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I am a rising college freshman and have only heard the best things regarding Rice. From the rigorous academics to the stellar student life, I could not ask for more, except maybe that it could be a little closer to home. Regardless, I can't wait to join my future family, as well as become acquainted with the surrounding community.
Great academics and professors. Cut throats classes and competitive students. It's nit for everyone.
Excellent academics and a diploma to be proud of. I like the diversity and challenging atmosphere you find at Rice University
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My least favorite this ne is the name. People do a double take when you say Rice. I wish they could put more resources towards holistic health, stress relief and nutrition.
The campus provides the perfect environment while the academics are extremely diverse and rigorous. It is very encouraged to follow your passions and the distribution system allows you to explore courses outside your major. There are a variety of programs and plenty of advising along the way, from academic advising to peer mentorship. Student life is good although it is difficult to travel into the city without a car. Food on campus is health and delicious.
Not very helpful with students that want to change their major. You may think you're positive about something you decided when you were 17 but come on. The curriculum is structured for students that want to move through their major quickly, no room for exploration.
When I compare my experience with friends at other schools, I can't complain. There's a lot to nitpick on, but there's a lot at other schools, too. Here's the thing: I'm getting a quality education from great professors, great students, great facilities, great opportunities. If a college can do that and do it well, then it's done its job.

I know everyone today expects more (A+ food, A+ dorms, A+ party scene, A+ happiness, A+ a**-wiping, A+ to every kid...), but these are institutions of higher learning, not resorts. That said, some places are indeed good for some types of people and others for other types. Prioritize smartly and get feedback from students/alums; then repeat for other schools.

Me, I actually came here because of Houston, based on people, housing affordability, career opportunities, quality of life, weather, etc. And Austin/Dallas. I was lucky enough to get in (with scholarship). When I did, I rechecked my priorities and pulled the trigger. Best decision ever.
It’s disappointing when you get accepted into your dream school and then struggle to make it. I love the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity here but really most students are the same academic level. It’s very competitive atmosphere and lacks resources for struggling students.
Rice is amazing but too expensive and not very accessible to certain students. Texas overall is a culture all to its own and really not for me
Amazing opportunities, great location. The residential system is definitely what sold me to the university and it it definitely what makes the school's social scene so collaborative and encouraging.
I was told the Environmental Sciences Department would continue growing but it has not. It lacks a variety of disciplines and any depth.
Diverse campus with various research opportunities, hardworking smart and kind students, and easily reachable professors
Excellent diversity, both ethnic and geographic. Pretty campus in an exciting city. Excellent academics. I feel the competitive nature encouraged by the school can be harmful and leave some behind. Students are stressed to their breaking points.
I'm 3/4 the way through my freshman year at Rice, and I love it so far. Rice's shining qualities are its academic rigor and the welcoming nature of the community. Rice students work so hard and they are so happy to include you in anything they're doing. Culture of Care is real, and it's so easy to make friends.
Social sciences are an after thought here. You may feel this is ok for stem students but I disagree. Academic diversity is as equally important as ethnic, income and geographic diversity. And you never know if you'll want to change your major.
The best university in Texas no doubt. one of the few universities that can compete with the ivy,that's why some people say that it is the southern harvard.
Rice University caters to a specific type of student. Students are academically limited by sparse major/minor options and limited class offerings per semester. If you know without a doubt that you'd like to be an engineer or doctor, Rice could be a good fit for you. Beyond those, you may prefer a university with more options - or less of a negative stigma toward non-STEM majors. Rice does a great job of guiding you through your undergraduate career, but this may come off as patronizing for more independent students. The college system is a good support base, but in practice limits social life to your residential college. The stereotype of students staying "behind the hedges" is largely based on fact - students don't typically venture beyond Rice Village (a small plaza next to campus). While they may advertise themselves as a creative, "unconventional" university, Rice doesn't cater to a creative student, and you definitely feel the effects of such a small undergraduate population.
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I've personally always loved my experience there. The atmosphere is so open and friendly, and the community among the student is completely accepting. You're constantly provided with opportunities to not only get to know your Owl family but also give back to the city around you.
The campus is so much different than Houston; it's like its own little town. Regardless, they really work to make you feel like you're at home and help you explore Houston.
The professors are kind and helpful, and the classes challenge you in just the right ways.
If you value dedication to your community along with dedication to your education, Rice is the place for you. :)
I really enjoyed the residential college system of the college because they let the students fully enjoy and emerge in a close environment. The residential college also allows students to interact and spend more time with each other. Rice's material science and engineering also attracts me because they offer one of the best research labs in the country for studying material science.
I don't feel very inspired at Rice. Too many students are uptight and pretentious. I want to be surrounded with smart, ambitious people but I'm not into the elitism.
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