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Rice University Reviews

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I like that Rice is small enough that the student to faculty ratio allows you to really connect with your professors. For the most part, the professors are experienced and approachable.

As far as campus life goes, Rice students like to have fun in an unconventional manner, although lately the administration has been way too strict about events like Baker 13 and Beer Bike.
I like the outside appearance of it and the People on campus was pretty cool and nice to talk to and what needs to improve is the activities that's on the campus.
Going to Rice has been one of the worst experiences of my life. The classes and professors are good, but there is next to nothing in terms of academic advising or guidance. The residential college system is a joke. The social environment is brutal. Students here are smart and diverse, but are also hugely insecure, immature, shallow, and school-obsessed. I would recommend attending any other top-50 school over Rice, and I intend to transfer after this year.
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