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The best university in Texas no doubt. one of the few universities that can compete with the ivy,that's why some people say that it is the southern harvard.
Rice University caters to a specific type of student. Students are academically limited by sparse major/minor options and limited class offerings per semester. If you know without a doubt that you'd like to be an engineer or doctor, Rice could be a good fit for you. Beyond those, you may prefer a university with more options - or less of a negative stigma toward non-STEM majors. Rice does a great job of guiding you through your undergraduate career, but this may come off as patronizing for more independent students. The college system is a good support base, but in practice limits social life to your residential college. The stereotype of students staying "behind the hedges" is largely based on fact - students don't typically venture beyond Rice Village (a small plaza next to campus). While they may advertise themselves as a creative, "unconventional" university, Rice doesn't cater to a creative student, and you definitely feel the effects of such a small undergraduate population.
I've personally always loved my experience there. The atmosphere is so open and friendly, and the community among the student is completely accepting. You're constantly provided with opportunities to not only get to know your Owl family but also give back to the city around you.
The campus is so much different than Houston; it's like its own little town. Regardless, they really work to make you feel like you're at home and help you explore Houston.
The professors are kind and helpful, and the classes challenge you in just the right ways.
If you value dedication to your community along with dedication to your education, Rice is the place for you. :)
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I really enjoyed the residential college system of the college because they let the students fully enjoy and emerge in a close environment. The residential college also allows students to interact and spend more time with each other. Rice's material science and engineering also attracts me because they offer one of the best research labs in the country for studying material science.
I don't feel very inspired at Rice. Too many students are uptight and pretentious. I want to be surrounded with smart, ambitious people but I'm not into the elitism.
Rice is a great place to be when it comes to academics and student life! The professors genuinely care about their students and want to see them excel. Based in Houston, the opportunities that Rice students receive are unparalleled.
As a current junior at Rice, I’m here to tell you that the #1 Quality of Life rating is a lie. Many students are depressed or suffer from anxiety due to overly stressful classes, students rarely get to explore Houston (which is a shame, considering all the great restaurants and art there is in Houston), and the administration and teachers rarely listen to students’ complaints and suggestions. While there are a sizable number of students that are able to thrive in the very intense environment Rice cultivates, I would say an equally sizable number of students do not. Much of the image of Rice that is portrayed on sites like these is not real. The students, while generally a very nice group, are subvertly competitive, comparing internships and lack of sleep and number of friends and how very, very busy they are. The teaching excellence that Rice was once known for has fallen on the wayside.
I love everything about my school! It was my first choice and I feel really lucky to have gotten in. It's really rigorous and the curriculum challenges me a lot but I'm still very happy with my decision to come here.
Rice is not the school for me. Students are incredibly career-orientated and most are not interesting in learning. Until 1960, it was Rice Institue, which is a much more apt title. The school and its students care very little for disciplines that are not pre-med, comp sci, or engineering. Most people are very nice and friendly, but academics are overly-intense and there's little variety in the social scene. Still, I did really like my classes and professors.
I thought I needed a small college but I'm realizing it's harder to find your tribe, and even harder to escape. I was not prepared for the party scene here. Since there is no Greek option the residence halls are out of control.
The architecture is beautiful! The housing system is such a unique and interesting system, the best kind of college for Harry Potter nerds. It is very flexible in the kinds of classes you take, and they take into account financial need. They are also very advocate for a well rounded student body, which is something I like to see in a school.
The library is an excellent place to study or work if you need a quiet environment. The central restaurant has really great sandwiches and smoothies.
Rice University provides a welcoming environment for students as well as visitors. I believe there is no need to change anything and would prefer if the campus stays as it is.
Rice is absolutely the best place on the planet to attend university. Not only are the academics top notch, but the way people interact creates a genuine, open, and welcoming environment. I've been driven and motivated by my classes, formed relationships with my professors and other faculty that have been invaluable, and gotten to know amazing people amongst my peers.
Rice University is a truly wonderful school with very welcoming and warm people. Everyone sort of marches to the beat of their own drum at Rice, which is inspiring and a very different experience for me. Everyone here is very smart and works very hard, but everyone (or nearly everyone) parties just as hard. My dorm is gorgeous (I am at McMurtry college), and the food is top notch!
I love Rice, it's so amazing and I think I absolutely made the right choice in college. It is a small campus comparatively, but having that few students really gives you a chance to shine.
Rice has all the academics and resources of a large university, but it has the familiarity and culture of a smaller community. It really is the best of both worlds thanks to the residential college system.
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I don't really know how I feel about attending Rice. In hindsight, I would choose a different college; but now that I'm here, I don't think transferring is worth it.
TLDR; There's generally one specific type of person who enjoys Rice and benefits from it: a socially awkward, career driven, immature, closet studier.
Coming to Rice, I was really excited to be attending a prestigious university that is more collaborative. I was pretty wrong.
1. Rice students are liars (when it comes to academics). It's not really cool to look like you're studying too hard so everyone will tell you about how easy something is and how you won't need to study. That's when you fail, and those others were hiding off somewhere studying their little booties off to get a perfect score. Unless you're a premed......
Great school, with challenging courses having the ability to prevent one from resting on their laurels. A small group of students in an urban environment for the city slickers, but beware of Houston and its humid environs.
Rice is a great university! It has an amazing pre-med program (on largest medical complex in the world) and truly outstanding student life. They are very generous with their scholarships (I received a $25,000 merit scholarship). Great community.
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