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Rhodes college has been an unbelievable place to attend school for the past four years. As you can see from the statistics, it is obviously a very good academic school; the rigor, diversity, and interactions with the professors in the classroom has prepared me tremendously for the real world. The experiences and opportunities that the students have here in the city of Memphis is truly incredible. From internships to volunteering to simply experiencing the culture of a diverse city has shaped me as a very well rounded person in addition to the broad liberal arts education. But most importantly, the best part about Rhodes is the people here. Coming from all of the country with all different backgrounds, goals, and interests does not stop the students of Rhodes from forming an incredibly tight-knit community. I would highly suggest looking into becoming a part of this community as it has been a life changing experience for the better.
The atmosphere is friendly and the campus is beautiful. I wish that there was more diversity but there are many extracurricular activites on campus and the music program is exceptional.
The campus is a dream, so beautiful! And the library is beautiful! The people are sweet and the weather is awesome.
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I love this school so much. I think the teachers and students are inspiring and the quality of life here is really great for me. Living in Memphis can sometimes be frustrating mostly due to the setup of the city. However, I personally enjoy the city and all it has to offer. I've never felt unsafe around campus. I quickly integrated into the schools community and it really feels like home.
Rhodes is working hard to make the health and safety even better to make everyone feel safe
Not the best not the worst
  • 7 months ago
  • Housing
Not very serious greek life
I am on the volleyball team
I love being at school
Athletics are just as important to faculty and students as academics are.
The professors will push you.
There seems to be two extremes.
Campus housing is great if you have great friends to room with.
There's a distinct Greek Life on campus.
One of my favorite memories was when my friends and I "borrowed" food trays from the Rat for makeshift sleds. . . good times!
The Alumni network and the career services department help students get their application all over the country, therefore giving them access to more job opportunities. That alone is worth its weight in gold.
  • 10 months ago
  • Value
Course variety is vast, and in every department you find professors who are willing not only to work with you, but who will go out of their way to engage with you on a personal level.
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Campus crime hardly ever occurs. I have never witnessed it, only heard about it second or third-hand. Security guards are always driving around campus to keep a watchful eye on the students they protect. Guards at the gate stop everyone who comes in unless they have a Rhodes parking sticker on their car. I personally feel very safe at all times, but for those who do not, Campus Safety offers to drive to your location on campus and take you to your desired location as long as it is around campus or on campus itself.
The dorms, at least for my freshman year, were just classic college dorms. Sophomore year, I am booked for a nicer double room. After freshman year, the housing improves dramatically.
  • 10 months ago
  • Housing
As a member of Greek life, it significantly improved my college experience almost immediately. The guys in every fraternity are welcoming, and sororities are universally inclusive as well. The only clash between Greeks and non-Greeks has been caused by a change in admittance into events. Guest lists are strictly enforced at Greek events, both on and off campus, in an effort to minimize, and hopefully eliminate the chance of sexual assault at such events. Each fraternity member is allowed one guest to bring to the event, so while parties are not open to everyone, they are rather inclusive if you find a fraternity member not taking a guest (which is not hard to do).