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Rice is an incredible place with a supportive, unified community. The university genuinely cares about undergrads and encourages students to explore anything they are interested in. Students have a lot of autonomy and authority over how the school is ran, how their college is governed, what programs/majors/events they want to see, etc. In other words, students are taken seriously as active participants in their education rather than recipients. Looking back, the professors are also phenomenal and no classroom environment is the same. Innovative, forward-thinking, and increasingly community-oriented (within and beyond the hedges), I am proud to be a part of the Rice community.
The culture at Rice is amazing! We are a diverse community of scholars who value collaboration, not cut-throat competition. We value what known as a "culture of care," and I believe this makes us unique from all other elite schools. The professors are amazing, classes push you and challenge former beliefs, and the community becomes family. Rice University is an amazing place, even with intense academics.
I really enjoy the friendly and cooperative vibes of Rice University and its students. The students not only work hard individually but also help each other succeed. The campus and environment around Rice is also really nice. However, I just wish there were a couple more fun things to do in and around Houston.
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I visited the campus of Rice University this year. The college seemed very nice. I got to take a guided tour around the whole campus and got to see many of the facilities. There were also some cool things like a moon rock and a piece of the Berlin Wall.
Beautiful campus and lovely environment. There's always nice activities they have to offer for students and several clubs you can join. The area outside of campus is lively as well- there's many things to do in that area of Houston.
I love the family atmosphere. The classes are challenging. Campus life is great.
I have no regrets coming here. The best decision I have made.
I have been to campus and its extremely beautiful. Everyone is friendly and kind. The staff is very helpful and can't wait to apply.
Rice University is a gorgeous, academically challenging campus. A part of the smaller architecture program, my experience was specific, but worthwhile. It provides its students with great networking opportunities and diversity.
My first year at Rice was absolutely amazing. The people there are incredibly friendly, the social life is thriving, and the professors really care about their students. I do wish that there were more resources for Humanities and Social Science majors; at times, it feels as though STEM majors are prioritized above the others. However, on the whole, there's always something fun and exciting going on at Rice, and I had a great year.
I had my college choices down to two and did not enroll at Rice. I deeply regret this decision. My current university is an academic equal but in a conservative, oppressive Deep South town. I would feel much safer and happier in Houston. The city where you choose to go to school is a huge factor.
The academics and the study body and professors were amazing. I liked the "college" approach to housing and the diversity among the student body. The cost of tuition and the financial aid available to lower/middle income families makes attending Rice affordable. Rice made internships and connections possible. The campus is small enough that a student can get very involved in all kinds of activities. A wonderful place to study.
Rice gives you so many opportunities to challenge the way you think, approach, and solve different issues in society. Whether you are a STEM major or a Humanities major, there are lots of interdisciplinary classes/organizations so that you are able to view things from different perspectives.
Rice is a great college with excellent professors and intelligent students. The campus is safe and picturesque. Campus life is fun. Rice village is close by with great shops and places to eat.
I've loved my time at Rice! The people are friendly, warm, and helpful. I appreciate the collaborative environment on campus. The residential college system is great and the adults on campus are very supportive. Academics are notoriously difficult at Rice but the classes are rewarding.
I had a tour around Rice University and the campus was very nice! I learned a lot about the various academic offerings Rice has and it seemed to be very impressive. The students at Rice were very engaging and friendly.
Best school ever! Has amazing housing system and allows dogs in dorm rooms. Professors are greet. Location is idle for medical students.
One of the truly great schools in the U.S. Its small size provides the intimacy of a liberal arts college, but its resources provides students with the opportunities of a large university.
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Rice University was the best way to start off my college experience, where I was able to work on my bachelor's degree to become an ob-gyn.
Rice University is special because of the people that go there as well as the professors, but the administration isn't great. The residential college system is very unique and benefits many people, but can be stifling if you don't get along with the people in your college. The academics can be tough, but the environment is very collaborative instead of competitive. Houston is a great city, but can be hard to travel around in without a car.
Rice is a welcoming, but competitive school that will most definitely challenge you in ways you did not think were possible. But the atmosphere, supportive school system, and social scene make up for it!
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