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I love the small class sizes for the most part, the biggest down fall of this school is the food. All of the professors I have had this far are truly great and was willing help me when I needed it. I would like to see more diversity on campus.
RIC is a good education for the cost but has the tendency to be disorganized and at times disconnected because of its large commuter- based community. It is important to stay focused and proactive about your education to make sure you are collecting the right credits because quite often students are "5th year seniors"
Great school, easy to navigate, helpful professors that go out of their ways. Great school for associates or bachelors.
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Rhode Island College is a great school. They offer a variety of classes to achieve your goals as well as a variety of times and days to make it convient to go to school!
Most of the professors genuinely care about their students and the subjects they teach, but there are a few who take themselves too seriously. There's a nice mix of on-campus and commuter students. A good variety of classes, but not much once you're locked into a major.
Rhode Island College is a great 4yr public college with lower tuition than most. The campus is very friendly and it is easy to find classrooms and such. The professors are very helpful and liberal as well. My favorite part about Rhode Island College is that it is very diverse, therefore, new ideas are always being introduced.
Small College, People are very friendly but it's up to you to engage with them. If not everybody ( like Highschool ) are in their own groups. I am only in their art department. It,s very good! they have good programs and such but I am looking for Game Designing or Animation. ( which they don't have ) So im stuck with Digital Media. Other than that. Professers are a 50/50 when it comes to being nice and the amount of work they give you. ( lol ) It's safe. Havent had a probem here since I've been here...yeahhh! not much. Just a simple, regular college. So if you want to go with the flow without any problems and also looking for nursing or buisness ( cuz thats what this college is known for. ) this is the right colege for you!
Overall not a bad school, everything is within a reasonable walking distance, good teacher always willing to help.
This school has been renovating buildings and roads. These renovations are giving the school a modern look. As for class, size of a classroom are usually 30 students but there are a few classes with close to 100+ students mainly freshmen classes. Professors are every intellectule about the subjecting their teaching.
Rhode Island College is great! It's not perfect, but no college is. However, being a freshman, my transition from high school to college has been great. Most professors are super helpful and really like to challenge you. Campus safety is a goal that Rhode Island College strives to make their students feel. There is always RIC security driving through campus and many emergency push buttons all over. Which makes you feel very safe. The campus is small and beautiful and gives a home feeling like no other college I looked into. I am a commuter so I can not say what it is like living on campus. However the one downfall the college has is not enough parking spaces...Like ever. The school is mostly a commuter school which is cool, but parking can be horrendous depending on the time you have classes. Even with that one downfall RIC is an amazing school and I absolutely recommend looking into it!
Good for academics and not much else. Stay AWAY if you're looking for the typical college experience.
My experience so far has been great! The teachers are all nice but truley care about leraning and getting work done.
I like this school because the buildings are pretty close together so it's not hard to find the building your class is in. All the teachers I had so far are very nice and laid back. The only negative thing I would say is that the computer lab opens at the same time morning classes begin making it hard to print an assignment before class, and the parking can cause you to sometimes be late for class depending on what time your classes are.
So far my experience at RIC has been amazing , people are all friendly and ready to help you and when it comes to sports there is a great connection between students.
I like the professors and the classroom experience. However, when transferring from CCRI to this college it seems that they have a tendency to screw you over. The student life on campus also seems very cliquey and distant. It doesn't seem to be a friendly campus as a result in terms of students. This is, however, very thorough based on education. If you're going here just for your degree and you are not going to be a transfer, this is the place for you.
What I like most about RIC is its safety, and involvement in student life. Every Wednesday there is always events on the quad trying to keep student involved. Also, as a first time student I enjoyed the first month of school as they try to make you feel at home. The financial aid for this school is also okay. I don't like that the school is not that diverse.
RIC is a small college that is affordable. It shadows almost every other college in the state but its programs of study don't fall short of them. The community here comes from all over Rhode Island and features the occasional out-of-stater. It is currently undergoing renovations so expect big things in the coming years here.
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This school is very nice. The second you turn down the road to enter the school , you are immediately entered into a whole knew world. It is secluded from the city so you have the nice campus feel, while only being minutes away from down town.
Attending RIC was a time I will never forget. For 5 years I attended Community College and slowly received my Associates and when I transferred to Rhode Island College, it was larger and I was afraid that the classes would be too big. The idea of a bigger school always made me feel like I would get left behind because there are so many students. That was never the case at RIC and the faculty was amazing. The layout of the school is cool and it was peaceful to sit on the benches. I found it a nice quiet place to study and feel productive and there were many options for student to get involved in. I had a great time.
I highly value the fact that I will be getting a degree from this school. I feel like staff here takes everything super seriously and cares very much about the success of the students. I feel as though I will be set in the right direction for my career after school thanks to the great RIC staff.
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