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An absolutely breathtaking campus that has the most caring and close-knit community that I don't think I could get anywhere else. The RA and residential college headmaster systems at Rice also creates really unique faculty-student relationships.
I really like Rice University because it's one of the best schools in the United States, and is the best school in Texas. I really want to attend Rice because it provides good education for students like me.
Love this place! People are so interesting here. Everyone I know is inventing something or writing a book or starting a charity, etc. All of my professors are outstanding; they are experts in their field as well as amazing teachers.
I've really enjoyed Rice so far. Everyone seems friendly here, and there is a strong sense of community, which I think has to do with the college system. You can become very close with people within your own college, where I've made a lot of my friends.

The dorms are nice; which type you get depends on which college you get assigned to.

From my experience so far, the academics are good and challenging. It gets pretty competitive in some areas, especially as a pre-med. The professors are generally approachable and willing to help out their students.
Rice University is truly a wonderful place. Besides the amazing formal education, there are so many other opportunities to learn through people, experiences, and conversations taking place outside of the classroom.
Socially, the residential colleges were co-ed frats through which I made lots of friends that I will keep for the rest of my life. The new dorms were nice, spacious, and food was decent.

Classes were intense and workload was heavy, and since pre-meds are everywhere, grade deflation may be practiced at times in some classes, which hurts a bit. Professors were mixed - some were amazing teachers, while others were clearly research-first and didn't know students by name even in <20-person classes. However, the latter were also people I learned a lot with when I started working in labs, so I think it made up for it (small student-to-faculty ratios ensured that anybody who wanted to work in a lab typically got to do it).

Athletics events were a bit quiet, but I still liked to go to them to support our teams; it's just unfortunate that the student body isn't overall into this, so crowds at games other than baseball tend to be small. Our terrible conference affiliation does not help either.
Rice is a fabulous school. A smart, interesting, and diverse student body, dedicated professors, amazing academics, the residential college system, and a not-too-small but not-too-big student population overall create a university that anyone applying to colleges would be sorry to pass over without further research. Everyone I talk to here says this is the college for them, and they cannot imagine being happier anywhere else.
I definitely could not have made a better choice than deciding to come here. The residential college system helps new students develop strong friendships with each other and acts as a source of support when needed. Although classes are hard, it's easy to reach out for help when you need it; the professors are extremely helpful and are willing to help you out if you're willing to ask for it. TL;DR. Rice University is absolutely amazing and I could not be happier at any other school.
Rice is amazing. Very collaborative atmosphere. Extremely diverse student body. Professors who really care that their students succeed.
As a senior graduating this May, I could not be more satisfied with my experience at Rice. The small student population and the residential college system create a close-knit, family-like atmosphere, but because most students live on campus you still have the chance to meet new and interesting people every day. Overall, I would describe Rice as open-minded, quirky, competitive, supportive, intellectually stimulating, and fun. Due to its size, social structure, and focus on the undergraduate experience, Rice has many of the advantages of liberal arts colleges, but with the added benefits that come with its status as a top research university with resources and opportunities of much larger schools.
I love everything about this school. Everyone here is passionate about doing well but also invested in being genuinely kind and inclusive. There is an amazing mix of social and academic life; there are always events to go to on campus but people also take their studies seriously. Coming to Rice was the best decision I have ever made.
It depends on your career path, but if you're in STEM, you'll be set. You will (assuming you actually TRY) be able to find a job related to your career easily.
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Rice will build you up or break you down. What experience you have is up to what effort you put in.
If you are sexually assaulted and you try to bring charges on the offender, the administration will block you at every avenue possible and if the offender is found guilty, they will only be given a slap on the wrist.
Living on campus is essential to be part of the Rice community; you'll really miss out on the close connections that 2am study parties make.
We don't have Greek Life at Rice. What do I type now?
Our athletes are here because they are smart, not because they are good at sports.
Rice has an amazing atmosphere in which you can grow as a person and learn from others, classes, and yourself. OR, you can hang in the same group of people, all the time, talking about the same things, all the time. Rice has the avenues for you to become an amazing life-learner. It's up to you to take those avenues.
Courses at Rice University are difficult and challenging, but it is the challenge they present that make taking classes there worth the effort. The majority of professors are diligent and open, very willing to help those students who make an active effort in class and to learn the material. The classroom environments motivates through competition with my peers, competition with the professor to prove myself, but it does not overwhelm me or put me down.
A degree from Rice is a highly regarded degree. The residential college system automatically provides a network of connections, and the career services office of the school work diligently to help students find jobs.
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