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I did not take any online classes however due to covid my first month of class was on zoom. Class was still spectacular.
The perfect school. Everything about Rice screams elite. The best professors, students and learning environment. Simply put, the perfect education.
The food was good, the classes were taught by good professors, and the dorm life is very fun. I am glad to have went.
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Rice has everything you'd expect from a top university. The professors are great, there are plenty of career resources, dorms are nice, etc. I would say what sets it apart is the closeness of the undergraduate community and the cooperation over competition mindset. However, there is visible disconnect between the undergrad community and the administration, which runs more or less like other top universities. Overall, it's been an amazing undergraduate experience.
Rice has been on top of their game when it comes to online learning. Most Professors have put significant time and effort into ensuring that their course transitions smoothly online.
I cannot imagine a better school for me. Everyone here is so friendly, supportive, and welcoming of one another. O week is one of the best kept secrets of this school, where you undoubtedly form relationships that will last you the rest of college. They have so many systems in place, like RHAs, fellows, magisters, clubs, and residential colleges, to support students. Every residential college has its own distinct culture and helps students have a smaller home within the larger rice community. On top of all that, the campus is absolutely breathtaking.
I think online learning is pretty great. The professors are very articulate and are very fast at replying to emails.
I love Rice University because of the people who are on the campus. They are some of the most caring and wonderful people I have ever met in my entire life. There isn't much competition and everyone just wants to see everyone else succeed.
We moved online because of Coronavirus and the professors were incredibly understanding and sympathetic as we navigated the tricky time. The quality of education was still very good even though it was difficult to maintain motivation from home.
Online learning has been a difficult transition, but Rice has been very accommodating, especially by giving a discount on summer classes.
Rice is a great school, with vigorous academics but a really laid-back social scene. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with your interests and it’s also academically flexible, so you aren’t locked into any certain field/major.
When campus was closed, all my classes moved online. My professors did a good job adapting to the situation, becoming more flexible in grading and helping students on a case by case basis. In addition, they created good content to learn from through worksheets, prerecorded lectures, and zoom meetings. Overall, they handled the situation very well given the circumstances.
Underrated school! Beautiful campus, amazing academics and campus life. Houston and rice village are amazing
Friendly people. Quaint sized campus. Effective residential college system. Nice amenities. Housing and dining are relatively very good.
It is amazing Collage. As an International student ,I was tensed about how I will adapt there ? But believe me , once you attend Rice O-week you will adapt easily without any effort.
I like that Rice is small enough that the student to faculty ratio allows you to really connect with your professors. For the most part, the professors are experienced and approachable.

As far as campus life goes, Rice students like to have fun in an unconventional manner, although lately the administration has been way too strict about events like Baker 13 and Beer Bike.
Amazing school with caring students and faculty. Very safe and students are very tolerant of all races, genders, religions, etc. Lots of great resources for students to get a jump start on their career.
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Rice University is committed to diversity and success of their students. It is in the center of the wonderful city of Houston, Texas and te opportunities surrounding Rice are endless.
I love the inclusion and culture of care at Rice. It was always so important for me to go to school that was diverse and small enough to feel like I mattered, but also large and prestigious enough to provide me with the opportunities to enter the work force successfully. Rice University has an excellent system in place to help you in every way possible. Mentors and many staff are trained to guide us towards the path of our self-defined success. Professors are incredibly considerate. My peers are understanding and helpful. Unlike a lot of other prestigious universities, Rice fosters a truly non-toxic environment. We students are happy and do not compete with one another, but with our own selves as to not become academically stagnant. Rice’s mission is to see growth and impact, and administration and staff provide everything you need for that to take place.
Rice University is a great place. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, especially the upperclassmen. The residential college system makes it easy to make friends because you see they same people every day.
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