus is very convenient to walk around without having to drive everywhere. I love how the main building are in the front, whereas the secondary building are in the back. The scenery is very beautiful and well maintained. Most of all of Richard Bland's professors have a passion for their subject taught. This college is very affordable and perfect for an easy 2-year school that allows students to earn their pre-requisite courses.
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