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The online classes were very good. Professors knew how to handle the technology. I am glad I took them.
The food was good, the classes were taught by good professors, and the dorm life is very fun. I am glad to have went.
My experience at Rice was both good and bad. Rice has some amazing people, however, they are very poor at having unique ideas. The University follows the same mindset and it is assumed everyone thinks the same. Sadly if you disagree with the majority you get placed out and feel very unwelcomed.
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Rice did online classes very well and the professors handled it with grace given all the circumstances.
Rice has been on top of their game when it comes to online learning. Most Professors have put significant time and effort into ensuring that their course transitions smoothly online.
Rice has everything you'd expect from a top university. The professors are great, there are plenty of career resources, dorms are nice, etc. I would say what sets it apart is the closeness of the undergraduate community and the cooperation over competition mindset. However, there is visible disconnect between the undergrad community and the administration, which runs more or less like other top universities. Overall, it's been an amazing undergraduate experience.
I cannot imagine a better school for me. Everyone here is so friendly, supportive, and welcoming of one another. O week is one of the best kept secrets of this school, where you undoubtedly form relationships that will last you the rest of college. They have so many systems in place, like RHAs, fellows, magisters, clubs, and residential colleges, to support students. Every residential college has its own distinct culture and helps students have a smaller home within the larger rice community. On top of all that, the campus is absolutely breathtaking.
When classes were moved online, it was hard on everyone, students and teachers alike. But everyone was really good at adapting and most professors were very open to adjusting for students' needs, especially non-STEM professors. Summer courses were a bit better because profs could design them specifically to be online, instead of having to change suddenly halfway through the semester. Also, the university made profs take training programs in online instruction and pedagogy specific to virtual learning so that they will be more prepared for the upcoming semester(s), which will be heavy on virtual learning. Additionally, the profs and the university leadership have been so communicative through these uncertain times, with the university sending out weekly updates since april on evolving covid plans, which i very much appreciate.
I love Rice University because of the people who are on the campus. They are some of the most caring and wonderful people I have ever met in my entire life. There isn't much competition and everyone just wants to see everyone else succeed.
I think online learning is pretty great. The professors are very articulate and are very fast at replying to emails.
Rice's social scene is a bit muted compared to the big state schools but academically it's the right amount of nurturing and challenging. The weather is pretty humid in Houston and it is a small school, which doesn't fit with me super well but some students really enjoy the general lack of freezing weather and overcrowded hallways.
We moved online because of Coronavirus and the professors were incredibly understanding and sympathetic as we navigated the tricky time. The quality of education was still very good even though it was difficult to maintain motivation from home.
Rice is a great school, with vigorous academics but a really laid-back social scene. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with your interests and it’s also academically flexible, so you aren’t locked into any certain field/major.
Online learning has been a difficult transition, but Rice has been very accommodating, especially by giving a discount on summer classes.
When campus was closed, all my classes moved online. My professors did a good job adapting to the situation, becoming more flexible in grading and helping students on a case by case basis. In addition, they created good content to learn from through worksheets, prerecorded lectures, and zoom meetings. Overall, they handled the situation very well given the circumstances.
I like Rice very much. I have enjoyed almost every part of being a student. The classes and faculty do an amazing job teaching and connecting with students, the other students are a wonderful network, and the social life is perfect for just about anyone. The only issues I have are with the administration. While they are usually wonderful as well, there are some issues in which they have good intentions for the students, but do not truly understand the students perfectly. In addition, the financial aid is a poor system that doesn't help people well.
Underrated school! Beautiful campus, amazing academics and campus life. Houston and rice village are amazing
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Friendly people. Quaint sized campus. Effective residential college system. Nice amenities. Housing and dining are relatively very good.
It is amazing Collage. As an International student ,I was tensed about how I will adapt there ? But believe me , once you attend Rice O-week you will adapt easily without any effort.
My experience was a blur. I don’t remember much of it, just small elements.

Rice’s culture is quirky, though not in an endearing way. To give a few examples, during my orientation we had to take a “Purity Test”, where we were asked questions about our sex history, such as whether we had ever jacked off with someone else in the room, if we were virgins, had we ever been with two or more people at once. We didn’t have to supply our answers to each specific question but were asked for total scores at the end.

There was this one tradition where students would wrap this tall tower - one of the residential colleges was in a tower - in toilet paper, which was supposed to be funny apparently because the tower looked like a condom. Or I remember this one event where students were going down the street with a giant paper mache float made to look like a penis, blocking traffic several blocks down. This stuff is funny as a brief family guy gag, not so much in real life.
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